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Bride's parents caught in a touching moment.....

I love MC'ing wedding receptions! It's like being invited to a great party every weekend. I captured this photo recently at an incredible beach house in Sandbridge. Look closely to the left and you'll see the bride's Father passing a tissue to her Mother just as the ceremony is beginning.

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let's pull back the curtain a little..

Love this song, but what happens when you do it without it!
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Point music is Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons started by playing their own songs and covers of the Stones and The Cure in Vegas casinos. They had years to wrap their heads around how to meld together the raw sounds of a rock band with beats, hip-hop and rhythmic music. Check out their new track, "Shots."
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We love Ingrid Michaelson! Check out her new video TIME MACHINE...

Ingrid Michaelson recently performed for a hundred crazy 94.9 the Point fans at Williamsburg Winery and her she is with her new track, TIME MACHINE! People in this video look soooo familiar?...
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I like the 5th one!

So many small things that bring us joy!! I like the 5th 'event'...

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The Answer Is Always 'C'

As a Hampton Roads wedding DJ/MC I'm all about that Bride! Check out some fun trivia questions where the answer is always 'C'.....

Men who kiss their wives in the morning are said to live how many years longer than those who don't?
a) 10 years b) 15 years c) 5 years
(and guys, may I suggest to brush first! I know in the movies that couples kiss passionately after sleeping all night but that's not real!)

How can you know whether or not you are engaged to a good marriage partner?
a) he's rich  b) he's good and plenty c) by how big his smile was in his high school or college yearbook. Big smile = good partner
(if your current partner didn't smile, don't worry, maybe he forgot his homework)

The average married couple has sex how many time a year on average?
a) once a week b) once a day c) 68 times a year, a little more than once a week
(I kinda wish the answer was b.....)

The word Bride comes from an old proto-Germanic word meaning...
a) I'm #1  b) worship me c) to cook
(I'm not making this stuff up)

Most married couples are happiest in their blank year of marriage.
a) the first year  b) the 5th year  c) the 3rd year
(can you go back and relive your 3rd year LOL?)

Hey thanks for swinging by and playing the "the answer is always C." Please pass my name along if you know of a bride that might be looking for a wedding MC/DJ! You can check out my reviews on

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$6.99 Are You Outta Your Mind?

Red Robin are you out of your mind? No they're not but get a "bite" of this deal. A Red's Tavern Double Burger with Bottomless Steak Fries for just $6.99! That's a "get out of the kitchen and take the family to dinner" price my friends.I had the Burnin' Love burger with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and salsa! Yum! Thanks Whitney at our neighborhood Red Robin was terrific. Remember, Red Robin the place to go for a great tasting burger. With over 24 different burgers to choose from they have something for everyone!
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Holiday Proposals??

If Santa Claus (in the form of your fiancé) placed a ring on your finger for the holidays, congratulations! I thought I’d share a few stats about weddings in Hampton Roads courtesy of
Year End Wedding Statistics Summary for Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA
Number of Weddings            13,386
Average Wedding Cost        $26,683
Average Number of Guests   159 – 169
  That is a lot of I do’s! One of the must do events is the Show Bride wedding fair on January 25th at the Newport News Marriott at City Center. Dream weddings don't just happen. They are planned! Relying on experience, training, tradition and old-fashioned intuition, certified planners at the Marriott help you determine an overall vision for your wedding and help you execute each detail, which includes setting an event budget, deciding on a menu, arranging table settings, and finding florists, photographers, and entertainment for your big day!
  Listen to me in January for a chance to win free tickets. Brides & Guests are $5 tickets online or $10 at the door. Those arriving before 2pm become VIP attendees to gain access into The Rotunda after registration, to see and hear what this wonderful venue has to offer. At 2pm, doors will open to the The Grand Ballroom with the fashion show featuring David's Bridal and The Men's Wearhouse in The Pearl Ballroom scheduled for 4pm in the last hour. And remember, there are always great things to win like free wedding bands, Las Vegas vacation and more.
 Get even more details at and
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Christmas Proposals...

From my friends at here are a few tips if you are going to pop the question this Christmas!
1. If you’re having lunch with her family, you’re either pretty close or have been stuck in bad weather! I hope it’s the former, and if that’s the case, what better moment to share than this one? However, don’t underestimate the dad’s reaction…especially if there are guns in the house.
2. Do it when you are exchanging gifts. “Oh, open this one, open this one!” Remember, nice packaging will get you everywhere.
3. If you’re not together, but you really want to seize the Christmas moment, you could do it over the phone or via a video call. I strongly recommend however that if you can, wait til the next time you meet her, it’s nicer  ; )
4. And as you know, there are plenty of people who have made a show out of getting engaged. I don’t know if you have to go this far, but hey, there’s nothing that will warm the cockles of a crowd’s heart like a bit of romance!
For upcoming bridal shows in Hampton Roads check out and if you are looking for an MC/DJ for you wedding reception, check me out at
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Here’s 3 signs you H-A-T-E your job!

Yes, we know, nobody likes waking up Monday morning. But what if you hate your job and don't even REALIZE it.  Here are three signs . . .
1. You feel like you do a mediocre job, even though you work REALLY hard.  In other words, you struggle to be good at your job, because it's not something you're NATURALLY good at.  And if that's the case, you probably don't like your job.
2.  You take a lot of sick days, and can't wait for the weekend.  Which describes, well . . . all of us?  Obviously EVERYONE likes weekends.  But the point is you shouldn't hate your job so much that you're MISERABLE the rest of the week.
3.  You HATE it when people ask what you do.  Which happens all the time when you meet people.  And whether you're ASHAMED of your job, or you just don't like talking about it, it's a sign that you should probably look for a DIFFERENT job.

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