M-F 10:00a-3:00p

Where are you from: Va Beach, VA. BORN AND RAISED BABY!

Favorite Food: PICKLES!! Along with pasta and anything chocolate. My chocolate addiction is serious.

Favorite Beverage: Other than water? Well, blueberry Red Bull is my JANK, and I can’t pass up a good ol’ fashion Dr. Pepper.

If I wasn’t in radio I would be… doing something that involved helping others, like nursing, or a psychologist, or a guidance counselor. But I’m also hysterical, so probably trying to get on SNL too.

Favorite Sport and Sports Team: Football and The Philadelphia Eagles!! Hush it. #FLYEAGLESFLY

Favorite Weird Smell(s): An open book, chemicals at the nail salon, burnt hair, fresh cut grass, and walking into clothing stores.

Favorite Movie(s): Step Brothers, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter (all of them), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, THE HOBBIT TRILOGY, Talladega Nights, Grandmas Boy, Harry and the Hendersons, 21 Jump Street.…and that’s just to name a few, there’s so many. I also love animated movies. Pixar makes the best-animated movies. Bar none.

Favorite TV Show(s): It always changes, but I can pretty much get into ANY trashy reality show. BAD GIRLS CLUB is on top for sure, I love those crazy girls. I also like Party Down South, Love and Hip, Ridiculousness (or anything Rob Dyrdek creates), Mob Wives, Real Housewives of wherever, Atlanta Exes, Basketball Wives, etc. Basically if it has DRAMA and a good cat fight every now and then, count me in. I also love car shows like Gas Monkey and the Mecum Auto Shows.

Favorite Words/Phrases: HEY GIRL HEYYYY. Girl, BYE. Bye Felicia! I’m also open for suggestions on new annoying phrases to add to my life.

Pets: I have a kitty named Nova, yes, like Chevy Nova, She is adorable and sweet and the cutest little girl in the history of felines. She’s smart, talkative, and LOVES to play fetch. She is the best cuddler and every now and then has the funkiest breath EVER. She’s perfect.

Favorite Artist: I wouldn’t even know where to start. My taste is music is so eclectic. I love everything….pop, rock, rap, hip hop, EDM, country, you name it. Although, Justin Timberlake is definitely in my top 3 for obvious reasons. He’s incredible. I love EDM and techno too, so Paul Van Dyk and Paul Okenfold are always good. I love Imagine Dragons, The Script, or just about anything pop. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite voices in country music today, love her. AND, there’s always room for a little Josh Groban and Micheal Buble’ in my life on any given day.

Least favorite word or phrase: This also changes constantly, but right now, I hate the word BAE, SHAWTY, and when something is on FLEEK. Oh, and few things are more annoying than when a guy hangs up the phone and says ONE. I mean seriously, just say BYE, or LATER, or SEE YA, or PEACE. But what the heck is ONE?? Are you counting something? Are you telling them they’re # 1? Did they win a prize?? Like can you please just stop.

Best Restaurant: Mojito (hole in the wall place at the Oceanfront), Macaroni Grill, Cheesecake Factory and Iggles. (P.S.-- Iggles has THE BEST Philly Cheesesteaks on the PLANET. The end. You’re welcome.)

Stupidest thing I’ve ever done: I accidentally took NyQuil instead of DayQuil right before heading to work when I was sick a few years back. Ooops. It turned out to be a very interesting day let’s just say that.

When I’m not working I like to: be a lazy bum and watch tv. Just being honest lol. I’ll get out every now and then, but I’m definitely a homebody. No shame.