Winter Wine Celebration

The second annual Winter Wine Celebration presented by Virginia Wineries Association pours in to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on December second. For more info visit . Celebrate the Holidays with friends, family and Virginia wine as Virginia Beach Convention Center is...
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Tickets go on sale Friday, Novemer 10th at 10am! Get your tickets here: Get My Perks!


  • One (1) General Admission Ticket
  • Standing room only, no seating provided



November 7, 2017

Free Chicken-Nuggets for Life After Teen Breaks Ellen's Twitter Record

You might remember this story. Back in April Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy's asking how many retweets he needed to get Free Chicken Nuggets For Life. Wendy's told him to get 18 Million retweets but after he broke Ellen's twitter record of 3,430,240 retweets the company updated their deal and gave...
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National Beer Day Places to Celebrate in Hampton Roads

It's the most wonderful time of the year! National Beer Day is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by mentioning Four of our Favorite Breweries in Hampton Roads. Pleasure House Brewing - Established in 2014, they are located at 3025 Shore Drive and open today from 3pm-11pm. They are...
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Taco Truck Serves Food to Stranded Highway Travelers

This is one Tasty Traffic Jam. We have all been stuck in a traffic jam but never anything like this. In Seattle their highway was shut down for close to 8 hours after a tanker truck tipped over. That is when Thomas Lopez and his Taco Truck opened shop on the highway keeping stranded travelers fully...
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Your Guide to Virginia Beach Restaurant Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Restaurant week is back and in full force starting today and wrapping up on Sunday the 26th. Check out the list of restaurants below and start mapping out the weeks Lunch and Dinner plans. -Wonderful Twitter: @...
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Americans will eat 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings for the Big Game

When you think Football and food you automatically think of chips, pretzles and Chicken Wings. Well as we approach Super Bowl Sunday between New England and Atlanta the NCC (Natinal Chicken Councile) has estimated that here in America we will consume a total of 1.33 Billion Chicken Wings. The...
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McDonalds is giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac "Special Sauce"

If you have been lucky enough to ever bite into a Big Mac then you know all about the "Special Sauce" and chances are it is the main reason you keep getting this delicious burger. In anticipation of the release of the Mac Jr and Grand Mac, McDonalds will be giving you a chance to take this...
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Blake Shelton is opening a Bar

We have all heard Toby Keith's - I Love This Bar, well looks like Blake Shelton is jumping into the bar owning crowd like Toby. You still got some time to make your plans, Blake Sheltons bar isn't opening until 2018 the earliest.
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Affordable Cities for Winter Travel

Tempatures are dropping, Snow is in the forecast, it is winter time in Hampton Roads Virginia. If you are like most of us then you are ready to escape the cold weather to a nice sunny location or possibly you enjoy the winter and want to see more snow. Either way this is a great list of cities to...
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