Adventures on the Gorge


Take a minute and check out Adventures On The Gorge ! In Wild Wonderful West Virginia. Just spent 4 days there with family. Some of the best white water rafting in the world! a 3100 foot zip line where you'll hit 60 to 65 mph! And tree top zip lines thru the forest. We made some lifetime memories and you can too! Look for my wild and wonderful wife on the zip line to my calm! LOL

So what other vacation destination guarantees you and your family a good time rain or shine?  At Adventures On The Gorge mother nature will not get in your way!  When we woke up to cloudy grey skies and steady rain I knew it wasn’t going to be a problem, because we were going to go whitewater rafting.  This rafting experience is already the thrill of a lifetime, with it’s class III, IV and V rapids, but throw in a torrential down pour, and there is a whole new level of excitement! And when we were not paddling our way through the rapids, we were cracking up from the stories and jokes of our guide.  This rafting trip is an all day activity, and we were lucky enough to a break in the rain long enough to enjoy an amazing lunch along the New River. Working together as a team through the rapids and experiencing the thrill of getting to the other side of the rapid, created a lifetime bond and memory for us all! I would without hesitation recommend AOTG… here to see some of the fun and enter to win a free vacation to Adventures on the Gorge in Wild Wonderful West Virginia!


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