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Posts from May 2012

Mike Duman Chevy Volt
If you would have told me 10 years ago that I could plug my flat iron & my car into the SAME electrical outlet - I would have told you that you were crazy talkin'. That is sooo "Back to The Future" and just insane. But it's not. And I can. I can PLUG MY CAR INTO THE WALL!!!


OMG. Let me introduce you to the CHEVY VOLT...voted by Car & Driver Magazine as the "Car of the Year" for 3 years in a row, and has won numerous other awards. And my friends over at Mike Duman Auto Sales in Suffolk/Franklin are letting me drive around town in a Volt this week. This car is not only fuel efficient & good looking - but it is FAST!!! I mean really fast. And it looks like a space ship inside. LOVE IT! And let's not forget...the Chevy Volt is a SAFE car too! Definitely family friendly. CLICK HERE for some more details specs from Kelley Blue Book.

OK - I am off to the dentist & then lunch at Hilltop. Be sure to honk, wave & ask me a thousand questions when you see me out & about in my MIKE DUMAN CHEVY VOLT!!


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Inside Woo Woo's Ride!
HEY! It's WooWoo---Happy Tuesday. We are almost to Friday, right? Almost...HA HA!

Check out the video below of the car I am driving this week courtesy of MIKE DUMAN AUTO SALES.
It's a fully loaded Ford Edge and I love it. Especially the back-seat. Watch the video to find out why...


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Mike Duman Ford Edge
Hey it's Woo! Here's me posing with the MIKE DUMAN "Car of the Week"...

it's a FULLY loaded Ford Edge. I love it! Soft tan leather interior, great gas mileage & "mom" friendly.

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Operation Kid Safe

Hey it's Woo Woo - just wanted to give you a heads-up about a great event for the entire family happening May 11th & 12th at Mike Duman Auto Sales.

It's OPERATION fun for the entire family. The Fire Dept will be there doing car seat safety checks, you can audition to be in a Mike Duman commercial, adopt a pet with the Suffolk Animal Shelter & best of all - FREE all digital photo & finger print cards.

It's Friday May 11th at Mike Duman in Franklin from 12p-6p.

And Saturday May 12th from 10am-3pm at Mike Duman in Suffolk.

See you there!
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Topics: Human Interest
People: Woo Woo


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