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Kid in minion costume is WAAAYYY too cute

As if his Halloween costume wasn't cute enough, listen to what he says after he topples over hahahahaha.

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Cat refuses to leave warm bath

For the most part, I thought cats HATED water. Not this little guy. He LOVES his warm bath so much that he refuses to leave! Consider this your feel good moment of the day! ENJOY!!

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The video is a little long, but you can skip ahead to about the 3 or 4 minute mark to see the good stuff. This guy is an Alaskan blogger and watch what happens when he discovers what it sounds like to skip a rock across a rozen lake. I'll admit, I didn't know it made this sound, pretty cool stuff.

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If guy roommates acted like girl roommates

This video is everything! I love it!

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Every woman needs to see this!! Life changing stuff here people!!

Bras are THE WORST. You know it, I know it. But unfortunately, they're necessary.

And these 11 BRA HACKS will change your life forever. SO GLAD I WATCHED THIS.

Click HERE to have your mind blown.

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Baby animals make life better


Click HERE, if you dare.

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This cat loves WHAT??

While most cats would run away from the vacuum, Bobo welcomes it with open paws. He LOVES to be vacuumed! It's so funny! Check out the video below.

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Kid in minion costume is WAAAYYY too cute
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