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Weekend in Manteo, NC!

Good Morning! It's Monday ... and I was off from work on Friday - so it's nice to be back. Although let's be honest ... being on a permanent vacation would be AMAZING! I was off on Friday because McCoy & I went to Manteo, NC for a wedding. One of my dearest friends - who is both beautiful on the outside and the inside - got married!! Pamela used to be a model ya'll. For real! You might have seen her in a magazine!! She is just the sweetest friend you could have! She's from Suffolk ... her dad is a farmer (Farmer's Daughter & a Model - seriously!) ... and she found the man of her DREAMS! They tied the knot in Manteo, NC - so McCoy and I traveled (w/o Maggie!) to have a little alone time & celebrate Pamela & John's BIG day. I was a Bridesmaid ... and our dresses were beautiful. The wedding was perfect! It captured their love for each other & their strong faith. Now about the town of Manteo - it is quaint & quiet. My Aunt & Uncle actually live in Manteo ... small world! We stayed at The Tranquil House Inn. I highly recommend that place! It was gorgeous ...  on the water ... great views ... wonderful food ... friendly staff ! I would definitely go back. If you need a weekend getaway, go to MANTEO! Soo romantic. Here's some wedding pics. Have a great day!


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