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Ariana Grande Announces Manchester Benefit Concert

Ariana Grande will be returning to Manchester, England for a benefit concert after Monday's tragedy. The 23-year-old singer released a statement on Friday to announce the show. She said she would return to the "incredibly brave city" to spend time with her fans. The concert will raise money for the... Read More

Nick Jonas Drops New Single "Remember I Told You"

Nick Jonas has dropped a new single featuring Mike Posner and Anne-Marie . The new track titled, "Remember I Told You," will be the lead single off of Jonas' forthcoming album. The single follows the release of Jonas' 2016 album, Last Year Was Complicated . After listening to the new song you will... Read More


When you think about the TV Show Baywatch you aren't thinking award winning Television. You normally think cheap special effects, dumb stories and over the top acting. When you walk into the Baywatch movie you will get a lot of the same with cheap special effects, a safe bet story and over the top... Read More

WATCH: This Cooler Will Follow You Around Like A Dog

Just in time for summer, we have what you really need. Move over bartenders because the "Robo Cooler" is here! This cooler will apparently follow you around everywhere you go. It can long walks on the beach with you, and it can sit by your side as you Netflix and chill. The new invention was... Read More

Want a Second Date? Eat and Drink These Items on the First Date

Not only is fried chicken delicious, but it turns out that it might be the best thing to get on a first date! This is pretty crazy, right? The dating app Hinge conducted a survey of 8,000 of their users to find out what date activities and food lead to the greatest success. Of course, success was... Read More

Jennifer Lopez Previews New Album 'Mirate'

Jennifer Lopez does just about everything. The megastar not only is a leading lady on the hit television show, Shades of Blue , she also is a new judge on NBC’s World of Dance . Lopez is even preparing for the release of her forthcoming album, Mirate . The new record is due out this summer and was... Read More