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Friday the 13th Reboot Cancelled

This might be the most upsetting news of the day for True Horror Movie Fans. The last couple of years we have been hearing rumblings that another Friday the 13th Film has been in the works. We have heard everything from getting an actual Friday the 13th Release Date to the film possibly being a...
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Star Wars Episode VIII Title and Poster

It is 2017, this means in 12 months we get a NEW STAR WARS MOVIE!!!! While Disney & Lucas Films have a Star Wars based film in production pretty much every year for the rest of our lives we finally got our first tease at what Episode VIII is going to be called. http://ew.com/movies/2017/01/23/...
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Wayne's World back in Theaters

Saturday Night Live has had couple sketches make the jump from small screen to the big screen. Only one movie though truly set the standard and was financially the biggest success of these films. No it wasn't "It's Pat" or "Stuart Saves his Family" but it was non other than Wayne Campbell and Garth...
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Mr. Wonderful Top 10 Films of 2016

As we wind down and get ready to ring in 2017 lets take a minute to remember this past year at the movies. Some films delivered beyond expectations while others didn’t live up to the hype. Either way here is my Top 10 list of movies from this past year. (Side Note: at the I wrote this was I have...
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