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Blessed by Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner is truly a comedy legend.

He's been a TV staple for decades.Writer, performer, producer, director - he's done it all.

The folks at had him on, talking about the current state of late night television.

And he seems to like everything. Click here to watch the interview - looks like the HuffPosters don't like to share!

But he's especially fond of James Corden, new host of The Late Late Show on CBS.

And when Carl Reiner says you're unbelievable, you'd better throw that on your resume.

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#SouthWest Trending - and It's Not About an Airline

The Internet's abuzz with the news that Kim Kardashian is expecting child number 2.

Funniest thing is how everyone's making the same joke about it.

#SouthWest is trending on Twitter. People are hoping that the new child will be named South, and child number 1 is named North.

So they'll have North and South West.

Get it? Uh huh.

Settle in, folks. It's gonna be a long nine months.
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I wish I had an explanation for this.

A minute or so of Shia LaBeouf screaming "just do it!" in front of a green screen and telling me not to give up on my dreams.

Um, thanks, Shia?

It's hard to tell what exactly he's trying to accomplish here:
  1. Truly motivate people?
  2. Score a gig with World Wrestling Entertainment?
  3. Get a sponsorship from Nike?
Yeah, I have no idea...

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Can You Get More Grey?

EL James, the best-selling author of the "50 Shades" trilogy, announced her newest literary endeavor yesterday.

"Grey," the fourth book in the series, is the original "50 Shades" story, but told from Christian Grey's point-of-view.

EL issued a statement about the event, quoted by US Weekly:
"This book is dedicated to those readers who asked...and asked... and asked... and asked for this," James said in a statement. "Christian is a complex character and readers have always been fascinated by his desires and motivations, and his troubled past. Also, as anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows, there are two sides to every story. It's been a great pleasure to return to my happy place-writing, being with Christian and Ana in their universe."

"Grey" hits the bookstores on June 18 - if you're a real fan, you know that's Christian's birthday.

(For the record, I didn't know that - it's in EL's Instagram post.)
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"What Will My Parents Really Not Be Proud Of?"

Amy Schumer and Tina Fey locked lips the other night at the Peabody Awards.

So that's a story, right?

Amy won an award for her show, Inside Amy Schumer, on Comedy Central.

Entertainment Tonight has good coverage of it, but more important and interesting is the part at the end where Amy talks about her creative process.

Check it out...

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"Soon As the Vanity Fair Cover Comes Out, I'm Free"

In keeping with Kardashian tradition, Bruce Jenner - not really a Kardashian, but close enough - broke the Internet yesterday.

Not really - that expression's becoming a horrible cliche.

But, Vanity Fair came out yesterday with Bruce's female self, Caitlyn, on the cover.

The photoshoot was done by famed photographer Annie LIebovitz.

Check out the story, posted by Vanity Fair.

And if you'd care to do so, welcome Caitlynn to the Twittersphere...
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Tracy Morgan's First Interview

Tracy Morgan appeared on The Today Show yesterday, his first TV interview since the accident that claimed the life of his friend Jimmy Mac and nearly took Tracy's.

It's a very emotional interview, and a little difficult to watch at times.

But it's good to see Tracy. Here's hoping he continues to find his way back...

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Who Knew Ping Pong Could Be This Exciting?

We've all played ping pong - also known as table tennis - at some point in our lives, right?

You get a four, five, maybe six shot volley going, and you feel pretty good about it.

How about a 41-shot volley?

That would be amazing.

And that's just what happened here during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland when a couple of the sport's best players faced each other

Check it out.

Watch Nigeria's Segun Toriola win an amazing 41-shot rally against Singapore's Ning Gao in the men's team table tennis semi-final at Glasgow 2014. #bbcglasgow2014

Posted by BBC Sport on Monday, July 28, 2014
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Redneck Avengers - Dang, This Here's Funny!

The folks at Bad Lip Reading have a knack for putting words into people's mouths.

They take clips from TV shows and sporting events and movies, and voice them over with utter nonsense that is just plain hysterical.

Their latest takes on Team Avengers, with "Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights."

This is some funny stuff, I swear!

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Is This Any Way to Sell a Book?

Harlequin Romances have long been known for cranking out fantasy novels about women being swept up by heroic men. Where every man has six-pack abs, and every woman has a heaving bosom and flowing locks of hair...

I guess. I've only heard.

But check out the way they're selling their newest title, "Never Trust a Cowboy."

The theme of the video: Escape the Everyday.

I guess when they've got to compete with mainstream blockbusters like "50 Shades of Grey," they've got to come up with something, right?

Check out the promo - and see what you think...

What happens when you read a romance? #WhateverYoureInto

Posted by Harlequin on Thursday, May 28, 2015
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