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Jersey Girls!
Anyone else a sucker for the entire 'REAL HOUSEWVIES' franchise on BRAVO? It is amazing! Trash! Glitz! Gossip! Glam! These women are table flipping, wine chugging, high heel stomping entertainment for me. I just LOVE it!! And there are new castmembers on the next season of 'REAL HOUSEWVIES OF NEW JERSEY'. It premieres on July 13th. Andy Cohen is a GENIUS! CLICK HERE to read about the new cast.


Good Morning! Long time, No Blog. Hope you are all having a great SUMMER ... WOO HOO! Wait - is it technically even summer yet? I think that happens in like June, but when it's 92 Degrees and the sun is shining ... it feels like SUMMER to me. Right Olaf? (Parents who have seen 'FROZEN' will get that!)

So if you follow me on Facebook (Facebook.com/WooWoo) or Twitter (@WooWoo949) , you will know that I am taking part in this awesome Hot House Yoga Challenge. I've always been a big fan of fitness & running & eating healthy & challenging myself on ways to stay fit! Before I got married like 7 years ago, I tried out HOT YOGA for the 1st time and I loved it. Then I got married, had a kid & got busy. So the yoga took a backseat. But I was thrilled to take part in the #HH21Challenge at my local Hot House Yoga studio in Ghent. For 21 days in May I would need to go to yoga - there are 31 days in the month ... you get the idea. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit so why not create a HEALTHY habit! I have loooooooved EVERY.SINGLE.CLASS !! I am on Day 17 now and I'm actually sad to see it come to an end. Not only have I grown physically stronger, but mentally ... WOW! Yoga is such a peaceful practice. I enjoy the dim lighting in the room, the zen music & the calm voices of my teachers. (Mad love for Zoe!) If you have never tried yoga, don't be afraid to roll out your mat and take a class. You might even see me there.


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