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Barry McKay

On the air in Hampton Roads since 2005, Barry used to vacation here with his family when he was a kid. He, his wife and two daughters have fallen in love with life at the Beach! "From radio stops in Houston to Seattle to Baltimore, Hampton Roads is the best" says Barry!  "We love the Ocean!"

Barry loves to read and watch movies. " I always get two movies to watch.. The first one is the one my wife wants to watch...but she always falls asleep during her movie so I get up and put in my movie. This is one of the secrets of a good marriage. (uh, guys are you taking notes?)  And I like the Surround Sound to be really loud. If the movie scene is showing an explosion...I want to feel it. I want it to spill my Coke!

Barry is also into wellness and nutrition. "The things we eat, the things we drink, have a profound effect on how long we'll live and how healthy we feel." (I still eat my favorite food though..Pizza...I've tried interventions, re-hab, etc. but I can't help it. I must have Pizza) I have a super vitamin regimen that really changed my life!

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