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Closet Factory to the Rescue!

Hey it's Woo Woo...it's Tuesday...and I am tired!! Lordy. And I am getting a cold. Eeek! Yesterday I got off work a little early (11:30AM) & told McCoy I was going straight home. I needed 2 hours. Alone. In our condo. Not to sleep...to CLEAN! To put away laundry. Clean my closet. Fold laundry. Organize. McCoy & Maggie were at my Mother In Law's house - so to have 2 hours alone with no interruptions was awesome.

But I am sooo sick of constantly cleaning, organizing, straightening & de-cluttering our closets. SICK OF IT!! Wait...there is good news. In 2 weeks - I will be singing a happier tune...

ENTER CLOSET FACTORY! Yes - Closet Factory. The brilliant people who designed that amazing home at Home-A-Rama and won Best In Show. Joyce - a Closet Factory desginer - is coming to our condo to take measurements & help design functional, easy to use/organize closets in our condo. I already know...I want a laundry hamper built in every closet. We have those white plastic laundry baskets everywhere & I can't stand the sight of them!

Closet Factory can help you too! CLICK HERE for more info. You can transform any closet in your house...from simple to spectacular! Anything is possible! And me being the clothes hoarder that I am (I think I own 39 pair of jeans!) I am ecstatic to have Joyce design a closet that will simplify & organize my life. McCoy & Maggie will also have closets designed for them. Lucky! Keep checking my blog for BEFORE/AFTER pics & updates. I have shared closet pics before...but in case you missed them, check out MY (MESSY!!) CLOSET. Have a great day! XO, WooWoo

My closet...and Maggie's below.

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1st Birthday Planning

How has this happened? Where did the time go? I am already planning for Maggie's 1st Birthday party. HOLY COW! Granted "The Big Day" isn't until Saturday March 10th - I am already looking at cakes, invites & bounce houses to rent for the birthday. You heard me...A BOUNCE HOUSE! Heck - I might even hire a clown, a fire breather & a circus elephant. I am soo gonna be one of those moms who throws an OVER THE TOP birthday. Judge Away. I don't care. This is a BIG day - for Maggie & her Mommy (Ahem...ME!) and I think the bigger, the better. If only I had a Real Housewives Budget. Dang! I am looking on Etsy for ideas. If you know of any good vendors for cakes, decorations, invites, etc....EMAIL ME! WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM

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