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Pumpkin Pie...the Baby Version!

McCoy & I took Maggie to Hunt Club Farm last weekend. We had SOO much fun. Granted - she's only 7 months old and can't exactly walk around and pick out a pumpkin, it was still soo F-U-N! Maggie's nickname is "MagPie" or "Pie"...so here's PUMPKIN PIE! On Sunday - October 30th - were taking her to a Halloween party. I bought her an adorable Pumpkin Costume from COSTCO...only $13 dollars. I love a GOOD DEAL! So we will dress her up, Mommy & Daddy will have some Pumpkin Ale and we will call it a good day. Here's the pics from our trip to Hunt Club Farms! Enjoy & Thanks for reading. XO, WooWoo :)      Isn't she the cutest? OKAY - I am a little biased. HA HA! I love her to pieces.
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I think I broke my toe...

  YIKES! So yesterday my dad (AKA Grandpa Joe!) came over to play with Maggie and hang out. We live in a condo - so in order to let him in, I have to go thru 2 doors. All was well on the way to get him, but on the way back in...when we got to the 2nd door, my toe got STUCK under the door! AGH! The door opened with my toe under it. And this is no normal door. This is a GIANT - HEAVY - FIRE door. It hurt soo bad! I was convinced (me being the Drama Queen!) that I was going to have to get stitches. Or worse -they would have to amputate it. HA! Yeh - save the drama Woo Woo. I know. It bled. I cursed. And thought all was fine. Until this morning. My toe huuuuuuuuuuurts. And it's bruised. But I don't have the patience to go to Patient First...only for them to tell me to take some Tylenol & put a BandAid on it. So what do I toe with a toe that I think is broken? Where's McSteamy when you need him. Sigh........ PS: Here's a pic. Not for those with weak stomachs. Just for those who emailed me & asked for a pic. HA! That's me in the pic below...bandaging the toe at work this morning. And yes I wore gloves!! And here's the toe...
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Massage Envy Couples Massage!

Soo relaxing! Yesterday McCoy & I had a special treat...we got a couples massage at Massage Envy. We visited their Suffolk location at Harbour View. Right next to the Harriss Teeter! It was soo relaxing. We were in the same room, they had the lights dimmed & spa music playing. We each had a 1 Hour Massage & I totally fell asleep. HA! I am notorious for passing out during massages. Especially when they rub your feet. I love it! Massage Envy massages are affordable & luxorious. They have 4 convenient locations in Hampton Roads: 2 in VB, 1 in Suffolk & 1 in Chesapeake. I've visited 3 of 4 locations - and all of them are beautiful, clean & they have candy at the front desk. LOVE THAT! Book your massage today. CLICK HERE - and be sure to look for the purple Massage Envy signs. OH! And before I go...I thought you should know that on October 12th - $10 from every 1 Hour Massage & Facial will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation. It's part of Massage Envy's Healing Hands for Arthritis! Soo cool. Call today & treat yourself. DO IT!! Tell them Woo Woo sent you. XO, WooWoo ;)
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6 Month Old Maggie

Here she is...Baby Maggie. Can you believe she will be 7 months old on October 10th. Where does time go? McCoy sends me a picture every morning of "MagPie" - that's what we call her. My husband is the BEST! I leave for work every morning at 4am. Maggie is still sound asleep! So McCoy gets her up, dressed, feeds her - and then has to get himself dressed & ready for work. He will leave the house around 8AM and take Maggie (and Murphy the WonderDog) over to my Mother In Law's house. She will watch Maggie until about 12:30pm. My mom pitches in every now & again too. We love Maggie soo much! She's a great sleeper, loves to play with Murphy, and is the light of our lives. XXOO, WooWoo PS - I do lay her outfit out every night for McCoy, but he totally picks out the hair bows himself! So cute.
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Missing Girl Update!

HAMPTON Authorities have found a body in a lake near where a 5-year-old autistic girl went missing Wednesday night. Divers have not pulled the body from the water and do not know whether it could be Kaymania Serenity Catta, police said shortly after 9 a.m. The search has been ongoing overnight for the girl, who went missing about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Virginia State Police and Hampton dive teams were searching a lake near Triton Way, said Cpl. Jason Price, police spokesman. There are three lakes in the neighborhood. A Michigan search and rescue expert also was flying into the area on behalf of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help searchers look for the girl in the search for Kaymania, Price said. He advised police Wednesday night on a search plan and was expected to help them assess the plan for the day and continue the search. At 6 a.m. today, police began using the city's reverse 911 system to alert residents in the area of Triton Way to describe the girl, who is nonverbal and can't speak or call out for help, and is black, 4 feet tall, 50 pounds and has medium to light skin. She was wearing a black T-shirt with the words “Hello Kitty” on the front, purple shorts with white stripes on the sides and no shoes. Kaymania is believed to have wandered away after she was last seen by her mother about 5:30 p.m. She is not familiar with the area because her family recently moved to the neighborhood. At daybreak today, law enforcement, fire and military experts started searching a one-square-mile radius, Price said. They broke that down into 250 separate search grids and were using a systematic procedure to look for the girl. The search team includes police from Hampton and Newport News, Hampton firefighters, the FBI, military personnel and state emergency management search and rescue experts. Anyone with information about her whereabouts should call Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP (562-5887) or Hampton police at (757) 727-6111.
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  • Gov. McDonnell has authorized local officials to issue mandatory evacuation orders if they decide it's necessary. If you live in a low-lying or flood-prone area, be prepared to evacuate.
  • The Virginia National Guard is being mobilized for activation as needed.
  • Mandatory evacuation in Sandbridge, with roads closed at 8 a.m. Saturday.
  • Va Beach shelters are at Landstown High School, Salem High School, Cox High School and Birdneck Elementary School. Virginia Beach parking garages will be open at the Oceanfront free through the weekend.
  • In Norfolk, mandatory evacuations of Zone 1 areas by Saturday.
  • Norfolk’s shelters are at Granby High School, Norview High School, Lake Taylor Middle School, Maury High School, Campostella Elementary School and the East Ocean View Senior Center. Residents of Norfolk can park in the downtown garages for free over the weekend.
  • Portsmouth will announce its shelter locations later today.
  • Chesapeake’s shelters are at Oscar Smith High School, Hickory Middle School, Western Branch High School and Thurgood Marshall Elementary School.
  • Suffolk’s shelters are at Nansemond River High School, Lakeland High School and Kings Fork High School.
  • Hampton is opening a shelter at 7 p.m. at Bethel High School. Additional shelters will be opened if needed.
  • The Newport News City Emergency Operations Center will open at 7:00 pm tonight. Shelter locations will be announced later today.
  • Gloucester will open a shelter at Peasley Middle School at 10 a.m. Saturday.
  • Evacuation routes are Interstate 64 West, Routes 58 and 460 in western Hampton Roads, Routes 17 and 60 on the Peninsula, and Route 13 on the Eastern Shore.
  • Northbound tolls on the Chesapeake Expressway have been lifted.
  • The area’s tunnels will be closed when high water or damaging winds are imminent.
  • Ferry service at the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry will be suspended at noon today.
  • At the Norfolk and Newport News Airports, decisions about canceling flights are up to the airlines, but expect delays or cancellations.
  • Amtrak train service along the east coast south of Washington is cancelled.
  • Army officials will evacuate Fort Monroe by 6 p.m. tonight.
  • Joint Base Langley will close Saturday at noon. Only the LaSalle gate will be open.
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HURRICANE IRENE: Mandatory Evacuations

  • You must be out by 12pm today.
  • The road to/from Sandbridge will closr at 8am Saturday morning.
  • If you live in Norfolk - a Mandatory Evacuation has been issued for ZONE1.
  • If you live in Zone 2, you are highly encouraged to evacuate.
  • The neighborhoods included in Zone 1 that are under MANDATORY EVACUATION are the following:
  • Willoughby Spit
  • East Ocean View
  • Larchmont
  • Edgewater
  • Mowbray Arch section of Ghent
  • Freemason
  • The Downtown Norfolk Waterfront
  • Colonial Place: West of Gosnold & North of Massachussets Avenue
  • Willow Terrace Condos in Colonial Place
  • Riverpoint
  • Belvedere
If you want to look at the Storm Surge Maps & see if your home is in Zone 1 or Zone 2 - the link is below. Copy & Paste into your web browser. http://www.norfolk.gov/Emergency/Storm_Surge_Maps.asp
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  • There is a pet shelter located at River Crest Community Center at 1001 River Walk Parkway in Chesapeake. Owners will be housed at Oscar Smith High School.
  • Virginia Beach SPCA: As it stands, the Virginia Beach SPCA is here and ready to accept animals of First Responders and people that are under a mandatory evacuation and staying at a local Red Cross Shelter. They will begin accepting animals on Saturday.  
  • In an effort to assist the many first responders in the City of Norfolk, the Norfolk Animal Care Center and the Norfolk SPCA will accept pets from those first responders who are without other sheltering options. Because space and resources are limited at both facilities, we ask that personnel in need of sheltering services call ahead to make prior arrangements with the shelter. Please consider the shelter a last resort.
  • The Norfolk Animal Care Center is located at 5585 Sabre Road. Contact the shelter at 441-5505.
  • The Norfolk SPCA is locate at 916 Ballentine Blvd. and can be contacted at 622-3319.
  • Pets left in the care of either shelter must be picked up by 5:00pm on Sunday, August 28th.
  **All animals brought to either shelter must have: 1. identification tags 2. any required medication 3. food 4. carrier or crate 5. leashes for dogs 6. vaccine records—animals must be current on rabies vaccine and distemper vaccines (cats and dogs) 7. cat litter for cats 8. blankets, toys, treats should also accompany the pet *Aggressive animals cannot be accommodated at either facility If you leave your pets at home, please confine them to an interior room. Leave enough food and water for several days. Be sure they are wearing identification with your contact information. NEVER leave animals chained or penned outside as they cannot escape rising waters. Please do not leave your pets in hot vehicles.
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Panik Attack FTW!

Hey peoples! Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging. I get pretty distracted sometimes when we get off the air...we have meetings, I go to the bathroom, we have another meeting and then I just forget to blog. My bad! I need to set an alarm on my iPhone reminding me to blog. Anyway - I need to brag about my husband for a second here. McCoy & I just returned from a weekend in NYC. We didn't see a Broadway show. Or stand outside the TODAY Show with a cheesy poster. Nope...we went so he could play in a kickball tournament. This is more than just 3rd Grade kickball...it's hardcore, trash talking, quasi-professional, paid referee style kickball. Teams have uniforms, sponsors & cleats that Beckham would envy. McCoy's team is called PANIK ATTACK. With a K. And long story short....THEY WON!! They won The 3rd Annual New York City Grand National Tournament. And it was the 2nd Year in Row winning this tourney. Word to yo motha!! HA! It's the 7th event of the "National Tour". Besides a trophy - they walked away with $6000 CASH!! (Please don't show up at our house & rob me tonight. I'd appredciate it!) So... you're re-thinking kickball now aren't you? Yeh - get that smirk off your face. Our next stop is Las Vegas in October for the Circuit Cup Championship. In other non-kickball related news...Maggie is 5 months old!! Can you believe it? She will be 6 months on September 10th. While we were in NYC, I bought her a winter coat. Ralph Lauren of course. This kid has a better wardrobe than I do. Dang! Here's Mag's new coat:   Wish I was that tiny - I'd love a cute jacket! Too bad I bought NOTHING in NYC for my-self. Nope. All about baby these days. I did buy my-self a hangover though. Courtesy of Dos Caminos in SOHO. I highly recommend. OK - off to a meeting now. XO, WooWoo
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BFF Baby Shower!

My best friend in the ENTIRE world...Lindsay...is preggers! It's a GIRL - and she is due in October. I am soo excited I don't know what to do. Lindsay's (no name revealed yet) Baby Girl and Maggie will be best friends just like we are. WOO HOO! Anyway - my mom, sister & I are hosting the baby shower for Lindsay on Sunday August 7th. I love throwing a good party! My mom is going to make some lunch - chicken salad, tea sandwiches, etc - and I am in charge of buying the wine and party favors. Oh! And the cupcakes. But I am soo excited, I just ordered some party favors. Check these out - Here is what I bought... Each guest will receive these "Cute as a Button" soaps: I also bought some pink & yellow M&M's. I would have put the Bay's name on them, but Linds is keeping the name of her baby TOP SECRET!!! Maybe she's naming her WooWoo? HA! Yeh right. Here's a pic of Lindsay & I. This was last June...we were on our way to NYC for her Bachelorette Party! And little did I know - I was pregnant with Maggie when we went. Found out 2 weeks later...after the trip to NYC. OKEY DOKE! That's it for me today. Gotta meeting with the boss, then hopefully squeezing in a workout and then off to pick up the Mag Pie from my Mother In Law's house. Have a great day! XXOO, WooWoo
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Seriously? Am I 13 again?

Woke up this morning with 2 little pimples on my cheek. NOT CUTE! And they hurt...like the mosquito bite zits. HA! Sorry to gross you out. Maybe I am still full of hormones after being preggers for 9 months. I mean - I did just spit out a baby 4 months ago. So does that mean my body is still in a hormonal battle? I put some "On The Spot" acne cream on last night. No bueno! Zits still there. Anybody got any pimple remedies they want to share? Email me: WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I think I will make an appt for a facial at Massage Envy too!
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Heading to DC!

Hey there! So today is my FRIDAY...YAY! Sorry to rub it in, but I am soo excited. McCoy and I are off to DC this weekend. Not for a wedding. Or a high school reunion. Or to have lunch with the Obama Family. Nope - we are going to DC for a KICKBALL TOURNAMENT! I'm serious. My 36 year old husband is addicted to playing kickball. And yes - it is the kickball that you played in 3rd grade. Big red ball. 3 bases. But this is hardcore, competitive, trash talking kickball. It's the real deal. I don't play because I have not 1 athletic bone in my body. I just cheer from the sidelines and look cute. McCoy is the Captain of his team...they are called Panik Attack. With a K. And they are the #1 Team in the country!! All the players are local Hampton Roads athletes. They play to win - and for cold hard cash. Money is involved! Not David Beckham type of money, but enough to split with the team, buy some beers, maybe a new pair of Nikes and cover your gas for the trip. While McCoy works obsessively on the team line up & rubs Icy/Hot on his old man ankle, I'll be checking out Georgetown and shopping. The Magster will be staying in Norfolk with her Grandparents. Devin will be filling in for me tomorrow! (Thanks Dev.) Now everyvbody on the count of 3 scream "LET'S GO PANIK". 1 -2 -3!!!!!!!!! XXOO, WooWoo Learn more about Panik Attack by clicking HERE! And I highly suggest "LIKING" the page! ;) And here's the tiniest kickballer in kickball history...MAGGIE! Too bad her Dad won't let her play. Yet...
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I can't wait!

OMG - "The X Factor" looks like it is going to be one amazing talent competition! A total step up from "American Idol". I love seeing Simon & Paula back together. This promo/commercial gives me goosebumps!!! LOVE IT.
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Babies R Us, Costco & a Fireman!

Hey! Happy Tuesday. Sheesh...only Tuesday? WAH! I am excited for the weekend. McCoy & I are headed to DC for a KICKBALL TOURNAMENT. Yes - McCoy is still actively playing in COMPETITIVE kickball tournaments. His team is #1 in the country. They are called "PANIK ATTACK"...I will blog more on that later. But today - today is exciting! After work I am headed to my 2 most fave places in the world. Before Maggie, I would have said they were Guadalajara for margaritas & Nordstrom for shoes. But no. Now that I am a mom...I LOVE LOVE LOVE COSTCO & Babies R Us. I love them! I need formula & wipes from Costco. And Size 2 nipples for our Dr Brown's bottles from Babies R Us. Yay for shopping for Maggie. I love it! Speaking of the Magster...her she is with Firefighter Joe. He came over on Sunday to install her carseat in my car. Thanks Joe!
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10 Inches on 7-11

GOOD MORNING! So we talked about my haircut this morning. I cut 10 inches off last week on a whim...and I LOOOOVE it. Maggie loves it too! She told me. HA! Yeh - too bad 4 month old babies can't talk. OH! Wanna see my new haircut & get a free Slurpee from 7-11?! Well join me today (along with a bunch of my other craxy co-workers!) at 7-11 in Norfolk. We will be at the 7-11 location on Hampton Boulevard & 48th Street (by ODU!) FROM 1-3pm today. We have FREE Slurpees for you too. I wish I could bring Maggie, but it's gonna be soo hot. See you at 7-11 friends. XOXO, WooWoo
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She's not free yet...

So I just watched the Judge in the Casey Anthony trial sentence her to 4 years in jail & fine her $1000 for each guilty charge of "Lying to a Law Enforcement Officer". So while she can't head to a local Orlando bar for a celebratory Corona, she will most likely be released by late July/early August. UGH! Why so soon? Even though he sentenced her to 4 years...she will be released early for time already spent in jail & good behavior. She's already spent 3 years in jail, so do the math. So frustrating! But - I am reminded (when I watch the Court TV reporters argue over the case) that the judge was not lenient in the sentence. He could have let her FREE today, but he decided to give her the MAXIMUM sentence. Yeh Judge Belvin Perry!! If you have been watching the case...you know he is a funny, funny man. Seems like a guy I'd want to have over for some BBQ! He even has a Twitter account...OK, well it's not his REAL Twitter account...it is still funny to read: CLICK HERE TO READ HIS (NON) TWEETS!
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Not Guilty...WTH?!

How in the woooooooorld was Casey Anthony found NOT GUILTY yesterday? WOW. I did not expect that verdict. I totally thought GUILTY - 110%. She will be sentenced tomorrow in the 4 charges that she was found GUILTY of...lying to a Law Enforcement Officer. Well duh - we all know she's a liar. Before I blog too much about the verdict & get too angry...I'll just post this little pic a friend of mine posted this morning on Facebook. I thought it was funny!
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I admit. I am officially ADDICTED to the Casey Anthony trial. I can't turn it off. Yesterday (4th of July) McCoy and I watched the prosecutions closing arguments. They were intense! Whew. I think without a doubt she is 100% GUILTY...but I know the deal, she's innocent until PROVEN guilty. So I am anxiously awaiting the verdict! The jury deliberated from 12p-6p yesterday. And they are back at it this morning in Orlando. This trial is the #2 Most Watched TV Trial since the OJ Simpson trial. I still remember that verdict. I didn't watch it - because I was like 11 and in the 4th grade - but I remember coming home to my mom crying. She was super upset! OJ was innocent. Wonder if that will happen this time??!! CLICK HERE for trial pictures. OK - Off to a meeting! Have a great Tuesday. XOXO, WooWoo
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4th of July Events in Hampton Roads!

Here's the complete list of what's happening this weekend. Have fun!!!!!!! July 4th Holiday Weekend Events: Norfolk: The Shore Thing Concert & Independence Day Celebration on Friday, July 1, in Ocean View Beach Park. Great music, food, beverages, children's activities and more. Dance to live music by The Janitors starting at 6pm. Fireworks at 9:30pm. Admission free. The 29th Annual AT&T Fourth of July Great American Picnic will take place on Monday July 4, Town Point Park. Enjoy patriotic sounds of the 50-piece United States Army Training and Doctrine Command Band at 8 pm. Fireworks at 9:30pm. Admission free. Bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating. Food and drink will be available for purchase. Coolers, food and soft drinks are permitted. NO alcohol or glass containers permitted. Sponsored by Entercom Norfolk Radio Stations. Spirit of Norfolk: Cruise the Elizabeth River and watch the fireworks from Town Point Park. All-you-can-eat buffet. Music and dancing. Board at 7:30pm, cruise 8:00 – 11:00pm. From $69.90 per person. Seating is limited! Reservations: 866-304-2469. Norfolk Tides fireworks. July 1-4. Celebrate the Independence Day weekend with post-game fireworks. Tides play at 7:15 p.m. Friday, 5:15 (doubleheader) Saturday, 6:15 p.m. Sunday and at 7:15 p.m. Monday. Harbor Park. Virginia Beach: Mount Trashmore Park: Celebrate America’s independence with live music, fun children’s activities, delicious festival foods, and of course booming fireworks. Free admission and $5 onsite parking. Starts at 4pm. Oceanfront: ‘The Stars & Stripes Explosion”. Multiple live performances on oceanfront stages. Symphonicity, the Symphony Orchestra of Virginia Beach, presents a patriotic concert on the 20th Street Stage. Fireworks after 9:30 p.m. Hampton: Fort Monroe's annual July 4th Concert & Fireworks features American rock band, 38 Special, at Fort Monroe's Walker Airfield.  Fireworks follow the concert about 9:30.  Food and beverages available for purchase. Gates open at 4. Free admission. All vehicles subject to security inspection at the entrance. (Note: The Army is leaving Fort Monroe in Sept and turning the post over to the state). Fireworks visible at nearby Buckroe Beach Park. Newport News: Newport News Parks, Recreation & Tourism will celebrate the July 4th holiday with its “4th of July Stars in the Sky” event at Victory Landing Park at the end of 23rd St. at the James River. Free children’s rides, music, and food vendors on site.  Fireworks set to music at 9:30 p.m. over the James River. The first 2,000 people in attendance receive a free light-up pom-pom. Admission and parking are free at the City Hall parking lot and designated spaces in the Downtown area. Starts at 7pm. Yorktown: The 32nd annual Yorktown Fourth of July Celebration. Includes the Fifes & Drums of York Town, a Children’s Fun & Games Area, the Voices of the Yorktown Chorale, 6pm Parade on Historic Main Street, and the Sounds of Liberty Bell Ringing Ceremony. The U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band performs at the Victory Monument at 8pm. Fireworks at 9:30 on the York River. Public parking on the Yorktown Battlefield at the Cook Road and Ballard Street intersection. There will be trolley service. A special parking area with a golf cart shuttle service has been set aside for handicapped and special needs visitors. Information: 890-3320. Gloucester Point, July 4. See the Yorktown fireworks from the Gloucester Point Beach Park. Music from 6 to 9 p.m. by The Janitors. The Beach House will be open and serving hot dogs, soft ice cream and drinks. Busch Gardens: Busch Gardens is celebrating Independence Day weekend with three nights of patriotic pyrotechnics set to an original music track. July 2 – 4. The fireworks extravaganza is included with park admission and begins nightly at 9:30 p.m. Williamsburg: Hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence, watch performances from Colonial Williamsburg’s Fifes and Drums, and take in a majestic display of fireworks after dark in the Historic Area. Music at 8 p.m. behind the Courthouse on Market Square. Fireworks at 9:15 p.m., watch on Palace Green or from Market Square. The Governor’s Palace All-American Picnic is from 7:30 to 9. Includes food and family entertainment. Reservations: 1-800-447-8679. The U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band performs in Market Square Saturday night from 7pm to 8:30. Part of the Summer Breeze Concert Series. Chesapeake: Red, White, & Blue ice cream Social (Ages 8-17) Friday at 1pm. Dr. Clarence Cuffee Community Center. Festive red, white, & blue ice cream sundaes. Free. 4th of July Event (Age 7-12) this Saturday at 1pm at Deep Creek Community Center. Music, crafts, refreshments and fun. Free. Chesapeake City Park: Sunday night. Holiday concert w/ Fireworks. Stars at 7:30pm on the Bagley Stage, featuring the renowned “U.S. Fleet Forces Band.” Come out and celebrate our nation’s birthday under the stars, featuring lively music and a fireworks finale! FREE admission. $5 on-site parking. Bring lawn chairs and/or blanket. You can purchase food at the concessions for a picnic supper. Parade, entertainment, food, games and paddleboat rides at Lakeside Park on Bainbridge Boulevard. All day Monday. Admission free. Suffolk: Stars & Stripes Spectacular. Constant's Wharf Park & Marina. Free admission. On the shores of the Nansemond River in historic downtown Suffolk. Food, fun, entertainment, and fireworks!  Fireworks shoot at 9:00 pm sharp!   Smithfield:   Sunday, July 3 at 9:30 pm at Clontz Park in downtown Smithfield. Clontz Park is on N. Church Street, but the fireworks display will be visible in downtown Smithfield along the Pagan River. Elizabeth City: Celebrate the Fourth of July at Waterfront Park in Elizabeth City. Fun for the entire family. Admission free. Fireworks after sunset. Starts at 6pm. Outer Banks: From Currituck Heritage Park fireworks and Duck's annual Fourth of July Parade, to Roanoke Island Festival Park's fireworks and concert, and on to Hatteras Island. Many events and celebrations take place all along the North Carolina Outer Banks throughout the July 4th weekend. Fireworks visible along the entire Outer Banks shoreline after sunset through 10pm. Eastern Shore: Cape Charles 4th of July weekend. Firefighters Seafood Festival Saturday at 5pm at the Harborfront. On Sunday, an all-day family event starting at 10am. Fireworks after sunset on the beach. Richmond: All-American Celebration. Monday, July 4. Parade, concert and activities in the Children's Garden. Free. 804-262-9887. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, 1800 Lakeside Ave., Richmond. Other Events: Patriot’s Day this Saturday at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum. 10am to 5pm. Activities include craft demonstrations, musical performances, games, military drill, food and fun sponsored by the Friends of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum in collaboration with the Portsmouth Museums. Free admission. “I Dream of Ice Cream” family event at the Mary Pretlow library branch in Ocean View. Saturday at 2pm. Come in and make your own. Includes a variety of toppings. Sprinkles, cookie crumbs and many more. Free. 4th annual July 4th Ice Cream Social at Shirley Plantation in Charles City County,   2-4pm. Bring a blanket for a picnic lunch or create your own tailgate party. Ice cream, lemonade, and ice tea are included with regular admission and will be available from as long as supplies last.
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$30 Million Dollar Nurse Story

She had cut off her family and communicated mostly with her dolls over the past 20 years while living in almost total secrecy in several New York hospital rooms before her death last month at 104. Now, it appears reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark has cut her family out of her will, too, leaving most of her fortune, its value newly pegged at $400 million, to charity and to her nurse and close friend, Hadassah Peri. The will, filed Wednesday in Manhattan court, sheds some light on the exact contents of the Clark estate, reports The New York Times. Her assets include an art collection with works by Monet, Renoir, John Singer Sargent and William Merritt Chase; sprawling estates in Santa Barbara and Connecticut; a pricey Fifth Avenue apartment; and a vast doll collection, from porcelains to Barbies. Most of the fortune – including the Santa Barbara estate, most of the art, all of Clark's musical instruments and rare books – will go to a foundation that will be set up to promote the arts. Separately, the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington will receive a 1907 original Water Lilies painting by Monet, which hasn't been seen in eight decades. Peri will receive the dolls, possibly worth millions, as well as 60 percent of the remaining assets. Clark's goddaughter, Wanda Styka, will get 25 percent. The will, drafted in 2005, also leaves $1 million to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she lived for many years and died on May 24; $500,000 to her assistant; and $100,000 to a physician. Clark's lawyer, Wallace Bock, and her accountant, Irving H. Kamsler, received $500,000 each – although the Manhattan district attorney's office is investigating how they have handled Clark's money.
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Monday Funday - June 13 2011

Hey! Hope ya'll had a great weekend. I was in Atlanta this weekend - my 1st weekend away from Maggie - and it was awesome!! Of course I missed her like crazy, but it was nice to sleep in, go to a late dinner, shop with out pushing a stroller around and just relax with McCoy. We called home to check on her everyday, maybe 4 or 5 times a day. HA! But she did great and I knew she was going to be well taken care of by my InLaws. Murphy was with her too! Good ol' Muprhy. Why were we in Atlanta? Because my 36 year old husband was playing in a KICKBALL TOURNAMENT. Don't hate...Kickball is gonna be an Olympic sport one day!! And yes - this is the kickball you played in grade school. Big red ball, baseball diamond, etc. But this is kickball on a whole different level. They play for cash! They play hardcore! And they play to win! And it was worth the airfare & hotel because McCoy's kickball team won the tourney. YAY! Here's 2 pics from the weekend:   I made it to the end of the Finals - just in time to watch them win! YAY! Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Bummer about the weather for Harborfest. Off to a meeting now. XOXO, WooWoo
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  HOLA! Maternity Leave has come and gone. WOW - 12 weeks does fly by. And I am so happy that I took ALL 12 WEEKS! Some people were looking at me cross eyed when I told them I'd be gone for 3 months. YES - 3 MONTHS! I cherished every day home with Baby Maggie. And while I do miss her...it feels soo good to be back at work. And I'll be home by lunchtime. McCoy is holding down the fort til then. That's our new family above...me, McCoy, Maggie and Murphy. Good ol' Murph dog! Other than feeding, changing & loving on a baby...there is so much to talk about. UMM HELLO - WEINERGATE! What a fool!! Have you been following this story? That Senator from New York finally confessed in a Press Conference yesterday that he did sent the pics of his...WEENER...to another chick via Twitter. Not only that - he admitted to sexual web relationships with 6 women. And he claims his wife is gonna stay with him. Uh-Huh...we will see how that works out. If you missed his tearful apology - check out the video below:
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Shoe Cravings.

Yes - I might be pregnant & craving pizza, chocolate and Ritz Crackers (random - I know!!) but I am also craving NEW SHOES! And new clothes. And I can't wait to wear real jeans and blouses and just wear normal clothes again. But really - I know that getting into the skinny jeans I wore pre-baby is gonna take a while. So instead of drooling over cute clothes, I thought I would drool over cute shoes. Bring on Spring/Summer! Here's my list of current shoe cravings:     And just an FYI...the brand "OPI Nail Polish" has new colors of polish out just in time for Spring/Summer! McCoy treated me to a mani/pedi at Changes City Spa last week and I went right for the pinks. I love PINK! The new line is called "TEXAS". Here's the colors: I got "Too Hot Pink to Hold Em" on my fingernails... And "Guy Meets Gal-veston" on my toenails... OK - that's it from me for today. I AM EXHAUSTED! Totally hitting the wall in this last month of pregnancy. I need to go home and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Not to mention - I had a 37 Week check up with the doctor yesterday. And it was NO fun! I am going to ice my lady parts now. Sorry if that is too much info...but when they check your cervix, they CHECK YOUR CERVIX! It didn't hurt, just uncomfy and it has made me sore. Me no likey cervix checks. UGH! Thanks for reading! WooWoo
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Hey Peeps! Hope you all had a wonderful week. How amazing is this weather today?! WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. Highs in the 70s?!? WOWZA!! I am high tailing it out of work as soon as I can today...the plan is to grab a (De-caf) Frappuccino from Starbucks & take Murphy for a long walk. I think we might walk from our house up to Town Point Park! Honk if you see me...I'm the pregnant one in the hot pink NIKES. HA HA! So tonight you & the family are invited to Bakers Crust in Ghent/Norfolk on 21st Street. I'll be there from 5-7pm for PIZZA NIGHT! Yep - Bakers Crust just installed a brand new pizza oven...and tonight pizzas are only $7.99! These are delish gourmet pizzas...with that wood fired authentic crust. And bring the kids too! They can create their own pizzas...the winning creation wins dinner & a movie. I hope to see you tonight! CLICK HERE to visit their website for details! XOXO & TGIF! WooWoo
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Cupcakes on VDAY!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Yeh Yeh Yeh...I know some of you consider this a "Hallmark Holiday" and don't really celebrate, but I looove today. You celebrate love, eat candy and bake cupcakes. Or atleast - that's what I will do and did last night. Last night I baked 4 dozen cupcakes for my co-workers at the office. Check them out: I can't post here what I got for McCoy - but I think he will like it. I didn't spend that much money either...it's the thought that counts. I don't need a pricey $$$$ diamond bracelet, just a card and flowers will do. McCoy sent me a dozen sunflowers last week & a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. For no reason! Awww...LOVE HIM! Thanks McCoy. Tonight - I suggested we go have dinner at ALDO'S - I have been craving Italian. But I think we will probably just pick up PF Changs to go and hang on the couch. Sounds good to me! Have a Happy Valentine's Day. XOXO, WooWoo
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  Sooo...the countdown is on. 33 days until Maggie is set to arrive in this world. OMG! I will be a mom in 33 days. It's exciting & scary all at the same time. Instead of sitting around & worrying (which is easy to do!) I have been filling the days watching Oprah, going on walks around town, having dinner with friends and getting massages. And next week I am soo excited to get my belly casted. YES! A Belly Casting. How cool is that?!? Words can not express how excited I am. I was a little nervous at first...just because I am one of those pregnant ladies who feels fat, gross and doesn't want my picture taken...let alone my belly molded into a piece of art. HA HA! But then I heard about MODERN MATERNITY! They are a local GO-TO source for everything mom. Tamra is the owner & she was kind enough to offer a bellycasting to Maggie & I. So I have an appointment with her next Tuesday at 6pm. And you better believe I will take pics & video!! And heck - I'll even post the pics & video at POINTRADIO.COM and on our Facebook page. Speaking of Facebook...learn more about Modern Maternity by visiting their Facebook page. CLICK HERE I'll report back next week with the pics & video to let you know how it goes. I'm sure I will love it and it will totally make me feel "beautiful" about the whole pregnancy thing. I think just because I am in the last end of the pregnancy where you gain a pound a week, and everything starts to swell (HELLO CANKLES!!) I need a little pick me up...and MODERN MATERNITY is gonna do that! YAY!   Have a great day! XOXO, WooWoo PS: All the pics above are from actual bellycastings from MODERN MATERNITY! They are beautiful. From what I can see...it looks like they cast your belly and then paint it with a theme! The colors of your nursery, the babies name, etc. YAY YAY YAY! I want a pink belly. Of course! And below is an article written in the paper about MODERN MATERNITY! Should I call the newspaper to come report on my bellycasting? Don't tempt me... Hee Hee Hee!!! ;)
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Extreme Makeover Madness!

Hey there! Sorry for the lack of updates...we have been having lots of issues with our Internet server & the company that hosts the POINT website. Technical issues are a pain in the butt. So anyway - I am back to blogging. FINALLY! Lots going on in Hampton Roads right now - ABC'S "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is in town & they are building the most amazing house for the most deserving family. Beverly Hill is the lucky winner...she's an asset to the community. She's adopted 6 daughters, has 2 biological children of her own & has fostered 35 kids over the years. On top of that - she gives back to the community and donates to The FoodBank and local homeless shelters. She truly is the type of woman who would give you the shirt off her back! So while Beverly & her family are on vacation in California...hundreds of volunteers have been working around the clock to build the family a new home. Here's some pics I've snapped from the construction site. I'm headed down again today for more pics. Be sure to check Facebook.com/POINTRADIO for more details. XO, WooWoo
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New Make-Up!

I need new make-up. I've decided...the make up I currently use is crusty & old. And my make-up bag is disgusting. Eyeshadows, lip glosses and mascara is smeared all over the inside and the outside of the bag. I swear 1/2 the make-up I use is EXPIRED too. Yep - did you know that make-up has an expiration date?! I had NO clue!! CLICK HERE for the "shelf life" of make-up.   For some reason, I always look at buying make-up as a silly expense. I go to Walgreens to get 99% of my make-up...Cover Girl powder, Neutrogena concealers, Maybelline mascara, etc. I'm not really into spending $300 at the MAC counter for make-up. However...I have a $100 Gift Card to Nordstrom and it is burning a hole in my pocket. I think I might treat my-self to some nice, fancy make-up. Is there a brand you suggest I use? I'd love to hear what your favorite beauty products/brands are. Email me! WooWoo@Pointradio.com Have a great Tuesday! PS: I know she wears a ton of make-up/spackle, but I've always LOVED the way Kim Kardashian wears/applies her make-up. I would LOVE to know how to do a "smokey eye". That's another thing. I suck at applying make-up! HORRIBLE. XO, WooWoo
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Creepy Black Swan...just creepy!

  HOLY CRAP! So I finally saw "Black Swan" Saturday night. My friends Lindsay & Christi came too. We got popcorn, Coke Zeros, Sour Patch Kids and settled into our seats at MacArthur Center. It was the 7:20pm showing, and shockingly - it was PACKED! I guess everyone is interested in seeing the movie that has gained so much attention/buzz. My friend Pamela saw it 2 weeks ago, and all she could say was that it was "disturbing". And that it was. "Black Swan" is disturbing, shocking, sad, depressing, dark, scary, twisted and just plain creepy. But secretly...I LOVED IT!! You must see it. Don't take the kids. It's definitely a movie for the 18 and up crowd only. Now I know why Natalie Portman won the Golden Globe and will most likely win an Oscar. She is AMAZING! I don't want to give too much of the movie away - but it's definitely one of those movies that make you go "HUH? Did that just happen??!!" Hope you had a great weekend. Now it's back to the grind. I've got 48 days left til' my Due Date, and check out my Baby Blog for more baby details. Happy Monday! WooWoo
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Baby + ChickenNoodle = FUNNY!

Having a bad day? Well not anymore. Check out this 9 month old baby boy named Hugh. The words CHICKEN NOODLE have him laughing. And his mom hoping he can endorse Campbell's Soup. Enjoy! And now I want soup for lunch. Thanks Baby Hugh!!!! WooWoo
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The Astronaut & The Congresswoman

WOW! Did you watch the ABC News Special last night with Rep. Gabby Gifford's husband? Her husband - astronaut Mark Kelly - was interviewed by Diane Sawyer. It was intense! So emotional. I am still wrapped up in this story...reading about the victims, the survivors, and of course Gabby's recovery. If you missed the interview...here's an excerpt. I promise to blog about happier things tomorrow. -WooWoo
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Angry Little Kid!

The wicked weather bypassed Hampton Roads this week...it traveled thru Atlanta and straight to New York City, Connecticut  and Boston. Other cities in the NorthEast were hit hard too - and the little kid is PO'd because he wants to be in Florida getting a tan. HA HA! Enjoy. WooWoo
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BB&T Saves the Day!

So how weird is this...on Saturday night McCoy & I were at The Skinny Dip in Ghent on Colley Avenue getting some frozen yogurt. He got Red Velvet Cupcake, I got Snow White Vanilla mixed with Mocha Cheesecake. SOOO GOOD!! Anyway...I go to pay the $5.56 dollars for the 2 of us. I get out my debit card. The girl at the counter swipes it - and then looks at me and says "I'm sorry, your card was declined". DECLINED!?? My heart was racing...CRAP! Did I shop too much this weekend? Did I overdraft? I asked her to try it again. DECLINED AGAIN!!! Now I'm not even hungry. I have lost my appetite, and clearly - all my money. We drive home & I call BB&T. That is who I bank with...I have for 10 years. Well - come to find out - somebody in Atlanta tried to charge $792 dollars worth of electronics at a Best Buy. BB&T saw the activity - and since I don't live in the ATL - they declined that purchase and froze my account. GLORY TO THE BB&T GODS! I cut up the old Debit Card & should get a new one in the mail. Honestly - I have NO clue how these thugs in Atlanta even got my Debit Card number, but I am soo gonna start paying with CASH from now on. Be safe! Guard your money honeys! XOXO - And if you work for BB&T...I LOVE YOU!!! WooWoo
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Ummm...where's the snow?

  Waiting for this mornings "Winter Weather" was a joke! I can't believe that there were schools delayed for 2 Hours because of the weather. Ummm...what weather?!? Yes - we did get some calls of black ice in spots, and maybe a rain drop in Chesapeake...but it was clear as day in VB. Kinda reminds me of that "Where's the Beef" commercial. Except I'm saying "Where's the weather?" R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S! Hope the kids enjoyed the extra 2 hours of sleep! WooWoo
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SNOW?! More snow?!?!?!

WOWZER! Just heard on the news that we are in for MORE SNOW in Hampton Roads. Some flurries might happen tonight, but next Tuesday they are saying we could get another dusting of snow. NO! Or should I scream YES! I have to admit, when we had all that snow over the holidays...it was beautiful to watch it fall, but boy was it a headache to drive in. Well - I take that back. McCoy was able to navigate because he has 4 Wheel Drive. And I was OK to drive because I have my super safe/super mom friendly Chevy Equinox from Hutchens Chevrolet in Newport News. Love that car!! Seriously can't wait to drive Maggie around town in it! :) Watching other people drive & being on the roads with crazy drivers...that's what I don't like. I guess we will have to wait & see what happens. OK - Well I am gonna get some work done around the office, go to a meeting & then meet my BFF Lindsay for lunch. I'm thinking somewhere that serves HOT SOUP! Thinking about all this snow has made me cold. BRRR!! Have an awesome day!! XOXO, WooWoo
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Cell phone for my mom...

  Hey! Thanks to all those who called/texted and responded on our Facebook page today about getting my mom a cell phone for Christmas. She's NEVER  had one, and she is going to need one when she starts to watch Maggie when I go back to work after Maternity Leave. After work today, I'm going to check out Best Buy for the "JitterBug" cell phone and look at AT&T's "Go Phone" too. I really would prefer the "Go Phone", so we can pay for minutes as she uses them. I really don't want to be locked into a contract & have her not use the phone. Or worse...she uses it, overtalks and I get stuck with the bill. HA HA! We will see what happens. Thanks again. Have a wonderful Christmas! XO, WooWoo
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I think I'm addicted to...

BED BATH & BEYOND!! We were back there again yesterday. After my appt with the OBGYN yesterday - CLICK HERE for Baby updates! - we went to BB&B. Not even sure what we needed, but I wanted to go. We ended up buying a new shower curtain, a draft thing for under the front door, a curtain rod for the nursery & trash bags. I LOVE THIS STORE! Seriously - if they had a Starbucks inside and a ChickFilA...I would move in. Or get a Part Time job. I wonder how much of an "Employee Discount" you get if you work there. Hmmm...Here's what I bought: Amy Butler Shower Curtain...for "Maggie's Bathroom". Twin Draft Guard for the front door. Curtain Rods for the Nursery. Trash Bags. I'll be back at BB&B today...FOR REAL! I have to return the bath mat we bought to go with the shower curtain, they don't match at all. OOPS! OK - Have a great Tuesday. Talk to you tomorrow. WooWoo
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Christmas Cookies!

It's Monday...but not just any Monday. It's the MONDAY before Christmas. WOO HOO! And besides waking up, going to work & then a 1pm appointment with the OBGYN today, I have BAKING on my "To-Do" List. YES!!! I am going to put on my apron & bake my heart out. And I don't mean buying a mix from the grocery store - I wanna bake from scratch. So I am currently searching for a good shortbread and/or sugar cookie recipe. I know that I will definitely be baking the infamous "Reindeer Balls". Some people call them Oreo Truffles, I call them Reindeer Balls. And there is actually NO BAKING involved. Here's what you need:
  • 1 package of crushed Oreos
  • 1 package of softened cream cheese
  • 1 bag of chocolate and/or white chocolate chips
  • Red/Green sprinkles
All you do is mix the Oreos with cream cheese. Roll into balls. Set in fridge for 20 minutes to harden/cool. Melt the chocolate and dip the refrigerated balls into the chocolate. Or you could drizzle it with a fork. Top with red & green sprinkles and put back into to fridge to set the chocolate. The pic below is of someone who dipped them in white chocolate and topped with peppermint. I like that idea. They are soo good. And easy!   OK! Happy Monday & Happy Baking!! XO, WooWoo :)
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Friday Closings/Delays for Hampton Roads!

Accomack County Schools Closed Azalea Garden Christian School & Daycare        School Closed, Preschool Open Friday Back Bay Christian Academy      2 Hour Delay Baylake Pines School    2 Hour Delay Bishop Sullivan Catholic High   2 Hour Delay Camden County Schools   2 Hour Delay Cape Henry Collegiate School    2 Hour Delay Chesapeake Public Schools       2 hour delay no morning kindergarden Christ the King - Norfolk       2 Hour Delay College of the Albemarle - Chowan       2 Hour Delay College of the Albemarle - Elizabeth City       2 Hour Delay College of William & Mary       Opening at 10am Friday; Custodial Staff Report at 8am Currituck County Schools        3 Hour Delay Friday Denbigh Christian Academy & Daycare     2 Hour Delay Downtown Hampton Child Development Center       Closed Friday East End Academy (Both Campuses)        Closed Friday Eastern Shore Community College Opening at 10am Friday Eastern VA Medical School       2 hour delay, student exams start on time ECPI/MCI, Newport News  1 Hour Delay Elizabeth City State University 2 Hour Delay Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools        2 Hour Delay Friday Faith Academy School of Excellence      2 Hour Delay Faith Outreach Education Center Closed Friday Franklin City Public Schools    Closed Franklin City Public Schools    12-month employees report at 10 a.m. Gates County Schools    2 Hour Delay Friday Gateway Christian School        School and daycare open at 10:25a.m. Gloucester County Public Schools        Closed Friday, Employees Code 2 Great Bridge Child Care 2 Hour Delay Hampton Christian Schools       School Closed, Daycare Opens at 9am Friday Hampton City Schools    Closed Friday Hampton Montessori      Closed Friday Hampton Montessori      School Closed, Daycare Open Haygood Preschool       Open at 9 a.m. Hebrew Academy of Tidewater     Delayed Opening, School Opens @10a.m. Isle of Wight Academy   Closed Friday Isle of Wight County Schools    Closed Isle of Wight County Schools    Closed Friday. 12 month employees 2 hour delay Lynnhaven Colony CDC    2 Hour Delay Mathews County Public Schools   Closed Friday Medical Careers Institute - VA Beach    1 Hour Delay Middlesex County Schools        Closed Friday, Code 0 Nansemond - Suffolk Academy     Closed New Herizon Regional Education Centers  Closed Friday New Life Christian School and Daycare   School & Daycare Closed Newport News City Schools       Closed Friday Norfolk Academy 2 Hour Delay Norfolk Christian Schools       2 Hour Delay Norfolk Collegiate      2 Hour Delay Norfolk Public Schools  2 Hour Delay Norfolk State University        2 Hour Delay Northampton Co. Schools (NC)    Closed Friday Northampton Co. Schools (VA)    Closed Friday Our Lady of Mt. Carmel  2 Hour Delay Peninsula Catholic High Closed Friday Perquimans County Schools       2 Hour Delay Poquoson Public Schools Closed Friday, 12 Month Employees 3 Hour Delay Portsmouth City Schools 2 Hour Delay Rappahannock Community College  Opens at 11am Friday; Check Website for Final Exam Information Regent University       2 Hour Delay Southampton County Schools      Closed Friday St. Andrews Episcopal School    Closed Friday St. Gregory the Great Catholic School   2 Hour Delay Friday St. Mark Christian Academy-Portsmouth   2 Hour Delay St. Matthews School     2 Hour Delay Friday St. Patrick Catholic School     2 Hour Delay Stonebridge School      Closed Friday Suffolk Public Schools  Closed Friday Summit Christian Academy, Newport News  2 Hour Delay Friday Summit Christian Academy, Yorktown      2 Hour Delay Friday Surry County Public Schools     Closed Friday Tabernacle Baptist Academy and CDC      2 Hour Delay Friday TCC - All Campuses      Delayed Opening, School Opens @10a.m. The Art Institute of Virginia Beach     Delayed Opening, School Opens @10a.m. The Children's Center - Franklin        3 Hour Delay Friday The Children's Center - Suffolk 3 Hour Delay Friday TNCC - Dr. Mary T. Christian Auditorium 2 Hour Delay Friday TNCC - Hampton Campus   2 Hour Delay Friday TNCC - Historic Triangle Campus 2 Hour Delay Friday TNCC - Southeast Higher Education Center        2 Hour Delay Friday Town and Country Day School     1 Hour Delay Friday; Opening at 7:30 Virginia Beach Public Schools   2 hour delay no morning kindergarden Virginia Wesleyan College       1 Hour Delay Friday Warwick River Christian School  Closed Warwick River Christian School  Closed Friday, Childcare Open Williamsburg Christian Academy  Closed Williamsburg-James City County Schools  Closed Friday Williamsburg-James City County Schools  Closed Friday York County Public Schools      Closed Friday Chesapeake City Offices Open at 10am Friday Chesapeake General District Court       Closed Friday Chesapeake J&D District Court   2 Hour Delay Coast Guard Finance Center      2 Hour Delay Fort Eustis     1 hr delay Fri, Mission Essential Personal Report On Time Fort Monroe     1 Hour Delay Friday; Non-M/E Personnel Franklin Combined Courts        Closed Friday Hampton Circuit Court   Closed Friday Hampton General District Court  Closed Friday Hampton JDR Court       Closed Friday Isle of Wight Co. General District Court        Closed Friday Isle of Wight County Offices    2 Hour Delay Friday Isle of Wight JDR Court 2 Hour Delay Joint Base Langley-Eustis       Non-Essential Employees 1 Hour Delay Friday Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story      Essential Personnel Report Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Fort Story      Closed 3 hr delay Friday for non-essential personnel Joint Forces Commmand - Norfolk Campus  3 Hour Delay Friday Joint Forces Commmand - Suffolk Campus  3 Hour Delay Friday Langley Air Force Base  All non-essential personnel 1 hour delay Friday Maritime Administration 2 Hour Delay Mathews County General District Court   Opening at 11am Friday Mathews County Offices  2 Hour Delay Middlesex County General District Court Opening at 11am Friday NAS Oceana/Dam Neck     Closing at 12pm, 3 hour delay Friday essential personnel report on time. Naval Air Station Oceana/Dam Neck Annex 3 hour delay non-essential personnel Naval Exchange CHESAPEAKE       2 Hour Delay Naval Exchange DISTRICT VENDING 2 Hour Delay Naval Exchange HUNTINGTON HALL  2 Hour Delay Naval Exchange NAVAL HOSPITAL PORTSMOUTH        2 Hour Delay Naval Exchange YORKTOWN/CHEATHAM ANNEX  2 Hour Delay Naval Station Norfolk   3 hour delay non-essential personnel Naval Support Activity, NW Annex        3 hour delay non-essential Naval Weapons Station Yorktown/Cheatham Annex   Closing at noon, 3-hour delay non-essential personnel tomorrow Navy Exchange Norfolk   2 Hour Delay Navy Exchange Service Command   3 Hour Delay Friday Newport News City Offices       1 Hour Delay Friday Newport News General District Court     Closed Friday Norfolk City Offices    2 hour delay no liberal leave Norfolk Federal Building        Code Green Norfolk General District Court  Closed NSA Headquarters Complex        Essential Personnel on time; Non-Essential Personnel 3 Hour Delay Friday NSA Northwest Annex     Essential Personnel on time; Non-Essential Personnel 3 Hour Delay Friday Portsmouth City Offices 2 Hour Delay Friday, Liberal Leave for Non-Essential Personnel Southampton County Offices      2 Hour Delay Suffolk City Offices    2 Hour Delay Friday Surface Combat Systems Center Wallops Island    3 Hour Delay Non-Essential Personnel Friday Surry County Government Offices 2 Hour Delay US Coast Guard Security Center  2 Hour Delay USCG LANTAREA/D5 Command        2 Hour Delay Virginia Beach Juvenile & DR Court      1 Hour Delay Friday Williamsburg Area Transport     Suspending operations, will email and contact when they resume Williamsburg City Offices       1 Hour Delay Friday York County Courts      1 Hour Delay York County Offices     1 Hour Delay
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Alliance Christian School   Closed Today 
Back Bay Christian Academy   Closed Today 
Calvary Classical School   Closed Today 
Cape Henry Collegiate School   Closed Today 
Chesapeake Bay Academy   Closed Today 
Chesapeake Public Schools   Closed Today 
Christopher Academy   Closed Today 
Denbigh Christian Academy   Closed Today 
Faith Academy School of Excellence   Closed Today 
Gateway Christian School   Closed Monday 
Gethsemane Baptist Christian Academy   Closed Today-Bright Beginnings Closed
Gloucester County Public Schools   Closed Today- 
Hampton Christian Schools   Closed Today- 
Hampton Public Schools   Closed Today-All schools and offices closed
Hampton Roads Academy/Country Day School   Closed Today- 
Hertford County Public Schools   Delayed 2 hours- 
London Bridge Baptist School   Closed Today- 
Mathews County Public Schools   Closed Today- 
Mt. Pleasant Christian School   Closed Today- 
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy   Closed Today- 
New Horizons Regional Education Centers   Closed Today- 
Newport News Public Schools   Closed Today-12 month staff do not report
Norfolk Academy   Closed Today- 
Norfolk Christian School   Closed Today- 
Norfolk Public Schools   Essential Personnel Only Report- 
Northampton County Schools (NC)   Delayed 2 hours- 
OHA Head Start/Early Head Start   Closed Today- 
Peninsula Catholic H.S.   Closed Today- 
Poquoson City Schools   Closed Today- 
Portsmouth Public Schools   Closed Today- 
Resurrection Lutheran School   Closed Today-No evening program
Saint John the Apostle Catholic School   Closed Today- 
Saint Patrick Catholic School   Closed Today- 
Southampton County Public Schools   Closed Today- 
St. Andrews Episcopal School   Closed Today- 
St. Gregory the Great School   Closed Today- 
St. Matthew's School   Closed Today- 
Suffolk Public Schools   Closed Today- 
Summit Christian Academy   Closed Today- 
Surry County Public Schools   Delayed 2 hours- 
Tidewater Adventist Academy   Closed Today- 
Trinity Lutheran School-Newport News   Closed Today- 
Troy University-Norfolk Area   Closed Today- 
Virginia Beach Public Schools   Closed Today- 
Williamsburg/James City County Public Schools   Closed Today- 
York County Public Schools   Closed Today-Employee Code 0
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Poor Rudolph!

Check out the video of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer getting assualted by a traffic light. Warning** Not suitable for young kids! Rudolph is gonna need a GIANT  BandAid!!!
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What was I thinking?

HOLY MOLY! Things to never do while pregnant:
  1. Smoke
  2. Drink
  3. Re-place the ALL the crappy carpet in your house with wood flooring.
OMG! So this week has been pretty crazy at my house. McCoy and I have a crew of 5 at our house right now...they are ripping out old carpet, old laminate flooring and installing beautiful, shiny Brazillain TigerWood. Meeeeow! It was supposed to be a 2 day job, were on Day 4. I'm not complaining. The floors look FAB-U-LOUS and the crew is doing a maginificent job. I'm just saying when you are preggers...and your house turns into a giant dust bowl...YOU GO INSANE! Furniture is covered in saw dust, boxes of wood all over the place, furniture is moved around & breathing is impossible. So I've been heading over to my parents house with Murphy everyday after work. I usually stay until 9pm...when the crew leaves & the dust settles. They should be finished today - so after work I am headed to Home Depot to buy a giant dust mop, a Swiffer, and Chuck is letting me borrow his shop vac. We are gonna clean this house so it...SHINES LIKE THE TOP OF THE CHRYLER BUIDLING!! (Quote from the movie/play "Annie") And before I head out...here's a pic of our house/new floors. Our house...AKA The Dust Bowl. Enjoy! WooWoo
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PayDay...and not the candy bar!

So today is PAY DAY at the radio station! WAHOO!! Is that TMI to share? Please don't try to rob me today if it is. I don't carry cash. HA! PayDays during the Holidays are the BEST because it's time to go shopping for Christmas Gifts! I am soo excited to buy for my nieces and nephews, my sister, my brothers, mom, dad, McCoy and the InLaws. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!! And I love bargain shopping...I will rarely pay full price for something. I tried to shop OnLine yesterday for "CYBER MONDAY", but honestly - I was not impressed with the deals. So I guess I'll hit up Target, Tuesday Morning & TJ Maxx today for gifts. And shout out to the DOLLAR TREE...best place to get boxes, wrapping paper & bows. I love you Hallmark - but dang, your wrapping paper is expensive! So that's on my list of "TO DO's" today after work...shop for Christmas gifts! And...stop by Starbucks for a (DE-CAF) Peppermint Mocha. That little drink brings me soo much joy! If you have not had one...go now & drink. And try out their other Holiday flavors too: Gingerbread Snap Latte & Espresso Truffle. Yummy! Happy Tuesday! WooWoo
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Turkey Day Re-Cap!

GOBBLE GOBBLE! And Happy Monday! Ugh...why is it soo hard to go back to work after having a wonderful relaxing, food filled weekend? I swear - I could make a living out of eating, sleeping and vegging on the couch. That's how we spent our holiday! Soo cozy. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too. We went to McCoy's parents house because my mom & dad spend every Thanksgiving in NYC.  I'm hoping they will stay home next year!! It will be Maggie's 1st Thanksgivng. So - every Turkey Day, McCoy & I take our Christmas Card photo. With Murphy too! Here's one I'm considering for this year's card... Have a great (CYBER!) Monday! I'm off to a CHKD Meeting. Getting ready for Radiothon next week. YAY! And there is always FOOD in these meetings, so I gotta hurry up and snag a bagel. XO, WooWoo
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to stop in & wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I've got a bun in the oven - and a pie too! HA HA! No really - being pregnant during Holidays is going to be my new fave thing. I am going to eat my butt off. But I really do have a pie in the oven too! I'm making a Pumpkin Pie for tomorrow's all day EAT-A-THON. Want the recipe? CLICK HERE for the recipe. Have a Happy Thanksgiving - Travel safe & don't let the TSA agents feel ya up! XO, WooWoo
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Maggie's Nursery

So with the baby arriving in mid March - my goal was to have her nursery done & done by January 1st. Yeh - that's not gonna happen. Why? Because furniture on Back Order is a pain in the ass. OMG! We went to Pottery Barn Kids in Richmond 2 weeks ago to pick out the crib, changing table, dresser & glider. When I say "we"...it was my mom, my BFF Lindsay & her mom Ann. I didn't make (nor did I want) McCoy to go with us. HA! He would have picked out a crib made out of baseball bats & kickballs. So anyway - we got the furniture, and it's all BACKORDERED!! And won't be arriving til late January/early February. I am a planner...so this threw my plan way off. However...we can still paint the room, hang the curtains, and wait for furniture. Here's her bedding by the way...the bumper, sheets, etc for the crib. Here's a screen cap of the webpage...and a bigger pic!
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The Bump & The Cowboys WON!!!!

THE COWBOYS WON LAST NIGHT!!! Finally. McCoy was jumping all over the house last night - pacing from room to room, screaming at the TV, cursing at the players and we both were wondering what the heck happened when the lights went out at the stadium. Did you see that? WEIRD. Bottom line is...the COWBOYS won. And they beat the GIANTS. On the GIANTS turf. HA! So in honor of the win...I wore my COWBOYS jersey to work today. Here's 2 pics - me with the jersey on at work today. And me lifting up my jersey to show you my "BELLY" at 23 weeks. I am officially 5 months 3 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Baby Maggie will be here in March!   Happy Monday! XOXO, WooWoo
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Maternity Jeans!

Soo...after walking around town in my "normal jeans" for the last 5 months, unbuttoning the top button & strapping on a Belly Band...I finally caved and bought MATERNITY JEANS!! OMG! I might wear these after I have the baby. And I might wear them forever! Maternity jeans are the most comfy things ever. I'm up to owning 4 pairs. 1 pair from Old Navy, 2 from a website called ShopBop.com and 1 pair from a local store called Now Showing. Seriosuly - I am set for the last 4 months of pregnancy. It's not as big of a challenge as I thought it would be..."dressing the bump" is pretty easy. And fun! Here's my "Maternity Denim Review"... Old Navy: I bought the Grey Wash Denim leggings. The waist band is awesome! So comfortable & a great length. Not too short, not too long. However - SIZE DOWN! These jeans run a little bigger than normal. I would go down 1 size. CLICK HERE to buy. ShopBop: Total splurge...and please don't judge me. But I caved and bought designer maternity denim!! I wear Paige Denim when I'm not pregnant, so when I saw they made maternity jeans - I whipped out the CreditCard and bought 2 pairs. They are skinny jeans, so they'll fit perfect in my boots. And Paige Denim really is worth it. They fit wonderfully! Now - the pair I ordered I have yet to try on. They are arriving via UPS Today. I'll let you know how they fit. But the CPW (cost per wear) will be worth the splurge. I assure you I will wear these jeans everyday!! Now Showing: This store is local in VB. My friend Anne Marie owns it. I highly reccomend heading there if you're preggers. She has a great selection of denim, tops, dresses & accessories for expectant moms. Plus - she carries baby clothes & Accessories too. It's a total one stop shop. I bought a pair of jeans by the brand Serfontaine. WOW! Much better fitting than Old Nacy. Perfect to wear with flats & sneakers. And the waist band is like butter!! I wanna sleep in these jeans. CLICK HERE for store info. I'm off to Norfolk International Airport...McCoy comes home this morning/early noon from Florida. His baseball team didn't win, but they made it to the finals. GO SNIPERS! Were gonna swing by Bakers Crust for lunch. I need some tomato soup. YUM! Have a great day. XO, WooWoo
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3 years ago today...

I GOT MARRIED! YAY! Yep - today is McCoy & I's 3 Year Wedding Anniversary. And you know how were celebrating...were not. HA HA! Well - we will when he comes back from Florida. This morning at the crack of dawn, I dropped McCoy off at Norfolk International Airport so he could catch a flight to Florida. Not for business. McCoy's going for BASEBALL! I married a man who is a sports fanatic. He loves to play sports - and baseball is his #1 favorite! He and a bunch of guys from some teams here in Hampton Roads all flew to Florida for some big baseball championship game. PS: McCoy plays short stop. I think. So here's to being married for 3 years and hoping that the SNIPERS (the name of the baseball team) win the tournament. Good Luck! XOXO, WooWoo
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Our Halloween Costume!

Happy Day After Halloween! I'm sure your kids (and maybe you!) are in a serious candy coma. I allowed my-self 2 pieces of candy yesterday - little mini Twix bars. That's it! My self-control was shocking. And while yeh - I'm preggers and I could totally adopt the motto to "eat whatever I want" - I am trying hard to be very healthy! Baby Girl does not need sugar/candy. She needs fruits, veggies & good carbs. So we went to a Halloween Costume Party on Saturday night...and our costumes rocked! We went dressed as The Brown Family from TLC's controversial show "Sister Wives". McCoy was the husband (Kody Brown) and then we had 4 wives. My BFF' Lindsay's husband was the TLC camera man. And my sister Melissa (Sissy!) was also a wife. She's the brunette next to me. OK - I need lunch. I'm craving 2 big bowls of Panera's Chicken Noodle Soup. Mmmm Mmmm Gooooood!! XO, WooWoo
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TGIF...and yes, I'm pregnant!

YAY!! It's Friday...Friday...finally Friday. I can't wait to bust outta this joint and go to WalMart. That's where I'm headed after work. Seriously - look for me in the aisles at the one on Military Highway. McCoy & I have a Halloween party to go to Saturday night and I need ingredients for the 2 recipes I'm making. What am I making? HALLOWEEN BARK & SPNACH/ARTICHOKE DIP! Yum - I could eat it right now. Mmmmm...CLICK HERE for the Halloween Bark recipe and CLICK HERE for the Spinach/Artichoke Dip recipe. Both are easy easy easy & DELISH!! And yes - I am preggers! YAY! 5 months along...it's a GIRL...and her name will be Maggie. I kept it a secret for 5 months because (like Mariah Carey!) I am extremely paranoid about being pregnant. I like to play it safe when making announcements like this...ON THE RADIO!! I just wanted to wait until the 20 week appointment with my OBGYN. That's when they do the big ultra-sound to look at the heart, the spine, the brain, etc. So ThankYou for all the calls, texts, emails, Facebook posts, etc. We are over the moon excited!! Maggie can't wait to meet all of you. I'll be blogging a lot about baby...and I'm definitely gonna need some Mommy advice in a couple of months. What kind of diapers? What kind of car seat? Etc! "The Bump" will be on display tomorrow at Hutchens Chevrolet in Newport News. I'll be there in Denbigh from 11am-1pm. Swing by and say HELLO! Free hot dogs, Busch Gardens Season Passes & a firetruck for the kids. See you at HUTCHENS CHEVEROLET!! 11AM-1PM TOMORROW!! Have a Happy Halloween! Talk to you Monday. XO, WooWoo
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Hey there! Happy Monday  - hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. We did at our house. Fabulous, busy and fun!! Friday night I went to the Live! In the Vineyard party at Hampton Roads Crossing in Suffolk, Saturday was ODU Football Tailgating/Game and Sunday Murphy, McCoy & I went to VB for the 32nd Annual Walk for the Dogs to benefit the VBSPCA. This is the 4th year I've hosted the event, and it really is a day for the dogs. Soo much fun. Here's some pics. Enjoy! WooWoo The view from the stage - beautiful Sunday at Neptune's Park in VB! Murphy, McCoy & I...Murphy had on a Halloween t-shirt from Target! Dozens of dogs on stage for the Pet Costume Contest! This little doggy won 1st Prize - she was dressed as Lady Gaga! Murphy & I with Lady Gaga and her owner! OH! And CLICK HERE to find out how much money was raised yesterday. All for the animals!!
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HollyWooWoo Report October 21, 2010

A Desperate Housewife was almost killed off Wisteria Lane – and it wasn’t part of the script. Actress Eva Longoria was involved in a car accident last night in LA. Another car turned in front of Eva & they collided. She and the driver suffered minor injuries. I don’t think she’s ready for that kind of jelly…you know the cold kind they squirt all over you during an ultrasound. Yeh – don’t believe the rumors – Beyonce is NOT pregnant. US Magazine claims she;s in her 1st trimester, but Beyonce’s momma Tina Knowles told Ellen DeGeneres it’s “not true”. And speaking of babies – you know you secretly watch MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”. Well Amber is preggers again. Yes – Amber who is engaged to Gary even though she beat him up. John Mayer has set his eyes on a new girl – and she’s not blonde, she’s not an actress and she’s totally not into him. Word on the street is…now that Kim Kardashian and her Reality TV show have moved to New York, John Mayer is chasing her thru the city. Kim Tweeted “not interested”.
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Good things come to those who wait...

First - let me apologize for the lack of blog postings. Been busy - been a little distracted - and been very LAZY!! The change in temps & lack of sun totally zones me out and sucks all the energy out of me. But wait...then I think about a nice hot Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks, and it's back to blogging!!! So the "good things that come to those who wait"...what's that all about? It's all about BOOTS! MY BOOTS! The boots I have been eyeing on-line, but have been a little to thrifty to buy are finally on SALE. I'm totally gonna buy them tonight after work. They were originally $89.99 - now marked down to $75 and FREE SHIPPING. Oh yes! Come to mama.   Happy HumpDay!! - WooWoo
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Rain Rain Go Away!

OMG! When will this rain stop!?!? It is nasty, depressng & totally putting a temporary end to the long walks Murphy and I take everyday when I get home from work. Seriously - it makes me lazy too. Now instead of running errands & Walking the dog after work, I will turn into a sleeping sloth on the couch. Atleast Murphy has a raincoat to keep him somewhat dry when I take him outside to do "his business"... I think on my way home from work today, I'll swing by the Panera on 21st Street in Ghent. A hotbowl of their chicken noodle soup sounds/smells like a great idea. You can expect to find me asleep by 2pm. Enjoy this weather...NOT! XOXO, WooWoo
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Who is Heather Morris?

She is amazing! That's who Heather Morris is. So - if you watch "GLEE" like I do - you know that Heather plays the blonde cheerleader Britney. Last night she told us how Britney Spears has haunted her all her life too. HA! Britney S. Pierce. Sooo funny!! If you didn't watch "GLEE" you have no idea what I am talking about. Sorry!! OK - Let me get to the point. Geez...I have horrible ADD. (And yes - it's been diagnosed by a medical doctor!) In real life - Heather Morris was never supposed to be on "GLEE". She was a back up dancer for Beyonce. Yes - THE Beyonce. She toured with B, danced alongside her at every major awards show and traveled all across the World dancing behind Beyonce. And one day, she got a call to come to the set of the TV show "GLEE" to teach the cast some dance moves. Well - the creator of "GLEE" (Ryan Murphy) liked Britney's spunk & charisma so much that he created a character and cast her on the show. Isn't that an awesome story??!! I love those kind of stories. Below is a video of Heather Morris (Britney on "GLEE") dancing with Beyonce to "Single Ladies" at the American Music Awards. ENJOY & Happy HumpDay. I need a nap. XO---->WooWoo Here's the video:
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Happy HumpDay!

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Get in my belly!

  While I continue to obsess about Fall - and all things pumpkin flavored, pumpkin scented and pumpkin shaped...I realized I needed to make some pumpkin muffins. I think I'll whip these up tonight. Maybe while drinking some Pumpkin Spiced Ale. Yes - they sell Pumpkin beer. I saw it at the grocery store last night!! I'm still waiting for Dairy Queen to start selling Pumpkin Pie Blizzards. COME ON! My name is WooWoo - and I love Pumpkins. Have a great Wednesday!!! CLICK HERE for the recipe if you wanna bake. I'm leaving out the walnuts. ICK!
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Murphy vs. Wally

Here's 2 pictures of what today's blog is about...Murphy & Wally:              So this morning - we were talking about my issue with going out of town and leaving Murphy. For those of you that have pets and no kids, you probably agree with me. My dog is my life. Murphy is my baby. He is my kid...with 4 legs and bad puppy breath. But I love him!!! And so when McCoy & I go to Las Vegas next month, I am freeeeeeaaaaaking out because I don't want to leave him. Let alone leave him with my mom & dad. It would be fine - if Murphy was going to be the only pet in the house. But you see...he won't be. My mom has a cat named Wally. Wally is her baby. He is spoiled rotten. He hates people. He only likes my mom. He attacked the mail man. A CAT - ATTACKED A MAIL MAN!!! And Wally also attacked Murphy a few years ago. Thus the reason I am having a panic attack about leaving my kid with evil kitty. (My sister calls Wally, "Sh*tty Kitty"!) So if you head to the POINT Facebook Fan page, you can chime in and give me some much needed advice. Do I just suck it up & leave Murphy with my mom? Or do I kennel him? Hire a dog sitter? I can only imagine what it will be like when I have a real kid, and not a dog kid. I am super protective of my boy. Happy Tuesday - WW
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It's a cheeseburger kind of day!

  Wanna know why? Because "Five Guys Burgers & Fries" just opened up in Norfolk. The picture above is of the store front of the new Ghent location. I snapped it with my iPhone over the weekend. You can see my white Chevy Equinox from Hutchens in the window reflection. HA HA! And this new 5 Guys is like 2 seconds from my house. OMG!!! And it didn't just open up like last week...the Grand Opening is TODAY!!! TODAY!!!  I know what I'm doing for dinner. McCoy - if you are reading this - I wil meet you there after work. HA HA! OH! And here's another awesome thing about Five Guys, I learned from my co-worker Tias, that Five Guys has "cajun fries". Umm...I never knew that. And I'm a lover of spicy food, so thank you Tias for getting me hip to the cajun fry. I will happily dip it in ketchup & devour a bag tonight. YUMMY YUM YUM YUM!!! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We did at our house...until the Cowboys lost to the Redskins. Boo! But JMU kicking the crap out of Virginia Tech made my husband McCoy very happy. He is a proud JMU Graduate (shout out to class of '97!) and he smiled all day Saturday. GO JMU GO! I have a 12pm dentist appoinment today...teeth cleaning...so time to get some work done, meet with the boss & race to First Colonial. Happy Monday!! XO, WooWoo
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Weekend Plans!

I HAVE NONE! Which makes for the best weekend in the world. Well - I take that back. We do have a baby christening to go to on Saturday, but I'm really excited about that. We get to meet the baby & hang with all of our friends! And I get to put on a dress & some heels. Much different from the jeans, sweatshirt & flip flops I am wearing now. Hope you have a great weekend too! I'm heading out to the Food Bank in Norfolk today to volunteer. Today is the United Way's 18th Annual Day of Caring. Wanna help? CLICK HERE for details. After the Food Bank - I'm treating my-self to a much needed manicure & pedicure. McCoy's Granny gave me a gift certificate to get my nails done last Christmas, and I am just now using it. Come 4pm...I'll be soaking my feet in some hot water. And I think I'll go for a "Darker color" on my toes. Can't really sport neon pink nails in the Fall. Here's the new line of colors from OPI...It's called the "Swiss Collection".   I have my eye on the dark purple in the middle... Thanks for reading my blog - Have a great weekend!! I'll post a mani/pedi update on the POINT Facebook later today. :) TGIF! XOXO, WooWoo
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Come on October!

Yep - I'm one of "those people" that is obsessed with Fall. The cooler temps, NO humidity, cozy sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks and if I'm being naughty...PUMPKIN DONUTS FROM KRISPY KREME!!! OMG. October can not get here fast enough. And I do love summer...but Fall gives me a warm feeling in my heart. Maybe it's cause I got married in the Fall...November 3rd to be exact! Anyone else a lover of Fall? OH! And guess what I'm already burning at the house? The new Fall scented candles from Yankee Candle. I bought Autumn Wreath & Pumpkin Pie. Yep - bought those last week. They smell like...you guessed it - FALL. HA HA! Ok - now I sound crazy. The Autumn Wreath is burning in the house now...well not now, or else my house would be on fire. But when I get home from work, I light that sucker up. If your computer screen was scratch & sniff...you'd be scratchin' & sniffin'!!! And as we prepare for Fall - that means organizing closets & putting away the bikinis. Last night McCoy & I went on a cleaning mission. Cleaned out closets, organized closets & I boxed up my summer clothes. Now I'm ready for NEW clothes. And boots especially. I have my eyes on these hot little Dolce Vita boots. I could totally rock these with jeans or a sweater dress. Come to mama...Brown or Black? OK - off to a meeting now. A really important one that I can't be late too. Sooo...talk to you tomorrow peeps. Thanks for reading! XOXO, WooWoo
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Back from vacation...

OH WOW! How relaxing are vacations? Absolutely fab-u-lous. And wanna know a secret...I stayed home all week. I had planned to head to OBX on Wednesday to visit my Aunt, Uncle & Sister...but Hurricane Earl kicked us out before we could even get there. No big deal. It was still soo nice to sleep in & lounge all week. I took Murphy on an hour and a half walk EVERY morning!! One morning we even walked all the way to Town Point Park. Which isn't that far if you drive from my house, but if you if walk...it's far far away! My legs are sore...and I bet little Murphy's are too. On our walks I learned 2 things abou Murphy... 1.) He LOVES squirels. And he loves to chase them!!! He will run at full speed to catch one, and then when the squirrel runs up the tree - Murphy looks at me like "Where did that thing go"? So cute! And funny. 2.) He HATES nail guns. We were walking over by the Hague in Norfolk, and there were roofers on top of a house nailing down shingles on a roof. Well that naiol gun went off...and Murphy about crapped himself right there on the sidewalk. I have never seen him so frightened. I literally had to pick him up & carry him for a block. He would not stop shaking. Poor guy! Here's some pics from my morning walks with Murphy...  
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Hardwood floors & Rap stars!

Hey there! Happy Monday...and back to work. I had a great weekend. Hope you did too. We finally got around to celebrating my birthday last night as a family. FINALLY! We went to YNOT pizza on Colley Avenue & then went across the street for Blizzards. Did you know Dairy Queen now has "Mini Blizzards"?! They are awesome - the perfect portion! I got Cookie Dough. McCoy got Heath Bar. My brother Michael, his wife Heather & their 2 adorable sons met us for dinner too. They drove in from Richmond. Here's my 2 nephews...Aiden & Evan.   About those hardwood floors. I neeeed some!!! I am about to go crazy with the carpet in our condo. It is nasty, stains easily & looks drab. UGH! Sooo drab. And of course...when we 1st got Murphy, and he was being potty trained - he had a dozen or so accidents on the rug that even Stanley Steamer couldn't get out. We tried! And I don't even want real hardwood. Laminate would be just as nice. The "fake wood" with the "real wood" look. So - I need your help. If your brother, Uncle, cousin or Best Friend own a flooring business...or you have a personal recommendation...EMAIL ME! Send an email to WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I really appreciate it! And last but not least...I AM GEEKING OUT RIGHT NOW! Seriously - someone needs to slap this smile off my face. I just met the nicest guys...who happen to be rappers...in a rap/hip hop group called "Cali Swag District". We don't play them on the POINT, but I love all music. And I am obsessed with their new song "Teach Me How To Dougie". In fact - I'm so obsessed with the song...I YouTubed the music video on Saturday night. And then I tried to Dougie. HA!!! Here's me with the Cali Swag District this morning!!! BEST MONDAY EVER!! Look how red my face is!!! I am such a nerd. A nerd who loves hip-hop music. HA! CLICK HERE to watch their music video for "Teach Me How To Dougie". You will be addicted!!!!! Have a grrrrrreat Monday. XO, WooWoo
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Things I'm loving...

1.) Plain Lays Potato Chips. I used to be a "Baked Lays" girl, and I still am...but now I find my-self addicted to just the regular old plain Lays Potato Chips. They make lower calorie bags - with Olean, I think? - but I am loving plain salty chips. Love them! And I blame Sheryl Crow...I read an article in People Magazine where she said she loved them too. So I bought a bag. So if you know Mr. Lays...can you ask him to send me a bag? Or 600?! 2.) My new bras from Victoria's Secret. LOVE THEM! When McCoy & I went to NYC this past weekend, our hotel just so happened to be next to a Victoria's Secret store. I had to go inside - the store was huge! I came out with 2 new bras that I wish I had known about sooner. They are called "T-Shirt Bras". But they don't have that MEGA PUSH UP padding, just lightly lined and extremely comfortable. Best of all...they are 2 for $40. Can't beat that. I'm wearing 1 right now and it feels like I am wearing...a t-shirt! So soft. So comfy. A must buy! CLICK HERE to buy! 3.) Taking video with my iPhone. If there was ever a reason to buy an iPhone...besides that there really is an App for everything, it's the coolest phone in the universe and I am obsessed with it...I've now learned how to take video with the iPhone and up-load it to everything! I can take video & upload it to Twitter, Facebook and my e-mail account. Check out this video I took of Murphy! Who I also love a whole bunch. Murphy is the best dog in the woooooooooooorld! Thanks again for all the Birthday wishes yesterday! 27 is great. Looking forward to 28...but now, it's time to figure out what's for lunch! XO, WooWoo
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It's my birthday...

And I'll cry if I want to. HA HA! OK - no need to cry on my birthday, right?! I mean - I had flowers delivered by my Mother-In-Law. She also dropped off delicious cupcakes & Chuck brought in a cake for me too.  YUMMY! This day is turning into an eat-a-thon. I'm heading to Jason's Deli for lunch. Alone. I love to eat alone sometimes. Weird, right? And I freakin' LOVE the Chicken Salad at Jason's too. I might get a manicure today. I am obsessed with this nail polish color from ESSIE...it's called PINK PARKA. When I was in NYC this past weekend, I got a $10 pedcure and picked PINK PARKA for my toes. This color is BRIGHT NEON PINK!!! And the brighter the better!    That's it for today. McCoy & I are going to Fellini's tonight for dinner with my Best Friend Lindsay & her husband. My sister Melissa is joining us too. I LOVE FELLINIS!! Yummy salads & a pizza...get in my belly. OH! And if you are wondering why the 2 people responsible for my birthday won't be there...well, my wonderful mom & dad (Peggy and Joe) will be at Mallory Court Pool in Ghent tonight. My dad is in the Men's Volleyball Championship Finals. He loves to play, and my mom loves to cheer him on. So we will celebrate as a family on Sunday. With a BBQ in the backyard. I told you this was an EAT-A-THON!! Have a great day & Thanks for all the Bday Love. XO, WooWoo
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Back from the NYC with my new friend Louis!

Hey peeps! Hope you all had a great weekend. McCoy and I had a blast in New York. I love that city...but we both agree, we could NEVER live there. McCoy said he would probably get into a car accident everyday. I agree! I'd get in dozens of accidents a day. The drivers in NYC are insane! And did you know that in certain areas - taxi drivers get fined for honking. Ridiculous! I have tons of pics to share, but of course - I left my camera chord at home. I will post tomorrow. And I will definitely post a picture of my new friend LOUIS! AKA - my Louis Vuitton. YEH BABY! I finally got one. Is it real? HELL NO! Who has $1600 to spend on a purse? I know I don't. So instead...I climbed 4 flights of stairs in ChinaTown for this bag. And I bargained with the "dealer"...he wanted $100 for Louis, I gave him $60. DEAL! SOLD! WRAP IT UP! The Louis I got is exactly like the one in the pic below. It's called a Speedy 35. Classic Louis! Speaking of deals...the kick ass SAMPLE SALE that happened in VB this weekend has now been extended. Yep! They will open the doors at 4pm today & Tuesday. So - now you have a chance to SHOP for Back To School for the kids, or you! Doors open at 4pm - and the sale will end at 9pm. CLICK HERE for the details & to print a coupon where you can get an even bigger discount on top of the already 75% mark off. HAPPY SHOPPING! I'm off to Taste Unlimited now for lunch. Did somebody say house dressing?! YUM! XO, WooWoo
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NYC - Shopping - Charity!

  So this weekend - McCoy & I are headed to NYC. Our flight leaves out of ORF at 1:15pm today. I am soo excited. I LOVE NYC! McCoy...not so much. He's going to play in a kickball tournament in Brooklyn, I will be shopping at the WORLD'S LARGEST FOREVER 21 in Times Square!! YAY! And tonight were having dinner/dessert at SERENDIPITY! Home of the frozen hot chocolate. YEE HAW! I am ready to eat, shop and eat some more!! Speaking of shopping...you MUST MUST MUST head to VB for the most amazing SALE in history. It's this designer boutique sale at a warehouse in VB. I went yesterday and was blown away at the all the clothes they had...and all the clothes are 75% off. FOR REAL! They have Womens, Mens and Kids clothing. I even saw some cute baby onesies too! CLICK HERE for details and directions. The sale is this weekend only! It's at a HUGE warehouse in VB - just minutes from Lynnhaven Mall at a warehouse on Taylor Farm Road. I went yesterday & shopped for 2 hours. You can't beat these discounts!! It is Back to School Shopping at its finest...and cheapest!! SAMPLESALEVA.COM Here's some pics I snapped while shopping yesterday...    And last but not least...POINT Listener Erin emailed me about a great event happening here locally in October. I told her I would post details on my blog. Sounds like it's gonna be a great day for the family 0 and a great day for charity too! Here's the info: The Down Syndrome Association of Hampton Roads is holding our 9th Annual Buddy Walk® on October 2nd at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. The goal of the Buddy Walk® is to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome! Registration will begin at 9am and the walk will start at 11am. Registration includes a t-shirt, lunch and entertainment. Pre-registration is $10 for adults, $5 for children. You can visit www.dsahr.org for more information. Entertainment will include live music by C. Shells and Wild Heart.
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Steven Slater is my HERO!

  OK - if you have not heard about Steven Slater...please pick the rock up off your body that you have been sleeping under this week. If you know who he is, HIGH FIVE to you and let's go grab a beer and toast our hero!! Steven Slater is/was a flight attendant for Jet Blue Airlines. I love flight attendants. I know they work hard & put up with a lot of BS. I used to babysit for an American Airlines flight attendant and she would share horror stories from passengers all the time. Awful! MY HERO- Steven Slater - was on a flight this week and as the plane was pulling into the rampy thing to let passengers off, a woman stood up to get her luggage out from the overhead bin. Steven told her to sit down. She hit him in the head with the luggage & then used some cuss words. Steven then went to the head of the plane, got on the loud speakers & threw some cuss words at the passenger. He also said something about quitting his job, screw you, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency slide. YES! GO STEVEN GO! Look - I know it was un-professional and very dangerous. He was arrested by police, released on $2500 bail and is looking at 7 years in jail. Side Note: He has no prior criminal history, so with a good attorney - and an understanding judge...he's looking at community service. HA! But he should never deploy that emergency slide thing. That's a big NO NO. Someone on the ground could have been hurt. But they weren't. Whew! I just think we can all relate to Steven at some point in our working lives. You bust your butt at your job. You give it 110%. You put on the uniform, smile and get the taks done. But there are only so many times one can be dis-respected, humilated and under-appreciated before you SNAP. And I think that's what happened to Steven. He was sick of the BS. He grabbed a beer. And slid away...I'm sure we all wish we could slide away for a day. Right? WooWoo PS: Steven now has a Facebook Fan Page with over 100,000 fans! CLICK HERE for the official news story.
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2 Things...

1.) I am really enjoying my "SHORT" Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks right now. Yes - Starbucks makes "short drinks" for those of us who can't drink the Talls/Grandes/Ventis. This size is perfect!! It's like my little buddy for the morning. Hey Buddy! ;) 2.) ChickFilA's Chicken Salad Sandwich is delicious. And no - I am not getting paid to say this. However, if you work at ChickFilA and want me to endorse your scrumptious & healty sandwich...I will do it. After work, I am headed to the CFA on Military Highway to get me one of these. And it's soo hard - but I have to say NO to the waffle fries. Get the fruit cup & save the calories for the weekend!! That's it for me today. Be sure to check out the HollyWooWoo Report for the 411 on Brett Favre. No - not his retirment. His naughty picture texts. He's naked. Wearing a pair of Croc's. And texting a woman that is NOT his wife. BUSTED!! XOXO, WooWoo
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While the boss is away...


We will play. And get some work done! Hee Hee Hee!!! Yep - Chuck returned to work today and our boss/co-worker Barry McKay is out of town today on business. We usually meet with him everyday at 10:30am, but no Barry. No meeting. So we got some work done & I made a bee line to my house. Murphy and I are sitting on the couch, I'm eating lunch & were both watching "The View". I really love this show. So many opinions, so many topics, and Bryant Gumble is a guest co-host. I love BG!!! Miss him on the Today Show. Those were the good ol' days. PS: Murphy needs a haircut...in a bad way! Time to go to Groomingdales buddy.

Today is also a kick ass fun day because...I'm driving around town in my NEW car. YES!!! Amazing. Remember last week when I got the call from Kevin over at Hutchens Chevrolet. He wanted to show me the Equinox. And I loved it so much...that I got it. Had to have it! HAD TO! It's a 2010 - it's White - and it smells like a new car should. YUMMY! Seriously - if you are in the market for a new car or even pre-owned...they will take care of you!!! They are a family business in Newport News/Denbigh. They've been in business for 90 years & they are just the sweetest & friendliest sales staff I have ever met. So sweet - that I baked them about 4 dozen cookies & dropped them off when I picked up my car. For more info/directions/number - CLICK HERE. And when you go...tell them WooWoo sent you. Here's some pics of my new car. What should I name him/her? Have a grrrrrrrrrrreat day! XOXO, WooWoo   
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Stopped by to check out the Summer Sale at Decorum

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Live with Regis...and WooWoo?!?

  Yeh for real. That could happen! But I need your help. PLEASE!!! Back in June, Chuck & I told you that Regis & Kelly were doing a national search for "Live's Women of Radio". They need a lady (maybe me?) to fill in for a week with Reeg while Kelly is out. So I entered, ya'll voted & thanks to you...I made it to the Top 100. Out of 100,000 entries. HOLY HAM! Now all we have to do to get me to the Top 10 is CLICK HERE and post on Regis & Kelly's Facebook Fan Page that you want me to make it to the next round. Also - let them know why I would make a good co-host. I appreciate it! Thanks soo much. They will announce the Top 10 in August, so vote & post on the FB page as often as you want. THANKS SO MUCH!!! XO, WooWoo
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I need a car - what else is new?

So this weekend is GO TIME for a new car for me! Yay! After being hit a couple of months ago & having my beloved 1991 hoopty Ford Explorer destroyed...its time for WooWoo to put on her big girl pants & buy a car. For the record: I'VE NEVER HAD A CAR PAYMENT! So yeh, I am kinda freaking out. And I have to thank McCoy's Granny for letting me borrow her beautiful Mercedes Benz every now & again to get around town. And more importantly...to get to work. You'd be listening to the "Chuck & Chuck" show if it weren't for Granny. She's the BEST!!! So now its decision time. I think I definitely want a mid-size SUV. I loved my FORD EDGE - when I did that car endorsement for WYNNE FORD a couple of years ago, I did not want to give that Edge back. Loved it! So I am thinking these are my Top 3 picks for a new/used car: 1.) FORD EDGE 2.) GMC ACADIA 3.) CHEVY EQUINOX Let me know what you think! I would looove some feedback for those who own 1 of these 3 cars, or used to won them. Or test drove one. Send me an email:WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I'm headed to the grocery store now. I'm craving a PB&J for lunch with some Baked Lays. YUMMY! And sometimes...I put the chips on the sandwich. Gives it a little crunchy-crunch. DELISH! XOXO, WooWoo
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Wheres Mike and Africa?!

Chuck and I are at Cox Communications Headquarters in Chesapeake right now. Were here to shoot some video for Cox Channel 11 about the FREE concert series at 31st street in Virginia Beach. Were also searching for Mike and Africa! Ha!!! Ya know from the commercials? Love them. Heres a pic from the set! Have a great Thursday - WooWoo
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Bloggity Blog Blog Blog!

Hey there. I'm Woo Woo and I'm a bad blogger. I have an email from the boss man to prove it. HA! Thanks for the reminder & All apologies for not having updated this blog in 2 weeks. My mind has been elsewhere for a little bit - and I swear my brain is not functioning like it used to. HA! Maybe it's the humidity? I dunno. What I do know is that I am starving right now. And that's all I can think about is food. I'm meeting a friend for lunch today at Bakers Crust. Is it too hot to eat soup? I can never turn down a bowl of their yummy tomato soup. But soup...in July? Sounds like a bad combo to me.   Besides a slow brain, being a bad blogger & being hungry...I am currently in a vacation rut. Last year at this time - McCoy & I were packing up for Miami. 9 days of sun, fun & Sangria. We left last year on July 18th. BEST. VACATION. EVER. And I would love to go back. We have yet to even talk about where to go on vacay this summer...and I have to go somewhere. Our vacation days at the radio station don't roll over, so I have 13 days to use by January. Where to go? Where to go? I looked into the following places... 1.)Watercolor, Florida 2.) Kiawah Island, South Carolina 3.) Hawks Cay, Florida And if you have any opinions/ideas/info...PLEASE SHARE! I need a little R&R. Like now. Thanks & Talk to ya soon, WooWoo
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2010 Hampton Roads Fireworks Schedule

4th of July Events around Hampton Roads Saturday, July 3rd - Chesapeake: 4th of July Parade and Celebration Lakeside Park 1110 Byrd Avenue 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The event kicks off with a parade that starts at South Norfolk Baptist Church at 10:00 a.m., and heads towards the park. Opening ceremonies and entertainment follows the end of the parade. In addition to entertainment, the event features children’s events, games, petting zoo, paddle boat rides and more. Independence Day Celebration at the Bagley with Fireworks Chesapeake City Park - Bagley Stage 900 Greenbrier Parkway 7:30 p.m. A holiday concert featuring the renowned "U.S. Fleet Forces Band." Bring lawn chairs and/or a blanket. $5 fee for on-site parking. Sunday, July 4th - Hampton: Fourth at the Fort Fort Monroe's Walker Airfield Fenwick Road 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Free and Open to the public Gates open at 5:00pm, Emily West performing at 7:00pm, Jimmy Wayne at 8:15pm, fireworks at 9:30pm. ID required for all adults to enter base.                Note: You must have Photo ID, Drivers License and Vehicle Registration to get on the base Newport News: 4th of July Stars in the Sky Victory Landing Park 50 26th Street 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. The Virginia Peninsula’s biggest July 4th event features nationally known entertainers, food vendors, children’s rides and fireworks over the James River. Norfolk: 28th Annual 4th of July Great American Picnic Town Point Park Waterside Drive 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. The Fleet Jazz Ensemble performs at 6:00 p.m., followed by The Fleet Forces Wind Ensemble at 8:00 p.m. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. The Shore Thing Concert and Independence Day Celebration Ocean View Beach Park Granby Street at Ocean View Avenue 6:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Come and dance to live music by The Janitors and experience a spectacular Fireworks display at 9:30 pm over the Chesapeake Bay. Suffolk: Stars & Stripes Spectacular Constant’s Wharf Park and Marina Behind the Suffolk Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center Concessions open at 5:00 p.m., fireworks begin at 9:00 p.m. Family fun, entertainment, and fireworks. Island Boy will provide the entertainment. For information on fireworks safety, contact the Suffolk Fire Marshal’s Office at 514-7540. Virginia Beach: Stars & Stripes Explosion 17th, 24th and 31st Street Parks and 20th Street Stage Virginia Beach Oceanfront Music starts at 2:30 p.m. at 24th Street Park; 8:00 p.m. at 20th Street Stage, 17th Street Park, and 31st Street Park. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. at 20th Street Stage. Multiple live performances on oceanfront stages. Acts offer something for everyone with tribute bands saluting some of the biggest names in music. July 4th Celebration Mount Trashmore Park 300 Edwin Drive 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Celebrate America's independence with live music, fun children's activities, delicious festival foods, and of course, booming fireworks. $5 fee for on-site parking. Williamsburg: Colonial Williamsburg Fireworks Historic Area of Williamsburg 9:15 p.m. - 9:35 p.m. A majestic display of fireworks. Yorktown: Yorktown Independence Day Celebration Historic Yorktown area (Ballard Street, Main Street, Water Street) 4:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Patriotism abounds with live entertainment, a children’s fun center, a parade and spectacular fireworks. Enjoy a performance by the Fifes and Drums of York Town. Fireworks at 9:15 p.m. New Kent VA Colonial Downs’ "Racing to the Stars and Strips" 10151 Colonial Downs Parkway New Kent, VA 23124 Phone: (804) 966-RACE Opens: 5:00:00 PM Closes: 10:00:00 PM Admission Fee Children Welcome Enjoy a horse racing/live concert/fireworks tripleheader at a special 5:00 PM post time. After the fireworks, stick around for a live concert, entertainment, free ice cream, kids activities & a $500 cash giveaway! Get the best seats in the house & buy a trackside "Blast Zone" Table for 4 — you’ll have the best vantage point for the fireworks!
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Moody Monday!

Back from NYC - I will post pics tomorrow. Not in the mood to be chatty today. Sorry! Just not feeling good & in a rotten mood. Oh the joys of being a girl. UGH! But this joke was just emailed to me & made me laugh. Enjoy! And hope you had a great weekend. XO, WooWoo An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand and a bucket of buffalo manure in the other. He says to the waiter, "Me want coffee".  The waiter says, "Sure chief, coming right up". He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee, and the Indian drinks it down in one gulp, picks up the bucket of manure, throws it into the air, blasts it with the shotgun, then just walks out.  The next morning the Indian returns. He has his shotgun in one hand and a bucket of buffalo manure in the other. He walks up to the counter and says to the waiter, "Me want coffee". The waiter says "Whoa, Tonto. We're still cleaning up your mess from the last time you were here. What the heck was that all about, anyway?"  The Indian smiles and proudly says, "Me in training for upper management. Come in, drink coffee, shoot the sh*t, and disappear for the rest of the day."
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Regis, Kelly & Woo Woo!

    HOLY CRAP! I about fell out of my chair when the texts/emails/phone calls started pouring in yesterday from friends and family about Regis & Kelly searching for a female Radio DJ to co-host the show with Regis. It's a DREAM COME TRUE! I've watched the show for years - even before there was a Kelly! And I've seen the contests where they offer local TV personalities the opportunity to co-host, but I've never heard of a contest where local Radio personalities are given such  an amazing opportunity. WOW OH WOW!!! Soooo - you have to vote for me. PLEASE! It's really easy. I will post all the info below. Even my bio, pic and video. I really appreciate it ya'll. This would be the best thing ever!!! You can start voting now - and you can vote everyday until July 16th! CLICK HERE to vote!! Thanks soo much. XOXO, WooWoo    MY BIO: Woo Woo started her radio career when she was 17 years old and answered an ad for a Morning Show intern. That internship in 2001 led to a part time position on the Morning Point in 2003, and in 2005 Woo Woobecame a full time employee and member of the Morning Point. She's known for her colorful HollyWooWoo Reports, her mom Peggy calling the show and of course - her name! Woo Woois a family nickname she's had since the age of 2, when she ran around her parents house like a Choo Choo train screaming " WOO WOO"!! Woo Woo is the youngest of 4 children, and married her husband McCoy in 2003. They have 1 child - a 4 legged little boy named Murphy. Woo Woois a local of Hampton Roads, and has lived in Norfolk all 26 years of her life. She was born in DePaul Hospital and attended Old Dominion University. When she's not finding a way onto the Oscars Red Carpet, or chasing Murphy thru the park...Woo Woocan be found on her couch taking a nap. Waking up at 3AM is rough people!!! PS: For those who are curious, Woo Woo's real name is Mary Kathryn.
Here's some more info you might need....
For a link to a video, you can use any of these!
For a link to 94.9 The Point radio station website/my blog...
Radio Info...
Entercom Communications
WPTE FM 94.9 The Point
236 Clearfield Avenue #206
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
757 497 2000
Pictures...in JPEG form. Just right click & save!
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Manic Music Monday...

   Back to Monday! Hope you had a great weekend - I did. It was my Best Friend Lindsay's Engagement Party. That's Linds & I in the pic above. And then McCoy & I - and the last pic is my mom & dad. She's getting married in July. The party Saturday night was a Hawaiian themed party - thus the reason we all got lei'd. HA! We had soo much fun - can't wait til' next weekend. So as I sit & type this - I'm currently BLASTING Eminem's new CD "Recovery" in my office. Yeh - I know Eminem is NOT a POINT artist at all, but there is soo much hype about this album...that I had to listen to it. Shout Out to my co-worker Tias who up-loaded the CD for me. Thanks! This is just a 4 day work week for me - because on Friday I am off to NYC for my BFF Lindsay's Bachelorette Party. YES! Party central. Well - not so much. It's just gonna be a Girls Weekend. No male strippers. No 4am raves at some seedy nightclub. Just shopping, Broadway shows, wine drinking & good dinners. I'm booking dinner for us at Dos Caminos in the MeatPacking District for Saturday night. I've heard that it's the BEST Mexican ever - and I love a good margarita. HOLLA! It's also close to the Standard Hotel & the infamous BoomBoom Room. I hope they let us in. We shall see...CLICK HERE to read a fun article the NY Post wrote about access to hot spots. PS - I am more than enjoying the rental car Enterprise gave me after I got into that car accident. It's a Jeep Wrangler. 4 doors. Top down. LOVE IT! I have been crusing all over town with the roof/top off. Ummm Enterprise, can I keep this? PLEASE?!!!? Off to a meeting - then the gym - home to take Murphy out - maybe take a nap & then McCoy and I are off to meet friends at the Tides Game tonight. Hot Dogs & Beer? COUNT ME IN!!!! XO, WooWoo
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1-2-3 I'M BUG FREE!

So one morning last week I woke up for work at 3:30am and found an intruder in my bathroom! I screamed. McCoy woke up. And killed the intruder. YAY! No more cockroaches in our house. Yeh - the "intruder" was a giant, nasty cockroach. But even though la coocaroacha had been killed, I was still un-easy about the bug situation. So I called my buddies at AActive Termite & Pest Control. They came over to our house yesterday to treat it. Check out the video below - and Murphy the WonderDog makes an appearance too!! Thanks so much Kevin & Keith. You guys were professional, friendly & even pointed out my leaking washing machine!! HA! CLICK HERE for the convenient, effective & affordable solution to all of your pest problems!!
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Girls Night Out in Downtown Norfolk!

  Hey there! Last night was the best Girl's Night Out ever. I went to Dillards at MacArthur Center with my friend Christi - and our NEW friend/POINT Listener Kristina Cox from Hampton. She won the Girls Night Out & we pampered her from head to toe. We all got amazing hot stone massages at Dillards Spa, and then FRED picked us up on Monticello Avenue. FRED drove us to Granby Street and dropped us off at Bodega where we finished up the night with a delicious meal and some wine. Soo much fun!! I am a Norfolk native - lived here for 26 years...so it is soo exciting to see all the amazing changes and the beautiful transformation that has happened in the city. Watch my video blog below to find out who FRED is. HA! Enjoy!! Thanks also to the Downtown Norfolk Council. You guys ROCK!!! XO, WooWoo
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RIP White Lightning...

  So if you haven't heard - I was hit by a car on Friday night. And my car was totaled! Not like wrapped around a telephone pole, glass breaking totaled. It was totaled when the car that hit me (T-Boned) me, snapped the frame rail of the car in half. It is no longer driveable. Dang! The crash split the thing right down the middle. I am OK - just a little back pain that I will get checked out by my doctor tomorrow. But the accident happened in front of our house as I was leaving to meet a friend for dinner. Literally - I could see my front door. I was that close to home. The guy who hit me was at fault - TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!! Sooo not cool, does he not watch OPRAH?! But he was nice & took 110% responsibility. He frankly told the police officer " I did not see her". OMG! How can you NOT see me? And my big bad 1991 Ford Explorer. I think the real reason I am upset is because now I have to buy a new car. I was not financially prepared to do that. BUMMER! And I am also a tad bit sad because that "hoopty" Ford Explorer has been in our family since 1997. It was my sister's 1st car in high school, and then passed down to me. We dubbe it "White Lightning" because my sister drove so fast & got a dozen speeding tickets. So RIP White Lightning. We will miss you! Here's a couple of pics I snapped of my car after the crash: I had a cassersole dish in the backseat...it broke when I got hit. The fraim rail on my SUV snapped in half & broke on impact too! The majority of the damage was done to the front end on the driver side. OUCH! RIP White Lightning. That's it for me today. Ya'll be safe. Don't drive distracted. PLEASE!!! XO, WooWoo
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God Bless America - and our troops!

Hey there & Happy Thursday! I admit - I woke up today & thought it was Friday. BUMMER! But this video cheered me up. And I am sure it will do the same to you. I know we have a lot going on in the US - and around the world. With the BP Oil Leak in the Gulf, to the flooding in Nashville & those still recovering after the massive earthquake in Haiti. Let's not forget about our local men & women who are risking their lives every day and fighting for our freedom. We love & support you!!! Keep on keepin' on! XO, WooWoo PS - This video will give you the chills. And make you dig thru the attic for your vintage KISS tshirt. HA!
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Icky Icky Poo!

On the top of my TO DO list today when I leave work...BUY REAL CREAMER! IckyIckyPoo is what the coffee creamer tastes like here at work. I don't even consider it coffee creamer. It's white powder in a jar - definitely not my kinda creamer. I'm a French Vanilla kinda girl. Or the Gingerbread flavored creamer they have during Christmas. LOVE IT. The creamer at the office is gnarly. ICK. So if you're going to Target later this afternoon & see me with an armful of creamer...now you know why. I am gonna stock up the fridge!   I also might do a little shopping at Target...maybe scoop up a sundress, or 3? Shhh...don't tell the husband. Have a great day & don't forget to join me tonight at Jack Quinns on Granby Street in Downtown Norfolk. I'll be there from 5-7pm. XO, WooWoo
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Rockin' the jorts!

TUESDAY! Almost to the weekend. Yippee. I'm so excited because this is the 1st weekend in 2 months where we have NO plans. ZERO! Nothing. No kickball tournament. No pool party. No family visits. No work. Just a wide open weekend. Amen to that. So today as I got dressed for work at 4am, McCoy looked out of the corner of his eye and said "What are you wearing"?! HA! Guess I caught his attention. I replied..."JORTS"! Yep - I busted out my jorts today. What are jorts? JEAN SHORTS!! They are a MustHave for Summer Fashion. For women. Here's me & my jorts...pic courtesy of Chuck's iPhone: Men - you are NEVER allowed to wear jorts. Ever. Never. The jorts I am rocking today are super comfy & not super short. An appropriate length for work. The brand is called "Current/Elliot". But you can find stylish "JORTS" just about anywhere. Target, JCREW, Gap, KOHLS, etc. Still not sure you're a fan of denim shorts? CLICK HERE for some adorable outfit ideas. Enjoy! And here's some celebs rockin' their JORTS too - I'm not the only one!   That's it for me today. I have 2 meetings at the office, some production/commercials to cut. And then lunch with my friend Pamela & a CHKD Meeting later tonight. Long but exciting day. PS - I finally got an oil change on my "Hoopty" yesterday. It's been overdue for 2 months. OOPS! But my 91' Ford Explorer is still chugging along. One day I will own a nice car. Just not sure when that day will be here... XOXO, WooWoo
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What's up Buttercup?

MmmmHmmm...Long time, no blog. Again! I suck. But in my defense - I have tried to blog from my iPhone lately, and it hasn't been posting. Well - it will post, but the pics I attach to the blog don't. WTH?! Must get with Walter the Web Guy on that. Random thought...anyone remember an actual buttercup? The flower/weed that you would hold to your chin to see if it glowed? Or how sweet you were? Those were the days... So what's new with YOU? Or ya'll? I hope more than 1 person reads this. That 1 person being my mom. What's new with me? Not much really. Getting super excited for my BFF Lindsay's wedding in July. She is gonna be the most beautiful bride ever. We hosted her Bridal Shower 2 weekends ago - so much fun. And then later this month - all the Bridesmaids and BFF's are off to NYC for her  Party. No male strippers here...none of us are into sweaty dudes shaking their stuff. Not my thing. And buddy, I totally see that sock in your Speedo. HA! Were gonna have dinner & go see some Broadway shows. YESSSS!!!   OH! And speaking of Girls Night Out, last Thursday night I hosted an AWESOME party a top the 31st street Hilton in Virginia Beach. It was a "Girls Night Out" event. And it just so happened to be "Sex and the City" themed. Since, ya know - the movie came out that day. We sippeed cosmos a la Carrie & took in the amazing view of VB from Sky Bar. Here's a pic of me with my girlfriend Pamela.  Thanks for reading &  Have a grrrrrrrreat day. XO, WooWoo :)
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Stopped By decorum before the BIG Memorial Day Weekend sale

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On the way home...

Hey there! And Happy Sunday! Sorry I havent blogged lately. Been busy. Been lazy. Been distracted. But now Im back. Im actually blogging from my iPhone. McCoy, Murphy and I went to Williamsburg today to hang out with his cousins and brother. Good times! Murphy is exhausted. Hes currently asleep on my lap. Im tired too!!! Talk to you tmrw. Heres some pics I snapped on the way home...XO, WooWoo
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It's Monday...Can we go back to Saturday?

UGH! Monday. Usually I am all about Mondays & getting back to work...but NOT today. My body aches. Had a rough work out on Saturday & then partied like a RockStar on Saturday night. HA! So Sunday was all about laying on the couch. It was soo nice. But I would enjoy 1 more day of R&R. And Monday is perfect - especially a Monday like today where it's gonna be wet, rainy & cloudy all day. Oh well! I can nap later. After I go back to the gym at 1pm. HA! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so. The weather was AMAZING! We went to Greek Fest Friday night, then kickball games all day Saturday & went out Saturday nightwith friends. Soo fun! My AllStar athlete of a husband played in a kickball tournament on Saturday. ALL DAY! They didn't win, but played great. They made it to the Final 4. I am a proud wife! They are a great team. And then on Sunday, McCoy went back out to the fields. This time - a baseball field. He played 2 games on Sunday. WHOA! He is the ultimate athlete - still going at 35. You go McCoy! Love ya'. McCoy's dad gave him a kick ass NIKON D90 camera for his birthday, so I decided to test it out on Satrday during kickball tourney. Check out these pics! I still have a lot to learn, but I love the camera. Even though it's really his... That's it for me today! Gonna go meet with the boss, wrap up some stuff at work & head to the gym. Talk to you tomorrow. PEACE OUT! WooWoo
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I'm on a roller coaster! EEK!

Here's the video of me riding GRIFFON at Busch Gardens - I was one of the 1st people to ride it. We went up there for "Media Day" a couple of years ago. They attached a video camera to the front of the coaster...I was SCARED!!! SO SCARED! Enjoy.
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Watch out Tiger, there's a new animal on the links!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Were at McCoy's parents house eating cookie cake. Yum! Talk to you tmrw. WooWoo

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No - not like that kind of wedgie... This kind of wedgie! Yep - those are my little feet in some BIG platforms. Rocked the 5 inch wedge to work today. LOVE THEM! Another thing I love...manicures & pedicures! You should treat yourself to one. I am. Tomorrow. Changes City Spa. And I am drooling over these beautiful & bright nail polish colors. Love the BRIGHT turquoise...It's called "Turquoise & Caicos". :) Don't forget Sunday is MOTHERS DAY! Get MOM a mani/pedi. Great gift idea. I'm out for now. Off to a meeting... XO, WooWoo
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My dark, dark, dark roots...

Chuck says they aren't that bad. I say - they are horrible! And my hairdresser is booked for 2 weeks. Looks like I will be wearing a hat everyday til' my next hair appointment. POOEY! Here's some pics. Enjoy - or laugh. HA! I'm out for now. PS - Today is ELECTION DAY! So get out and vote peeps. Polls are open til 7pm. XO, WooWoo
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Monday Funday!

Hey there! Happy Monday - how was your weekend? In 1 word...mine was RELAXING! So chill & low key. I love it! Went to the beach, ate some Mexican food and relaxed on the couch with Murphy & McCoy. On top of this - I worked out both Saturday and Sunday...so my body is sore. But I like it. Like it's a good sore, ya know? Does that make sense? Chuck & I ran out to Starbucks after the show. I grabbed a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte, Chuck got some breakfast/egg/bacon/salsa/cheese wrap. Starbucks has pretty delish food! I had the Chicken Salad last week. YUM! Before we popped into Starbucks, we ran next door to Vitamin World. I was out of Muscle Milk. Don't laugh - Chuck did. Muscle Milk is this powdery protein supplement/mix that I drink before and after a workout. Actually - in the morning...I mix it in the blender with a banana. However - I grabbed Designer Whey today instead of Muscle Milk. Only 100 calories per scoop! AWESOME! PS - Yes, I am still trying to be on the cover of a fitness magazine. But seeing as that I had YNOT Pizza Saturday night & Mexican on Sunday night...I still have a long way to go. Have you ever heard the statement that having a great body is 20% working out and 80% what you eat. I'm screwed!!!! That's it for now. I have a 1pm appt at the gym and then a 4pm date with Oprah. Talk to you tomorrow, WooWoo: The wanna-be MeatHead! HA!!!! But I DO NOT want to look like this....ICK!
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Found an Amazing Sale at Decorum

Decorum is having a Huge floor sample sale for the next 4 days, up to 75% off. Check out some the the beautiful items in this video, if I don't buy everything first! Don't forget to visit decorumfurniture.com

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That's right - TGIM! Thank God It's Monday. Got a busy/fun/busy day planned. 1st on the list: Going to the gym. I have a 1pm appt with my trainer Dan at DumbBells. Soo excited to sweat. After a weekend of eating, drinking and eating some more - it's time to buckle down and get back in the (fitness) game. Who's with me?! Speaking of weekend  - did you have a good one? Do anything exciting? We went to my BestFriend Lindsay's Engagement Party. She is getting married in July. Soo exciting! The party was kick ass. The local band BUTTER played, we danced til' our feet were about to fall off & then partied some more at Catch 31. WOO! Good times. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too. Here's some party pics: Pretty PINK roses as the centerpiece! Me with my husband McCoy, sister Melissa & her fiance Tim and my parents! My mom on the dancefloor with our friend Pete! My BFF Lindsay - the bride to be, in the beautiful white dress! And our girlfriend/Bridesmaid Lauren on left - me/Matron of Honor on the right. That's it for now. Off to a meeting with the boss man & then home to change into my gym clothes. I am gonna force my-self to NOT take a nap today. Need to get back to a normal sleep pattern. PS - Anyone going to the NORVA tomorrow night for the Phoenix concert? We will be there. Never heard of the guys before...but our friends insist they are great musicians & will put on a great show. OK! I'll go. Their music is featured in the TV show "CougarTown" and the new Cadillac commercials. Enjoy! ------->WooWoo
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WOW! What a week. Went from getting you home from work, to waking you up to get to work. HA! But I love the change. Change is good. Waking up at 3am will take some getting used to, but being back in the Morning Radio time slot is where Chuck & I belong. We appreciate all your support to! It has been amazing. Here's a pic of Chuck & I at the Goo Goo Dolls concert Wednesday night at the Norva. Waking up the next morning was rooooouuuuuuugh!! ;) As for the weekend? What are your plans?  I've got another "full dance card" weekend.  But I'm not complaining...I love it! In fact today - I'm heading to the gym at 1pm to work out with my trainer Dan at DumbBells. Then heading to Changes City Spa for a mani/pedi and tonight I will be hosting an after work party at Jack Quinn's from 6-8pm. WOO HOO! But...when can I catch a little nap?! Please. Saturday & Sunday are full too...but I won't bore you with the details! However - I am really excited for Saturday night. We have a party to go to & I get to DRESS UP! I love cocktail parties that involve dressing up. YAY! My husband on the other hand...not a fan. Sorry McCoy. And speaking of cocktail parties...how amazing is this plate!!! I need it. Solves the issue of getting food while holding a drink!! OK! That's it for me today. I will be out in Chesapeake tomorrow from 12pm to 2pm at Oak Brooke Crossing. It's a new condo community by the DRAGAS Company. Really convenient & close to Greenbrier. Stop by if you can. ;) TGIF & Have a great weekend. WooWoo
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Chick Fil A Song!

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A day at Decorum Furniture

I stopped by Decorum the other day to check out the furniture collection by Candace Olson.  Be sure to go By and enter the win the Beautiful Candace Olson Rug by Surya. You can visit their website at decorumfurniture.com
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Out of conditioner!

HOLY CRAP! Girls - you can relate to this, right?! This morning when I woke up at the un-godly hour of 3:30am, I hopped in the shower to...well, SHOWER! I do it every morning. No matter how early it is, I have to shower. And I have to wash my hair. Well this morning, I went to squirt some conditioner out of my Pantene ProV bottle and there was NOTHING. I was out of conditioner!! EEK! It's like eating a burger with no cheese. Popcorn with no butter. Pinot with no Grigio!! My hair is like sandpaper right now. This sucks! After work today, I will make an emergency trip to Target. And you know how that goes - you head into Target to buy 1 thing and you end up buying the ENTIRE store. I figure that will happen to me today. Tonight - who's going to the Goo Goo Dolls concert? I AM. Very excited about it too. The Norva is a great venue - and to hear a band like the Goo Goo Dolls perform in such an intimate setting will be awesome. Hope to see you there! Chuck & I talked to the lead singer this morning - Johnny Rzeznik. Great guy! And if you are coming to the show tonight, BRING CANNED GOODS! Lots of them. They have teamed up with USA Harvest to help feed the hungry - and they will turn your canned goods over to local food sheleters in Hampton Roads. CLICK HERE for details. Well that's it for today people. I'm off to a meeting, then maybe some sushi for lunch, a trip to Target, hot yoga @ 4pm and the Norva for the concert. Actually - were gonna hit up Havana's before the concert. Chicken Nachos are calling my name...eat me WooWoo, eat me! Talk to you tomorrow! XO, WooWoo
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Day 2

Day 2 of being back on the radio in the morning...and I'm still loving it. However - I forgot to set my alarm last night, so I woke up at 4:15am today. EEEK! Running late as heck. But I still got to work by 5am, and we go on the radio at 5:30am. So it's all good! We had a wedding to go to last night in Sandbridge...it was amazing! Here's a pic I snapped with my iPhone. I will post more pics later! Speaking of Sandbridge, last night was the 1st time I have ever been there. Ever! Lived in Hampton Roads for 26 years & I've never been to Sandbridge. Boy - it was a drive! Took us about an hour and 30 minutes from Norfolk. But it was worth it! Might have to go back this summer for a day at the beach. As for today - I'm gonna head home after work and take a NAP! Soo tired. Murphy & I went to the dog park yesterday and played with his ball. Murphy's tennis ball obsession is hysterical! He squeals for it whenever we're playing. Check this  video out from a couple weeks ago of my boy Murphy & his tennis ball: That's it for Tuesday! Thanks again for welcoming us back to the Morning Point. We appreciate all the feedback. You guys are the best!! XO, WooWoo
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Hello darkness, my old friend...

Actually Garfield, I DO do mornings! And I looove it. Sooo...hello there Point listeners, friends, blog readers & fans! It's not a late April Fools Day Joke - Chuck & I have returned to the Morning Point. FOR GOOD! We are both beyond excited. Afternoons was fun - and I did get to sleep in, but there is no better feeling than doing a Morning Radio Show. We wake you up! And that is the best feeling ever. Thanks to everyone who called, texted, Tweeted and Facebooked. The positive feedback was overwhelming - and almost brought Chuck to tears!!! HA HA! I'm more of a sad situation cry baby. Hee Hee Hee! ;) I also want to say THANKS to my bossman/co-worker Barry McKay for hooking us up with some Starbucks this morning! Hmmm...Triple Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte hit the spot. Also - thanks to my wonderful husband McCoy for waking me up at 3:30am. He's my personal alarm clock!! And last but not least...this is totally random too! But I follow Martha Stewart on Twitter, and she just posted a pic of the largest piece of spinach grown on her farm. It's huuuuuuuuuuge!! Popeye would be envious! PS - Follow me on TWITTER! WooWoo949 OK! My day is almost done. Gonna head home, grab some lunch & hit the gym at 1pm. Then it's home to nap, do laundry and go to a wedding in Sandbridge. WOO HOO! Congrats Eric & Amy. Can't wait to see her walk down the aisle...FINALLY! HA! XO, WooWoo
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Why we almost missed Nickelback...

So - here's what happened at work today...around 1pm, our Promotions girl Jessica locked the keys in the POINT van. Yes - locked the keys INSIDE!!! And we didn't have a spare. And she needed to be at the Hampton Coliseum by 3pm in order to set up & be ready for the BIG concert tonight. OH LORDY!! Check out the video of today's events:
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Spring cleaning!

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Hey friends!!! It's WooWoo...and I am back to blogging. Heck yes! Especially on a Friday...nothing beter to do than blog. Just got back from lunch with some friends/co-workers at Chicks. Dang it - I looooooooove that place. Really - I love it. Great food, great atmosphere, and the Orange Crushes aint bad either. HA HA! So what's new with you? Sometimes I feel bad writing this blog & it's all about...ME?!? If you ever have anything you want to talk about ...please share it in the "comments" area or send me an email: WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM Before I head off to do the show...here's some pics from last weekend I have been meaning to share. Enjoy! This was me yesterday with new POINT artist Erik Hassle. Check him out! McCoy & I at Waffle House last Saturday night - after a late night out. ;) Our love bug Murphy chillin' on Easter Sunday. Another shot of my Murphy...the most loving dog I've ever met.
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Jack Johnson Pre-Sale Details!

Hey peeps! How about this weather. AMAZING!!! I just wanna call in sick everyday & go to the beach. For real. I do. Hope you all had a great Easter. I will get back to blogging more tomorrow, got a little distracted last week. But...I wanted to share details about the Jack Johnson Pre-Sale. I've gotten a lot of emails, calls and Facebook messages about it. So here are the details. Please share with everyone! Thanks, WooWoo Jack Johnson Presale: Starts Tuesday, April 6th at 10am Ends Friday, April 9th at 10pm Here is the link for the presale: http://www.livenation.com/edp/eventId/419813/?c-rmk-lnvba_jack_wpte Type in this Password: WPTETOTHESEA
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I've been bit by...

the STOMACH BUG!!! UGH! I would not wish this on my worst enemy, well...maybe I would. Depends on how bad they pissed me off. HA HA! Thankfully - I am feeling a little better and eating some real food. I went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe & grabbed a smoothie, a wrap & some Baked Lays. It tastes delicious!!! Not sure where I got the "bug" from...but it came out of nowehere! And I swear I haven't been that sick since I was 13 or 14. On Sunday I woke up at 8am and it went down hill from there. Without going into too much detail...let's just say I was sick out of both ends. It was MISERABLE! And then I got cold, and then hot - I went from shivering to sweating. Slept all day Sunday. Slept all day Monday. Feeling better and now I'm back to work today. As my mom says - you gotta "BITE THE BULLET". Gee! Thanks Peg. My diet has consisted of this for 3 days: OK - Well ya'll stay healthy! Don't get sick! Be sure to wash your hands constantly...Purell is your BFF. I hear the stomach bug is going around. Little did I know about 14 people in our office have had it. ICKY POO! That's all for now friends. Thanks soo much for reading & listening to 94.9 The Point. XO, WooWoo
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My nasty hoop ride!!!

YES! These pics are for reals. Taken with my iPhone today & uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Today's 4pm topic with me and Chuck is all about the nastiest things you own. And for me - that would be my 1991 Ford Explorer. It has NO working radio, the AC is busted, the passenger side window won't roll down and the interior lining on the roof is tattered and torn. I have been driving this car for about a year. But I'm not ashamed! I love it. I have no car payment and I love FORD vehicles. I used to drive a 2009 Ford Edge, but that was an endorsement with the radio station. And when the endorsement ended, the car went back to Wynne Ford. My older sister Melissa drove this car in the 90's when she was in high school. We dubbed it "White Lightning" because she got soo many speeding tickets. So yes - my name is Woo Woo and this is my car. It is the nastiest thing I own. It used to be infested with ants too. No lie! So what's the nastiest thing YOU own?! Please share. XO, WooWoo
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Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day! And Happy Birthday to my friend/co-worker Natalia. Also - 9 years  today, my big brother Matthew married his high school sweetheart Michelle. And yes - we wore GREEN bridesmaid dresses. It was a beautiful wedding! Congrats ya'll. So I spent my lunch break today at Pembroke Mall. I love that place! Seriously. There is no cleaner mall in Hampton Roads. And it is soo convenient to get to if you work in VB - especially at Town Center. Our radio station in less than a 5 minute drive. And best of all - the parking is FREE! Woo Hoo!  I had some shopping to do - of course! I had to shop for a baby shower on Sunday, bought my mom a pillow for her birthday, picked up some cards at Hallmark and went to Kohls to check out LC's trendy line of affordable clothing. Yes - that's LC from MTV's "The Hills". Kohls carries her clothing line. SO CUTE! I had to buy something... Here's what I bought today at Pembroke Mall: All my shopping bags... My adorable blouse from Kohls! Only $21 bucks. ON SALE! My mom is OBSESSED with flamingos...so I snatched this up at Steinmart. $20! OK - That's it for now. Off to get ready for the show. Don't forget Carbon Leaf is at the Norva tonight for a BIG St Patty's Dya party/concert. Chuck & I will be there. PS - To learn more about Pembroke Mall...the shops, the events & other cool stuff go to PEMBROKEMALL.COM XOXO, WooWoo
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Up in the gym & back from LA!

Were back from our trip out West! Woo Hoo! What a great weekend that was. Don't get me wrong-we were there for work and The Oscars. Trust me-we worked our butts off! Chuck was a master at taking the video, editing it and uploading it. If you haven't watched all the videos...you must! Now. They are amazing! And totally deserving of an Oscar. So now that were back, it's back to the gym for me. Working towards a HOT bikini body...and it's hard. Thanks to my trainer Dan for keeping me focused! We've met everyday this week. I love it! And I can see the small changes in my body so far. Today we worked out my back and biceps. And them played with this weighted rope thing. OK. Am I totally boring you with all this fitness talk? I hope not. Here's some pics from this morning... This is me using the rope thingy...works the arms! No flab ladies! OK - I swear that's me. Dan took the pic. Sorry for the blur! And if you want to get fit for Summer - check out Dan's gym in Norfolk. It's called Dumbbells. The gym is a part of our Hampton Roads Perks too - so CLICK HERE to get a personal trainer for 1/2 off. Totally worth it! That's all for today. See ya'll at the TRAIN concert tonight at the Norva. I'm headed to Beach Dental now in VB to get my teeth cleaned & possible get the last phase of this snaggle tooth fixed. Wish me luck! XO, WooWoo
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Heading to Hollywood

It's Finally here, for updates on our trip to the Oscars check out the HollyWooWoo blog and the page linked below.

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Red Carpet Ready!

Hey friends! Yeh - I know I have been slacking about the blogging, but there has been so much going on. At work. At home. You know how life is...BUSY! And wow - it is crunch time now. Chuck & I are beyond excited about our BIG trip to LA. We leave Friday morning & fly to LAX for the OSCARS. I went alone last year, so I can't wait to walk the Red Carpet with Chuck. Speaking of red carpet...it's time to get GLAM. And I need your help...MADISON JEWELERS in Virginia Beach are dripping me in diamonds for the Oscars. I mean - the jewels they are letting me borrow, are AMAZING. Take a look at the pics below - and let me know what you like the best. You can leave a comment in the "comments" section of the blog. THANKS! Should I wear.... OPTION 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 Thanks soo much Madison Jewelers for hooking me up!!! And also a BIG thanks to: CHANGES CITY SPA, JAKE'S PLACE, LANGLEY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, and COPA CABANA TANNING! All of these local businesses are getting Chuck & I LA ready. We are going to Changes City Spa & Jake's Place tomorrow morning for massages & facials. Ummm...yeh. I love this A List treatment. HA HA! OK - time to hop back on the air. OH WAIT!!! Here's the 2 dresses I am having trouble choosing for the Red Carpet too. Both are BCBG. CLICK HERE for Dress #1 & CLICK HERE for Dress #2. Please let me know which one you like better! I tried to post pics, but it won't let me. Grrrrrrrr!!! Happy Monday!!! XOXO...WooWoo
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i love my iphone!

1st - Sorry for the dry spell. I've been a bad blogger. 2nd - I bought the iPhone over the weekend and I love it! How did I live without it? After 2 Blackberry's, that both died, it was time for a change. So I headed to Mac Center and hit up the Apple store. Bought the iPhone, and it's been LOVE at first touch. The keypad thing scared me at first. And I will admit it...texting with the iPhone is tricky at first, but I'm getting the hang of it. And all the "APPS" are amazing! There really is an "APP" for everything. I haven't bought any yet - only downloaded the FREE ones! Facebook, Tip Calculator, and some other fun stuff too. Here's some pics of my new iPhone! LOVE IT! DSC01961 Of course Murphy is my screensaver...my little love bug of a dog! DSC01962 Back of iPhone & purple cover I bought for it. They have Kate Spade covers...but dang, they were $$$! DSC01963 Screen shot of my new iPhone...should I give it a name? Like people name cars? And on a random side note - here's my mid-morning snack. DDP & some Wasabi Almonds. YUM! DSC01973 OK - off to get some work done. Have a great Wednesday!! XO, WooWoo
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Let's go shopping!

Check out the video of me shopping at this amazing new boutique in Va Beach - called Lulia! SHOPLULIA.COM
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Murphy loves the snow!

murphsnow5 I admit it - I was wrong. Snow did fall in Hampton Roads!! YAY! We had such a fun weekend watching the snow fall, playing in the snow with Murphy & relaxing on the couch. Boy was I glad I stocked up at the grocery store on Friday night. We have enough food for a small army now...really, we do. I went crazy at the Harris Teeter in Ghent. It was worth it though - and it was FUN! Hope everyone enjoyed the snow & the time spent inside with family. McCoy & I even made hot chocolate on Saturday - with extra whip cream. YUM! Here's some pics & video of our time in the snow. Enjoy! XO, WooWoo Murphy sat in this spot on the couch all day watching the snow fall! So cute. murphsnow1 Snowy dog beard!! murphsnow2 murphsnow3 murphsnow4
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This is me & James Morrison... Back in 2008 I think?! Or 2007. When I was super blonde & super tan. james So I'm sitting in my office...listening to some POINT music. I have a Gavin Degraw CD playing right now. Whatever happened to him? Gosh - he is soo talented. I love his voice. I'm listening to and LOVING the song "Nice to Meet You Anyway". He reminds me of James Morrison. Another POINT artist...who, after I met him & heard him perform a song - I was sold. His song was McCoy & I's "1st Dance" song at our wedding. The song is called "You Give Me Something". I love a good slow jam. Feel free to play the YouTube videos below & listen to the 2 songs. Have a great Thursday! XO, WooWoo Here's the James Morrison song we played at our wedding...LOVE IT!   And here's Gavin DeGraw's song...
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Woo crazy for Lu!

BLOG1 BLOG2 Hey friends! I'm back to blogging...and feeling better than I was earlier this week when I tried to blog. I was just having "1 of those days". A day only the ladies will understand! Am I right? HA! So this week has been much better...Chuck returned from vacation. I'm VERY happy he's back. I missed my Chuck - but I was glad he had some time off & spent an amazing couple of days at Great Wolf Lodge with his kids. Check out Chuck's blog for video & pics. Soo cute! My older brother Matthew has been in town this week. Matthew, his wife and 3 kids moved to Memphis back in July, and he hasn't been home since.  We miss them soo much - and it was a treat to have him back this week. Even if he was in town for work - he's a detailer in the Navy, so he has been busy all week!! But we were able to grab dinner Monday night at No Frill Grill and last night at Fellini's. Good times! That's a pic of my 2 big brothers below. Matthew & Michael. Yes - they are twins. Identical twins. And guess what? My mom is a twin too! So does that mean I will have twins one day? Hmmm....we will see. PS - Michael is on the left, Matthew on right. matthewmichael  OK - why is "Woo crazy for Lu"??!! I've blogged about it before...this yoga/gym clothing company called Lululemon. They sell the most amazing clothes for you to wear to the gym, lounging around the house, to yoga or pilates. The best!!!! So comfy & totally "sweat friendly". I don't own as much Lululemon as I would like, cause it is a little $$$$. But it's worth it to buy 1 pair of pants & a tank. And now I think I have to buy this cute hoodie...with THUMBHOLES! SOLD. I gotta buy this...CLICK HERE to buy yours!! lulu1 lulu2 OK! Have a great night. XOXO, WooWoo
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HWW January 27, 2010

kfed Why did Britney Spears' ex-husband pack on 40 pounds? Because he was depressed. AWW! Poor guy. KFED said after his 2006 divorce from Britney - and all the drama with the custody of the 2 kids, Kevin became an emotional eater. And of course - an over-eater! KFED revealed all on VH1's Reality TV show "Celebrity Fit Club".
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Frustration station...

This is me today...I will be better tomorrow. Promise. Damn you Monday! pulling-hair-out
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Up in the gym...


Just workin' on my fitness!!! Love that song. Fergie - My Humps.

Sooo...happy Friday people. TGIF. Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. Got pretty busy around the office - I will be out & about in Hampton Roads ALL WEEKEND! On Saturday...look for me in Newport News. At George Washington University, Casey Imports & Haynes Furntiure. Whew! Need details? Listen to the radio. HA! No - I am serious. Every commercial is me telling you where I will be this weekend. Its gonna be fun!

Now onto fitness talk...its 2010. A new year. A new resolution. A new body. I HOPE!! My 2010 resolution this year was to get a 6 pack of abs. Don't judge me...that's why its MY resolution, not yours. I'm a pretty small chica to begin with, and my goal is not to really lose alot of weight...I just wanted to get toned & TIGHT!! Yeh baby! I loved doing the Adventure Boot Camp in VB with Adam, and I swear by Hot House Yoga for a total mind, body & soul workout. But dang...no one ever told me that working out with a personal trainer is like THE way to go.

Enter Dan...Dan is a good friend of my husband McCoy & I. They met playing KICKBALL! Of course...  Dan is a Personal Trainer in Norfolk at a gym called DumbBells. I was there at 6am today...Upper Body workout. Warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes, did a bunch of AB work, and I loved it. I love every second of it. When we work out the Lower Body (Buns & Thighs! Buns & Thighs!) we do this crazy move...I'm not even sure what it's called, but it buuuuurns. I snapped a pic with my Blackberry. Check this out...


Yeh - that's me! Looking a hot, sweaty mess...but I'm getting that booty lookin good! HA!

And here's Dan - my personal trainer. And the man in charge of getting me ready for the cover of SHAPE Magazine. Thanks Dan! PS - That's his adorable son Jax...soo cute!


OK - gotta hop back on the air. It's 5:47pm on Friday night. I was a late blogger today. My bad!

PS - If you are getting fit in 2010 like I am...here's the link to the info about Bethenny Frankel. She was on with Kidd Kraddick yesterday. Bethenny is the star of Bravo's "Real Housewives of New York". She created the Skinny Girl margarita & has 2 books about losing weight & getting fit. CLICK HERE for book info...and that's Bethenny in the pic below. HOTTIE!!




Good Luck with your fitness goals & Have a great weekend!!!



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HWW 1-15-2010

ladygaga POINT artist Lady Gaga had to cancel a concert last night due to "dehydration and exhaustion". She was set to perform a concert at Purdue University when she collapsed, EMT's were called and Lady Gaga was treated. She didn't want to cancel - but her manager made her. The opening 2 acts performed - and the concert has been re-scheduled for January 26th. kate Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin will return to TV - in her own show. No ex-husband Jon & no kids. Just Kate and her new $7000 hair extensions. The show will air on TLC - although no date has been set. The show will allegedly feature Kate doing different odd jobs around the country. Sounds like a must watch to me - NOT! giselle Celebs are putting their money where there mouths are - and donating BIG BUCKS to the relief aid in Haiti. After Tuesday's devastating earthquake, not only did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donate $1 million dollars...but supermodel Giselle Bundchen gave $1.5 million.  Lance Armstrong donated $250,000 dollars, Alyssa Milano gave $50,000,  Madonna gave $250,000 and actor George Clooney will host a TV special on January 22nd to raise more money. For once - Hollywood heavyweights are spending money on someone other than themselves. HA! I mean - Heidi from the Hills just spent $30,000 on plastic surgery. Gross. timbaland-timberlake Will he or won't he? That's the big question this afternoon in Hampton Roads. There have been numerous Justin Timberlake sightings all day today...he was at the mall, someone saw him at Subway, and last I heard...he was at the NORVA for soundcheck. Either way - Timberlake's friend Timbaland will perform tonight at the NORVA. I have a ticket right here in my hand...and it says Timbaland "with special guest". Could JT be that guest? Guess we will have to wait and see...
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My new fave place to shop! Check out the video below...
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Help for Haiti

red_cross_logo My thoughts & prayers are with those in Haiti - the earthquake that struck Tuesday was devastating. And they need your help. Please text in a donation - or CLICK HERE to donate. The American Red Cross has set up a text to donate campaign. Text the word "HAITI" to 90999. A $10 dollar donation will be collected thru your cell phone bill, and given to the American Red Cross Relief Efforts. The American Red Cross estimates 3 million people are in need of emergency aid. I have a friend from high school - she is from Haiti. Her family & friends still live there. Please help if you can. If money is tight - send prayers. Thanks & Love - WooWoo CLICK HERE for news up-dates.
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new-years-resolution Tuesday people! Tuesday! Are you staying on track with your New Year's Resolutions?! Hmmm...be honest. I am. Except for occasional slice of pizza and the minor pig out session I had at a baby shower Saturday night. How can you say no to a mini corn dog? I can't. But its all about moderation - and not starvation. Of course - you should throw in some exercise too. And so far, so good for me! I'm staying on track with my Resolution to be healither & work out more. A lot more!! Wait - is alot 1 word, or 2? A lot or alot. Anyway...   I woke up at 6:30am this morning & was at the gym by 7am. McCoy & I have a friend named Dan, he's a personal trainer in Norfolk. (SideNote: I'm trying to get him on HR Perks - so you can get 1/2 priced personal training!!!) So I met with Dan this morning for an upper body work out, some cardio and abs. Holy crap - I feel amazing! I worked out with him Saturday...and my abs are still in pain. He's such an awesome trainer - and it makes such a big difference when you have 1 on 1 attention. PS - Did you check out Adventure Boot Camp? That Boot Camp I've been talking about in VB? That place kicks butt too - and it will whoop your butt into shape. CLICK HERE for info. eas So after my work out - Dan gave me some EAS powder to mix up and have for breakfast. I thought that EAS/GNC/Muscle Milk was only for meat-head dudes. I was wrong! Anyone can enjoy it. And it was good!!! Funny too - because in the world of radio, EAS stands for "Emergency Alert System". But in the world of health & fitness, EAS stands for "Energy Athletics Strength". I had the chocolate powder EAS shake. Blended it with 10 0unces of cold water. Yummy! I'm gonna buy some more on my lunch break today. Yes baby - look for WooWoo on the cover of SHAPE Magazine in 2011. That's my goal. Don't lose track of yours. Off to a meeting now! XO, WooWoo SHAPE
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Bringing the LOL's...

sully It's Monday - welcome back to the work week! Yippee. I woke up at 9am this morning...soo tired. Not sure why because I had a pretty low key weekend. We did stay up a little late last night & watched that TLC documentary "Brace for Impact". It was about the splash landing of US Air Flight 1549...the story of Sully. SULLY!! Great TV show...but I wished it were a little longer & had more interviews with some of the passengers & crew. Anyway - hope everyone had a great weekend. I came across this video on YouTube just now...FUNNY.   Take a look & Have a great day. PS - "The Bachelor" returns tonight! YES! Got my bottle of wine chillin' in the fridge... jake Speaking of wine - I bought this bottle at Target last night for $10. Why? Well - Reason 1 because it was $10 bucks. Reason 2 because I liked the label. Reason 3 - because I have a BFF named Cassie. What I'm trying to say is - I am NOT a wine snob. Cheap, fun, girly & I'm sold. Who cares about the age of it? Or if it goes good with duck? Or if it has a good nose? If it's cute - and its white..I'm buying it. katieandcassiewine PEACE OUT! WooWoo
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You owe me $5 dollars!

snowmanNew5$ I called it! NO SNOW IN HAMPTON ROADS. Severe weather alert - what a joke! OK - yes, I know there were some flurries this morning in Norfolk & VB. And yes - some snow did fall in Williamsburg and the Eastern Shore. But they made it out like we were gonna get hammered with snow. Enough snow to close schools and make a Snow Angel. Nothing fell. I take that back...snow did fall. But not like I though. Right? So I'm a little overwhelmed today at work...and I swear I was having a panic attack in my office a moment ago. My co-worker/friend Becky walked by and was like "Breathe girl, Breathe"! Thanks Becky. Not to go into detail & bore you with my issues...but let's just say today is NOT my day. Not at all. And the clutter on my desk is stressing me out. Yep - I got pics to prove it. Here's 3 pics of my cluttered desk, taken with my Blackberry: desk2 desk3 And the random bottle of Listerine, next to my 3SFV SL...Triple Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte. ICED! desk1 OK - off to tackle the world's largest "TO DO" list. XO, WooWoo
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I am sleepy.

firewater Hey there friends. Somebody pour a bucket of water on me - cause I am on FIRE!!! HA! 4 days in a row of blogging. Hell Yes! I love it. And thanks so much for reading. Boy am I sleepy today. We ended up going out last night - McCoy and I. Went to Red Star at Town Center in VB for a friend's bday party. 3 glasses of wine later...and 1 cheeseburger. It was a great night! Had a lot of fun. Thought I would wake up this morning with a bad hangover, but not so much. In fact, I felt great. I woke up at 5am - took Murphy the WonderDog out & changed into my yoga clothes. Yep - went to the 6am Hot Yoga class at Hot House Yoga in Norfolk. Awww!! It was amazing. My arms and legs feel great. I can feel the "jello arms" going buh-bye... But since I woke up at 5am, and had about 5 hours of sleep, I am exhausted! So tired right now. Sipping coffee as I type.... Here's me with the birthday boy...Jamie. This is a pic of us after a kickball game this summer. Thus the reason my legs are tan as hell. Wow. Go easy on the self tanner next summer Woo. Anyway - We were doing the Molly Shannon/SNL skit "I'm 50!...I like to kick, stretch, I'm 50!" jamie mollyshannon OH! And if you read above about my cheeseburger & wine consumption, it wasn't part of my 2010 "Get Fit Program". Wine is empty calories, and a cheeseburger?! Really WooWoo - soooo bad for you. But hold that thought friends...I ate the cheeseburger with NO bun. And - I didn't touch the fries that came on the side. Didn't have 1. And I never turn down a fry. But I am in 2010. Took a pic with my Blackberry to prove to you that I ate NO fries. Check this out - that's my plate of un-eaten fries. And see that fork & little left over burger bits? Yep - ate the burger with a knife & fork. No carbs in that bun for me!! fries OK! Time to wake up & hop on the air. Talk to you later, WooWoo
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Cow neck?

Me and my COW neck sweater at work today... woosweater2 No - it's a cowl neck. I had a woman at Starbucks this morning compliment my sweater. And trust me - she said "I love your COW neck sweater!" She's lucky when I laughed at her, my Vanilla Latte didn't come spraying out of my nose. HA! Yeh - I laughed that hard. Cow neck sweater!!! WTH? It's a COWL neck sweater lady! And it's damn cute too. Bought it at the GAP in NYC. Love it!! But it is a BIG sweater...and the COWL neck part pretty much hides my face. Check out the pic I took with my Blackberry...where's WooWoo's face? woosweater OK - well, it's not that bad. Ummm...maybe it is?! I mean this cowl neck thing is pretty big. But the sweater is so warm & cozy. Love it! While I'm on the whole sharing of pics thing...here's 2 more pics I snapped with my BB today. I had an orthodontist appointment at Bivins Orthodontics in Chesapeake. Love that place!!! I started going to Bivins in September of 2008 to fix my snaggle, and the journey has almost come to an end. I am on tray 21 of 22 for the top set of teeth. And I have finished the bottom 12 trays. Here's 2 pics: That's me in the chair @ Bivins Orthodontics - and the other pic is the 3D Invisalign of my mouth! And the snaggle. So cool! woobivins woobivins2 CLICK HEREfor all the info about Bivins Orthodontics! Free consultations people. Fix them snaggle teeth. That's all for today folks. I'm supposed to go to Red Star at Town Center tonight for a bday party...but lounging on the couch with a glass of wine in my bathrobe and watching "Cougar Town" on ABC sounds sooo much better. Lisa Kudrow is guest starring on tonights episode...its the 1st time she & Courtney Cox have been on TV together since "Friends". What to do?! What to do?! cougartown XOXO, WooWoo
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Time for a clementine...

clementine Yep - that's what I'm doing right now. Blogging and eating a clementine. I would soo rather be snacking on B3(Goldfish) or C1(Chex Mix)  from the vending machine at the office, I'm trying to be healthy-er. Which is hard for me...I am a total junk food junkie. Grrr!!! Not that bad...it's not like I eat cheeseburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would say I am 80% a healthy eater. But in 2010...I want to be 99% healthy. No more fried food. Greasy pizza. Or late night stops at Cold Stone. Don't get me wrong - I won't be depriving myself. I could never! I just want to make better food choices. So that's why I am eating this healthy little orange piece of fruit. PS - The clementine has only 35 calories. I had 2 just now! And that bag of Goldfish...it has 300! Holy crap. Continuing with the "healthy" theme of this blog, I was browsing/shopping on 1 of my fave workout clothing websites LuluLemon. CLICK HERE to browse too. They make the most amazing yoga pants. LOVE THEM! Can I endorse you Lu? Please?! lululemon-pants  retail_new lulu-1_thumbnail   OK - but besides the pants, they had this really cool challenge posted. It's the "Sweat Once a Day Challenge". Simple. Easy. I'm in!!! How many times do we set un-realistic fitness goals for ourselves? Saying were gonna run 1 hour on the treadmill, and we're exhausted and walking after 25 minutes. Or we promise to go to yoga at 6am? And we sleep in. I do it ALL THE TIME! But challenging my-self to just sweat - easy. So I started yesterday. Went to the gym & ran. Sweat pouring & ran. Tonight - I'm going to the 7:30pm Hot Yoga class at Hot House Yoga in Norfolk. And I know I will sweat. I'm soo excited about this LuluLemon challenge too. I like things that are simple & easy. And this fitness challenge is just that!   Feel free to join me in sweating! XO, WooWoo   PPS - Here is an old video blog I shot 2 years ago!!! WOW! It was the "Before & After" of my 1st time at a hot yoga class. It's where I learned all about down dogs, namaste and lululemon. YAY!
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2010...a New Year, a New You & a New Me!

Happy New Year! It's 2010...and I am about to BRING IT. Are you? First of all, I hope you all had a fabulous night ringing in the New Year. And thanks to all who came out and partied with me at Guadalajara Town Center. It's my 2nd year hosting the party...and honestly, this party kicked last year's ass. HA! It was crazy fun. And even better...it was SAFE. No drinking & driving here. We walked right across the street and crashed in our hotel room at The Westin. Love that hotel. WOW! It was nice. Here's some pics from our NYE Night Out: The party crowd at Guads - view from the DJ booth! guads1 Our "Entourage" at Guads for NYE...so fun! guads2 My husband McCoy & I...screaming Happy New Year! guads3 My girlfriends & co-workers Natalia & Becky! guads4 The man, the myth, the legend...Allen. He's resposnible for the party @ Guads. guads5 The view of Town Center from our hotel room at The Westin. Room 1517. guads6 Hope your night was fun too! And safe. As far as New Years Resolutions...here's my list: 1.) Get fit. I don't need to lose weight...just tighten up a little bit. Especially the tooshy! HA! 2.) Stop saying YES to everything & everybody. And stand up for my-self. I need to be more assertive & not be taken advantage of by friends and co-workers. I need to draw a line...not be a bitch. But I need to look out for me more than anyone. In life, business, etc. 3.) Make and save more money! Holla for a Dolla! Happy New Year! Love & Hugs to you all... XOXO, WooWoo
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Top 10 Hollywood Stories of 2009...

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Hey there! Last week I went to this AWESOME work out boot camp just for women!! I told you in yesterdays blog that I wanted to "step up my game" in 2010. Not just in life and at work...but I want to really step up my fitness game too! I need to get this bod in shape. So check out the video below of my trip to Virginia Beach Adventure Boot Camp. CLICK HERE for info.
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Long time, no blog!

food Hey it's WooWoo! It's Tuesday - and I am feeling F-A-T. Yep. No gym or yoga or running for me in about a month. Well, I did go to an Adventure Boot Camp class last week in Virginia Beach. It was AWESOME! And I thought it would motivate me to workout and eat healthy...but no. Not at all. I guess because it's Christmas...all we do is eat, shop and celebrate - there really is NO time to workout. Maybe there is for you - but not for me. And I hate it!!! So my NY Resolution is gonna be : 1.) Go to Hot House Yoga in Norfolk and USE the membership I pay $80 bucks for  month.   2.) Go to Golds Gym One Life Fitness and USE the membership I pay $35 a month for  3.) Stop eating chips. I am addicted to chips. Gotta stop it. Do you think Jennifer Aniston eats chips? I don't think so... OK! That's all for now. I'm gonna edit & post the video of me at Adventure Boot Camp later today. Stand by. XOXO, WooWoo
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Hey folks! 9 days til' Christmas! Are you ready? I know somebody who is...well, its more than 1 person. The kids at CHKD are beyond ready. Thanks to your generosity - $265,000 was raised for CHKD while Chuck & I hosted our annual 4 day Radiothon from the lobby at CHKD in Norfolk. THANK YOU! 12_09_09ChuckWooInterviewWooKidOnLap CHKD-exterior So - with 9 days left until Santa slides his big belly down the chimney...how much shopping have you done? I am *almost* finished. Some more little gifts to buy for the husband. I need to find him a new cologne too! Any suggestions? I have to swing by Golf Galaxy to get my dad a gift card, and I need to buy my Aunt Kathy something too. She loves in Florida - so I better get on it. I have to ship her gifts - AND - another box of gifts to Texas. Those are for my brother, his wife & their 3 kids. I was up way to late last night wrapping...and wrapping...and wrapping! gift-wrap-station-fb PS - Santa. If you read my blog...will you please shove a new car down the chimney for me? I've been a really good girl this year. So - I'd prefer an SUV. Black in color. With tan leather seats. Heated seats that is. A powerful sound system. Built in navigation. Excellent airbags. Working AC. A sunroof, or not. That's all. Thank You. PPS - I really love the new 2010 Chevy Equinox. It has WooWoo written all over it. Safe, stylish & dog friendly. EQUINOX   Merry Christmas! XO, WooWoo
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Party Crashers!

State Dinners Uninvited Guests The infamous Obama State Dinner crashers finally told their story to NBC's Today show this morning. The interview was conducted by the uber-handsome Matt Lauer. I love his shaved head thing! Lookin' good ML. PS - Mark my words...this interview will be parodied on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. I don't have conformation that it will  - it's just my opinion. I can totally see them doing this in a skit. HA HA!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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HEY THERE!!! Welcome back to the work week people. Thanksgiving is over, and so are the days off. Man it was nice having Thursday & Friday off of work. Kinda - I mean Chuck & I were working, but in a "lax" kinda way. HA HA! I still enjoyed the free time. We had Thanksgiving lunch with my In-Laws (McCoy's parents) and we HAD to be home by 4pm to watch the Cowboys/Raiders game. COWBOYS won....Yippee!! Hope you had a great Turkey Day too. We took our annual XMAS Card picture this weekend too. Just me, McCoy & Murphy. Check it out below...HAPPY MONDAY! XO, WooWoo  PS - Tiger Woods is in deep doo doo... xmas card
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DDP & Nail Polish...

humpday YO! And Happy HumpDay to you. I feel like I sometimes have to clarify what "Hump Day" means. To some, it might mean the sex. But to me, HumpDay is Wednesday. Get it? You're almost "over the hump" and into the weekend. Friday. Get it? Yes? No? Whatever... And DDP - what's that? It's Diet Dr Pepper. Holy Crap I should endorse this delicious can of love. I swear - I used to drink the "other" Diet drink that rhymes with "smoke", but for the last 6 months...I've been feeding the soda machine at work with 65 cents so I can get a can of DDP. DDP=DietDrPepper. IT IS SOOO GOOD!!! I'm drinking one right now. Got it at the drive thru Chick-Fil-A. HA! Didn't even get food. Well, for my husband I did. But all I got was a medium DDP. Is that weird? Anyone else have a soda habit they can't quit? ddp And now onto nail polish...when I get off work tonight, I'm headed to Mac Center for 2 reasons.  Reason #1: I need to find my sister a pair of black wedge boots. Reason #2: I need to find some nail polish. And not just ANY nail polish. I'm on the hunt for MINT GREEN polish. Don't hate. I've never been a "french manicure" kinda girl. I like crazy wild colors on my nails because....it's fun, different and easy as 1-2-3 to take off if I hate it. So mint green it is. I have an appt tomorrow at CHANGES CITY SPA in Norfolk. LOVE THEM! And they carry the OPI line of nail polish. So I am hoping they have the color if I can't find it. Here's some mint green polish examples: Essie "Mint Candy Apple" essie  OPI "Damone Roberts 1968" opimint Chanel "Jade" chaneljade And of course...mint green nail polish is all the rage in Hollywood. Check out actress Jessica Stroup from "90210" rockin' the mint green nails. LOVE IT! Soo excited for my mani/pedi tomorrow at Changes. PS - Boss man if you are reading this, I scheduled my appointment before work. 9am appointment actually. HA! 90210  PPS - The reason for the mani/pedi is because I'm hosting (Along with my buddy Taylor Franklin) the 27th Holly Festival of Trees for CHKD this weekend. It's gonna be soo much FUN! It's Friday night @ 7pm at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Tickets are still available if you wanna go. There's food, drinks, LIVE music from RockStar Parking & a whole bunch of XMAS trees to buy/bid on/stare at. It really is an amazing event that gets you in the Holiday Spirit. And - best of all - all the $$$ goes to the kids at CHKD. CLICK HERE for details and to buy your tickets. And email if you come WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM I would love to meet ya'! My mom, dad, sister, husband and girlfriends will be there too. We decorated a tree 100% devoted to "TWILIGHT". It's kick ass!! I will definitely post pics next week. OK - That's all for now. XOXO, WooWoo
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Nor'Easter Pics from WooWoo!

Here's some pics from the damage in my parents neighborhood - Larchmont in Norfolk. Here's a tree that fell in the driveway... DSC00779 My parents house & the pine tree that we are scared of falling... DSC00780  Big ass treee that fell in Larchmont! YIKES! DSC00789 Tree that fell on a car! DSC00792 Snap! Crackle! Pop! DSC00790
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My Nor Easter experience...

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School Closings, etc...

Name Condition
Academy of Early Learning Closed
Accomack County Public Schools Closed Thursday
Albemarle School Closed
Alliance Christian School Closed
Alpha Beta Cappa Christian Academy Closed
Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads Closed
Army Corps of Engineers 2 Hr Delay, Liberal Leave
Atlantic Shores Christian School Closed
Back Bay Christian Academy Closed
Baylake Pines School Closed
Bayview Christian School Closed
Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School Closed
Broadwater Academy Closed
Bryant & Stratton College/Va Beach Closed
Calvary Christian Academy Closed
Calvary Christian School System Closed
Calvary Classical School Closed
Cambridge College Closed Thursday
Camden County Public Schools Closed
Cape Henry Collegiate School Closed
Cathedral of Faith Christian School Closed
Cedar Road Christian Academy Closed
Central Christian Academy Closed
Centura College--Newport News Closed, 12 month Employees Report
Chesapeake Bay Academy Closed
Chesapeake Christian Academy Closed
Chesapeake Circuit Court Closed
Chesapeake General District Court Closed
Chesapeake Juvenile & Dom Rel Court Closed
Chesapeake Public Schools Closed, 12 month Employees 2 hr delay
Christ the King School Closed
Christopher Academy Closed Thursday
Chrysler Museum of Art Closed
Coast Guard ISC Portsmouth Liberal Leave
College of the Albemarle, Dare County Campus Closed
College of the Albemarle, Edenton-Chowan Campus Closed
College of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City Campus Closed
Cornerstone Christian School Closed
Courthouse Montessori School Closed
Currituck County Public Schools Closed
Dare County Public Schools Closed
Denbigh Christian Academy Closing Early at 1pm
DeVry University-South Hampton Roads Center Closed
Dominion Enterprises Closed
Earl Industries, LLC Liberal Leave
Eastern Virginia Medical School Closed
Edenton-Chowan Public Schools Closed Thursday
Elizabeth City State University 2 Hour Delay
Elizabeth City/Pasquotank Public Schools Closed
Endependence Center Closed
Everest College (Ches) Closed, All Employees Report
Faith Academy School of Excellence Closed
First Baptist Christian School Closed
Fort Monroe 2 Hour Delay
Gates County Public Schools Closed
Gateway Christian School Closed
Ghent Montessori School Closed
Girls Inc., Center for Youth Closed
Gloria Dei Lutheran School Closed
Gloucester County Public Schools Closed
Great Bridge Christian Academy Closed
Greenbriar Montessori School 2 Hour Delay
Greenbrier Christian Academy Closed
Greenhill Farms Academy Closed
Hampton Public Schools Closed, 12 month Employees Report
Hampton Roads Academy/Country Day School Closed
Hampton University 2 Hour Delay
Hebrew Academy of Tidewater Closed, Preschool and School
Holy Trinity School Closed
Human Resources Service Center East 2 Hour Delay
ICPTA Closed
Isle of Wight Academy Closed
Isle of Wight Circuit Court Closed
Isle of Wight Elementary Closed
Isle of Wight High School and Middle School Early Dismissal at 2pm
ITT Technical Institute Closed Thursday
Ivy League Academy Closed
Jarvisburg Christian Academy Closed
King's Grant Day School Closed
King's Kids Preschool Closed
KPC Day School Closed
Langley AFB, 1st Fighter Wing Essential Personnel Only Thursday
Leaping & Learning Child Development Center Open ay 9am
Little Log Cabin & Kindergarten Closed
Marrier Christia Academy Closed
Mathews County Public Schools Closed
McDonald Montessori Closed
Meals on Wheels Portsmouth Closed
Meals on Wheels, Chesapeake Closed
Mid-Atlantic Christian University Closed Thursday
MLC LANT Liberal Leave
Mobile Meals of Norfolk Closed
Mount Lebanon Christian Academy Closed
Nansemond-Suffolk Academy Closed
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Essential Personnel Only
Naval Station Norfolk Essential Personnel Only Report
Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Essential Personnel Only Report
New Mount Olive Christian Academy Closed
Norfolk Academy Closed
Norfolk Botanical Garden Closed
Norfolk Christian School Closed
Norfolk City Offices Liberal Leave starting time
Norfolk Collegiate School Closed
Norfolk Federal Building Closed
Norfolk General District Court Closed
Norfolk Public Schools Closed, 12 mo employees 2 hr delay
Norfolk Sheriff's Office Bravo Liberal Leave, Alpha on time
Norfolk State University Closed
Northampton Co (VA) Public Schools Closed, Employees Report at 9am
NSA Headquaters Complex Essential Personnel Only Report
NSA Northwest Annex Essential Personnel Only Report
Oaktree Academy Closed Thursday
ODU Credit Union Closed
OHA Head Start/Early Head Start Closed, All Employees Report
Old Dominion University Closed Thursday
Parish Day School Closed
Paul D. Camp Community College Closed
PCS and Daycare Closed
Peninsula Catholic High School Closed
Perquimans County Public Schools Closed
Plaza Baptist Baptist Preschool Closed
Poquoson Public Schools Closed Thursday
Portsmouth Catholic Elementary School Closed
Portsmouth Christian Schools Closed
Portsmouth City Courts Closed
Portsmouth Community Health Center Closed
Portsmouth Public Schools Closed, 12 mo employees 2 hr delay
Regent University Closed
Rivermont School - Tidewater Closed
Roanoke-Chowan Community College 2 Hour Delay
Rollingwood Academy Closed
Rudy & Kelly Academy of Hair & Nails Closed
Saint Leo University-Langley Closed Thursday
Saint Patrick Catholic School Closed
Sentara College of Health Sciences Closed Thursday
Shore Christian Academy Closed
Southampton County Circuit Court Closed
Southampton County Public Schools Closed
St. Andrews Episcopal School Closed
St. Gregory The Great School Closed
St. John Lutheran Preschool Closed
St. John the Apostle Catholic School Closed
St. Luke's Preschool Closed
St. Mark Baptist Church Closed
St. Mark RZUA Church Closed
St. Matthew's School Closed
St. Pius X Closed
Star Of The Sea School (VB) Closed
StoneBridge School Closed
Suffolk Circuit Court Closed
Suffolk Public Schools Closed
Suffolk Redevelopment & Housing Authority Liberal Leave
Summit Christian Academy Closed
Sunnybrook Day School Closed
Surry County Public Schools Delayed 2 Hours
The Albemarle Comm's Elderly Nutrition Program Closed
The Children's Ark 2 Hour Delay
The Governor's School for the Arts Closed
The Williams School Closed
Thomas Nelson Community College (Hampton) Closed
Thomas Nelson Community College (Williamsburg) Closed
Tidewater Adventist Academy Closed, Preschool and School
Tidewater Community College Closed
Town & Country Day School Closed
Trinity Lutheran School (N.N.) Closed
Trinity Lutheran School (Norfolk) Closed Thursday
Troy University Closed
USCG Atlantic Area/Fifth District Liberal Leave
USCG Maintenance & Logistics Command Atlantic Liberal Leave
Va Beach Public Schools Closed
Veritas Christian Academy Closed
Victory Christian School Closed
Victory Innovative Christian Academy Closed
Virginia Beach Courts Closed
Virginia Beach Friends School Closed
Virginia Wesleyan College Closed
Voice of the Believer's Christian Acad & Daycare Closed
Wave Children's Learning Center Closed
West Ghent School Closed
York County Public Schools Closed, Employees Code 1

Utilities Information:

Dominion Power Storm Center
  • To report an electrical power outage in either North Carolina or Virginia, call Dominion at 1-888-667-3000.
  • Columbia Gas Emergency Number - 1-800-543-8911.
  • Virginia Natural Gas Emergency Number - 1-877-572-3342.
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Long time, no blog...

My bad! I fell off the blogging bandwagon there for a hot minute. But I'm back baby! YEH. So it's Wednesday @ 10:54am and I've already gone to the gym, worked out, came home & did some laundry, showered, went to Starbucks and now...I'm sitting in my office. Blogging in wet jeans. OMG! Holy rainstorm outside. This Nor Easter is WILD! But I kinda like it. I brought soup for lunch today, and I want to go to Bakers Crust for tomato soup, grilled cheese & a beer tonight. Warm & cozy. Love this weather. PS - Happy Veterans Day! So remember I mentioned my sister was running in the OBX 1/2 Marathon. Her 1st ever! And last weekend...she pounded the pavement and ran. Clocked in at 2 hours 22 minutes. We are all soo proud! My mom, dad & I went down to Manteo, NC to watch her run. Here's some pics from the weekend. RUN SISSY RUN! My mom & dad at breakfast in Manteo. Race1 The finish line! race2 My sister Melissa crossing the finish line of her 1st 1/2 Marathon! race4 My sister Melissa (Sissy) and our friends Amanda & Pamela. They all ran together. We made signs!!! HA! race5
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Happy Halloween 10.30.2009

halloween Happy Halloween! Almost...I was a little late to work this morning because:
  1. I was glued to the TV watching "Live with Regis & Kelly's Halloween Special".
  2. I stayed up too late baking Halloween cupcakes with my girlfriend Pamela!
  3. I had to carry about 6 trays of food (1 by 1) to the car this morning.
But it was all worth it!! Holidays bring out the best in me. I was just chatting with my co-worker Tricia S. about how I HATE cooking, but I love to bake. Tricia said she's the opposite. She loves to cook, hates to bake. And I love to decorate for the holidays too. My secret weapon is the DOLLAR TREE! Anything and everything for $1 dollar. I spent $19 bucks at the Dollar Tree on Laskin yesterday. But got SOO MUCH! Halloween tablecloth, napkins, candy, pumpkin bowls. Love it. So wanna see what I baked? Check out the pics. This is the spread I put out in the kitchen at our radio station offices. YUMMMMMMY! And 100% fat free, calorie free & sugar free. Yeh right. I wish! DSC00638DSC00639 DSC00640DSC00641 DSC00642DSC00644 Pics I took with my Blackberry of Pamela & I cooking..well, she's eating. And I'm licking icing that fell off the mini-ghost cakes. Oops! pamela me Are you drooling yet? Don't you wish you could just eat the computer screen? Mmmmm...So far - the cupcakes are a hit at work. But everyone is raving about the "CandyCornBark". It's a recipe I found on another radio DJ's blog. She (LisaPaige in NYC - cuuutie!) posted the recipe for the bark on her blog and I about fell out of my chair. I HAD TO MAKE IT! And it was soo easy. No baking required. I was sold. CLICK HERE for the recipe. Thanks LP! OK - off to do some work & figure out how I can burn off these calories while I sit here and type. 1 cupcake down, 1 more to go. Maybe. Happy Halloween! WooWoo (or maybe I should be BOO BOO today!)
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Go Daddy! It was your birthday...

Happy Thursday - ALMOST TO FRIDAY! Yeh baby. TGIF here I come. So last night we went out to celebrate my dad's birthday. I took some pics & video. Check it out below. My dad had an awesome night! AW Shucks in Norfolk was soo good - dinner, drinks, delicious! Talk to you on the radio @ 3pm. Chuck & I have a great show planned. I'm off to lunch with my BFF and her bridesmaids. I'm the MOH. So we have a little "wedding planning lunch" at 12:30pm today at Aldo's in VB. Fancy - I know. That's why I'm rocking my tweed coat & a very "Blair from Gossip Girl" headband. With a ribbon on it! HA! Gotta go - enjoy the video. XO, WooWoo
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Happy Birthday to my DADDY! (Not my Baby Daddy!!)

Yeh - so what. I'm 19 26 and I still call my dad "DADDY"...and yep, I call my mom "MOMMY" too. Don't hate. It's just what I do. Happy_birthday_cake So today - I would like to use my blog for wishing my DADDY a Happy Birthday. Not sure how old he is...maybe 62? Or 63? Hmmm...I should probably find that out. But age doesn't matter! It's just a number. Were going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. My mom, my dad, McCoy and I. OH! And ALL OF MY DAD'S GOLF BUDDIES!!! HA HA! Yep-they're coming too. Were going to AW Shucks in Norfolk. So I see a good dinner and a good (strong) drink in my future. Went to Golf Galaxy in VB on my lunch break to pick up my dad's gift. Hope he likes it. PS - Olympian Bruce Jenner, Microsoft's Bill Gates, actor Joaquin Phoenix, singer Charlie Daniels and Brad Paisley are also BDAY boys today. OK - off to the radio with Chuck. Talk you then. XOXO, WooWoo
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My closet messy? No way!

Hey it's Woo Woo - that's no my closet. It's Mariah Carey's. And it's just her shoes!!! If I could get my closet looking something like that...all nice & organized...life would be great. Read my blog & watch the video. And please - tell me I'm not the only closet slob! mariahscloset OK - 1 thing you might not know about me (but my husband McCoy does) is that I have a very hard time "maintaining cleanliness". This is what McCoy calls it. Sounds easy, it ain't! I love to clean - but I am much more of a "1 Big Clean a Month" kind of girl. Like - I create all these piles of clothes/shoes/junk, and I will usually pick 1 day to clean it all up and organize. And on that 1 Day - I will scrub the shower, the toilets, vacuum, dust, iron and do any other cleaning chore I need to do. Problem is - after that 1 day of cleaning - my closet,my side of the bed, part of the bathroom is a disaster!! It's horrible. McCoy is much better at the "maintaining" of the clean...I'm not. Piles of crap just pile up again. And I feel horrible about it. If you ever come to my house and it's trashed, don't blame McCoy. Blame me. So - long story short. I decided to do that "1 Big Clean" last night. Started at 8pm. Finished at Midnight. And I am still not done. I blame it all on my closet. It's a big walk in closet...I just can't figured out how to organize it and fit everything in. So here's a video I made last night. Please - if a closet comapny hears my cries....CALL ME! HELP ME! Thanks in advance. XOXO, WooWoo
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It's here! Pandora Bracelet...

DSC00554 DSC00552 FINALLY! It has arrived...after weeks of voting, the final product has been delivered. Remember when I had a blog running for 6 weeks about the designing of a Pandora bracelet from Goodman & Sons?! You remember, right? And if you voted - via Pointradio.com - then you registered to win the exact replica of the bracelet. PS - I will call the winner later today and post his/her name on my blog too. So anyway - I went to Goodman & Sons in Hampton yesterday to pick up my bracelet. IT IS GORGEOUS! I have video coming - but here's pictures of the bracelet and the GORGEOUS Goodman & Sons store. They also have another location in Williamsburg. GO SHOP NOW! PANDORA111 My new PANDORA bracelet! PANDORA1112 The bracelet/beads being laid out before they placed them on the bracelet! I LOVE IT! And below is the new line of jewelry at Goodman & Sons - it's called "REBECCA" - and I am obsessed with it. In fact, I think if McCoy (my husband) is reading this now. He needs to go to Goodman & Sons in Hampton. On Mercury Boulevard. And pick up this Rebecca ring that I am drooling over. It's reasonably priced - and a GREAT gift for me to celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss on November 3rd. See - I just made buying a gift very easy McCoy. You LOVE me. The ring is big & chunky & engraved with different saying of "I LOVE YOU" in different languages. McCoy - when you go, ask for Eric, Judy or Stuart. Tell them Woo Woo sent you. Thanks honey!! DSC00538DSC00539 And here's the ring...but I want *would like* it to be a little bigger, so I can wear it on my right middle finger. DSC00544 OK - winner will be announced on radio today. We will call you with details...so stand by ladies. I'm off to lunch with Chuck. Sushi at ZUSHI in Town Center. I am craving a spicy tuna roll. The more spice - the better! I like my mouth to be on FIRE. OK - TMI. Talk to you on the radio. XOXO, WooWoo
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Beer pong.

This video is AMAZING! A girlfriend of mine posted it on Facebook - so I had to share it with you. AWESOME! PS - I am headed to Hampton this morning to Goodman & Sons Jewelers off Mercury Boulevard. Finally picking up 2 Pandora bracelets that ya'll helped me design. 1 for me - and 1 for a lucky listener out there who voted on the beads. Drawing a winner on Friday...it could be YOU!
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Take a picture...

Lord! Wish I would have had a friend take a pic of me this morning...I went to THE GYM! OM. I haven't been in like 6 months. Don't get me wrong - I have been working out. Running outside & going to the occasional HotYoga class. But this morning I woke up - got dressed and went to Gold's in Norfolk. Which - is now - One Life Fitness. Same gym, new name. Did some running on the treadmill. Then walked at like a 10 incline (to get that booty high & tight) abs, free weights, some squats and I was DONE. It felt goooooood!! Might go back tomorrow... My goal is to have abs like this...just in the female sort of way! ryan_reynolds_97 However - if I want abs like that (Ryan Reynolds in the pic!) I probably shouldn't do what I did this weekend. Granted, everything in moderation! But over the weekend, we went to the Wine Fest at Town Point Park in Norfolk. Yes it was cold. Yes it was cloudy. Yes I got drunk. HA! But it was soo much fun. Great friends, great wine and LOTS of food. What a fun day! Here's some pics: winefest1 Me & my girlfriends...Pamela, Kristi & I. winefest2 Our gang - Tim, Kristi, Pamela, McCoy & I. winefest3 View of the Wine Fest & Nauticus! OK - Time to hop on the radio with Chuck. PS - Are you going to Stevie Wonder on Sunday? I am! Concert is at the Ted on ODU Campus in Norfolk. Get your tickets now. I've been listening to Stevie Wonder all day in my office. LOVE IT! XOXO, WooWoo
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Boots! Boots! Boots! (and a 1/2 marathon)

fall Happy Wednesday! This weather makes me want to roll around in a pile of leaves. Don't get me wrong  - I love summer. And the hot sun, tanning on the beach and a cold beer. But there is something about Fall that just...makes me so damn happy. McCoy and I got married 2 years ago - IN THE FALL! On November 3rd. It was a perfect fall day. Perfect!!! OK - onto boots. So - with the cooler weather comes cool shoes. Boots! And I am on a mission to find some kick ass (but casual) boots to wear to the Wine Fest on Saturday at Town Point Park in Norfolk. I've mentioned it before - Wine Fest is amazing. Drink some wine, eat some cheese, mingle with friends and...wear some new boots!! I've spent the last 48 hours searching for boots. Zappos.com Endless.com Piperlime.com  But nothing has really caught my eye...so I am gonna hit up Off Broadway Shoes on my lunch break today. Have you seen any cute boots? I'm looking for like - a riding type boot. In either black or brown. Low heel - or no heel. And under $100. Here's some I thought about ordering...but shopping for shoes on-line is sooo hard!!!! boots         boot2boot3 I will let you know if I find/buy anything on my lunch break today... but before I head out. I have to give a "SHOUT OUT" to my big sister Melissa. She lives in OBX/Nags Head, North Carolina. Her name is Melissa - but I call her "Sissy". Anyway - Sissy is running a HALF MARATHON next month. OMG. I am so proud of her. WOW! I could never do that. But I talked to her this morning - and she was getting ready for a 9 mile run. Yesterday - she ran 8 miles. That's Sissy, McCoy & I in the picture below...Sissy's on the end w/ the brown hair.  sissyandme Now I'm not knocking my sister - she's always been a healthy girl. Works out on occasion - but works on her tan more than she works out. HA! And when she told our family she was training for a 1/2 Marathon...honestly, I never thought she would follow through with it. But she is!!!! I can barely run 3 miles without needing a water break and a rest. So my mom, dad, McCoy and I are gonna go to Nags Head that weekend to cheer her on. And then - celebrate with some beers after. I love after race parties. And I love my sister. Run Sissy Run! I might train to do the Shamrock with her... *might*. Maybe I should read these books for motivation....  running book Off to shop/enjoy my lunch break...Talk to you on the radio @ 3pm. XOXO, WooWoo (The Non-1/2 Marathon Running Sister)
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Therapy & Wine

HAPPY MONDAY! Hell yes - what a GREAT Monday it has been. I usually suffer from "the Mondays" along with the rest of working America...but today. Not so much. And I think it's because my wonderful husband is returning tonight from LAS VEGAS! Wow - I missed him. He was out there to play in a kickball tournament. His team is called  "Make it Rain". They didn't win - but they had fun. Gambled, went to some parties, gambled, lost money, won money, etc. I am soo excited to pick him up at the airport tonight. Flight gets in at 10:15pm.                                Here's a pic of the team - MAKE IT RAIN!! mccoysteam Beside the excitement for seeing McCoy tonight - I am soo excited for WINE FEST!! WOO HOO! It's this weekend at the brand new, beautiful Town Point Park in Downtown Norfolk. Wine Fest is the highlight of my October. Besides Halloween. It is soo much fun! Outside, surrounded by wine, food, friends - did I mention wine? CLICK HERE for details/tkt info. You should def come! Talk to you tomorrow! Thanks for reading. CHEERS, WooWoo
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Hug a dog & have a good cry...

murphy May2009 027 Seriously - dog is man (and womans) best friend. I don't think I'd be as happy as I am without Murphy in my life. I love my family, love my husband and friends...but the love shared between a dog and a human is amazing. And this video proves it. Grab a tissue...you'll need it! XOXO, Woo & Murphy the WonderDog CLICK HERE to learn more about Baxter!
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Back from U2!

TGIF! Hey there - I'm back from the U2 concert in Charlottesville. What a wild 24 hours that was...we drove up on Thursday morning, checked into the hotel by 12 noon, had lunch at Miller's, shopped a little, got ready, went to Scott Stadium, tailgated and saw U2! Live in concert. And OMG! They put on one hell of a show. I will post some pics - and I put together a quick video. But of course...I will share more next week. Ummm...I took 103 pictures. HA! It was awesome. McCoy, Pamela, Tommy & I had an incredible time. Thanks again to CASEY VW/CASEY IMPORTS for letting me drive that 2010 VW Touareg to the concert. V8 engine, leather seats, sunroof, big trunk and a roomy backseat. We definitely arrived in style & comfort @ UVA! Our CASEY VW Touraeg! And "The Gang" - Tommy, Pamela, me & McCoy. u2 001u2 015 We love CASEY! And that's a pic of the U2 stage @ Scott Stadium. u2 018u2 031 I will post more later - including a video blog from inside the CASEY VW Touareg! That's all for now - XOXO, WooWoo
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Excited for U2! Aren't you, too?

It's 9:09pm right now...Thursday night. I got home from work an hour ago. And as I was about to sit on the couch, eat a Hot Pocket and have a glass of wine...I realized we were out of laundry detergent!!! UGH. And I needed to wash laundry before leaving tomorrow for U2. So I walked in the front door, walked back out and drove to Harris Teeter. PS - Yeh, I said Hot Pocket. I am obsessed with them. And this new brand of wines called "Cupcake". The white wine is delish!  cupcake Tomorrow at this time - we will be at the U2 CONCERT!! YES! McCoy & I are leaving at 9am. Well, that's the plan. We have 2 pick up 2 friends on our way out of town. I want to get to the hotel/Charlottesville ASAP. And I am a schedule nazi. We must leave at 9am. And we must get to the hotel by 12 noon. If anyone is late - or needs too many potty breaks...I will FREAK OUT! Just the way I am when I travel...especially to see Bono. Pronounced BAH-NO. Not BO-NO. I seem to have trouble with that... bonoU2-360-tour-logoCharlottesvilleMap OK - now it's 9:55pm. I'm still blogging. Still doing laundry. And watching "CougarTown" on ABC. OMG! It's hysterical. My new fave show! Courtney Cox is hysterical. I love this show. YAY TV! And YAY U2! And YAY Casey Volkswagen! I can't thank those guys enough (You da' man Russ!). They let me borrow this kick ass 2010 Volkswagen Touraeg this week. And of course - were driving it to the U2 concert. It's such a sweet ride. And honestly - smoothest, bump free car I've ever driven. Especially since it's an SUV. Soo slick. Soo smooth. And soo roomy. The backseat is leg room heaven...McCoy & Tommy will appreciate that on the drive tomorrow. I will post pics & video of the car when we get back. Thanks again CASEY IMPORTS! CASEY VW! Love you guys. cougartown2009-Volkswagen-Touareg-Blu   Off to bed now...sweet dreams of The Edge are waiting for me. XOXO, Woo
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In. A. Funk.

Not gonna go into detail - but I'm just in a funk today. And I am trying to snap out of it. Sorry - no fun, exciting blog from me today. I will post more tomorrow. And pics of the car I'm driving from Casey Imports. Tha's all. It's a case of the Mondays for me... XOXO, Woo
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Flipping for flats...and U2!

Happy HumpDay...AKA Wednesday. I am almost 1 week away from seeing U2 in concert @ Scott Stadium on the campus of UVA. My husband McCoy and I are soo excited! I'm bringing my girlfriend Pamela too. And McCoy is on the hunt for 1 other friend to join us. Best of all - we will be traveling to the U2 concert in style. Not driving the 3 hours to Charlottesville in my 1991 clunker...we will be driving there in a 2010 Volkswagen Touraeg from CASEY IMPORTS!! Thank you Russ - YOU DA' MAN! CLICK HERE for info about the cool cars at CASEY! vwu2 Besides the excitement I can't contain about the car, the concert and possibly the chance to meet BONO...I am soo excited that Fall has *almost* arrived. Granted - it's 80 degrees today - I can't wait til' I can start wearing big sweaters, Ugg boots and flats. OMG! I am becoming obsessed with cute flat shoes. This coming from a girl who lives in 4 inch platforms. There are soo many CUTE FLATS that I want...I NEED! Better start working harder & making $$$. Here's some flats that I'm determined to squeeze my feet into: stevemadden12 samedelman OK - that's it for now...there are SO MANY MORE!!! But I just realized I am running late. Have a lunch meeting at 12pm today with some lovely ladies from CHKD. Planning the Holly Festival of Trees event. YAY! I will give you more details on that soon too. Have a grrrrrrreat day!! XOXO, WooWoo
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My family!

Hey there! Happy Monday - I'm kind of in a bad mood today. I guess it's just a case of the Mondays...eh, Starbucks did give me a little boost though. So hopefully I will snap out of this "funk" I'm in. I had an awesome weekend though!!! This weekend my entire family was in Charlotte, North Carolina for a wedding. My brothers best friend got married - and they were the "BEST MEN". HA! McCoy and I flew in from Norfolk on Saturday, my parents and sister Melissa drove down from Norfolk on Friday night. My brother Michael & his wife drove from Richmond on Friday too! And my bro Matthew flew in from Memphis with his wife Michelle. It was soo much fun! We danced all night long. Here's a group shot of the family - mom, dad, 4 kids & spouses!!! myfamily I love my family! Hope you had a great weekend too! XOXO,WooWoo
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Fashion Finder

Hey there! Happy Thursday...I still feel like crap. Battling a head cold from hell. But I've heard it's going around - I have a lot of friends who are catching it too. Word on the street is - the Sudafed 12Hour works! You just have to sign out for it at your pharmacy. I'll have to swing by Walgreen's on my way home from work tonight... sudaed   So - on my lunch break today, I knocked out a bunch. We have a wedding in Charlotte, NC this weekend - and the dress that I bought to wear is a little big. I had to go to MacArthur Center and get it taken in. PS - The Norfolk Tailor in Mac Center is the cutest little man. And he's FAST! He's gonna have my dress fixed by 1pm tomorrow. SWEET! I snapped a pic of the dress with my Blackberry... dress1 Kind of a small pic - sorry about that. And before you assume that I spent a lot of $$$ on the dress - hold that thought. This is a $23 dollar dress from Forever 21. It's sooo cute and comfy. Love it! And while I was at Mac Center - I swang by Nordstrom real quick to see if I could spend the gift cards I got for my birthday. AND I DID! Success!! I have been searching for the perfect little "biker chick" jacket. They are very "IN" for Fall. Here's the 1 I bought:   frenchi So I've got 1 out of 10 things off of the "Fall Fashion Must Haves"!! 9 to go....HA HA! CLICK HERE to read all about Fashion for Fall. Happy Shopping! XOXO, WooWoo
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How to make dad mad!

OMG! Have you heard about this little girl? Or seen the video of her dad on the news? This is something I would totally do as a little girl. Dad catches a foul ball, hands it to his daughter and she...THROWS IT BACK! I had to share this video because: #1.) It's hysterical    &    #2.) My husband is a baseball fanatic!!!    ENJOY! CLICK HERE to read the story. Happy Wednesday, WooWoo
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Too much Tuesday!

Man - what a Tuesday! Soo much news breaking, so much to share and soo soo much sadness after learning actor Patrick Swayze died. So sad. "Dirty Dancing" is (of course) 1 of my all time favorite movies. LOVE IT! Patrick passed away yesterday at the age of 57. He was a fighter - but lost the battle with cancer. RIP patrickswayze Another famous-kinda celebrity is also gone today. And I am very upset about it too. Even though it's a dog...Jessica Simpson's beloved dog Daisy was snatched from her backyard in LA by a COYOTE!!! OMG. My heart is breaking for Jessica. I was a die hard "Newlyweds" watcher on MTV, and I remember the episode when her ex-Nick Lachey gave her the dog. I hope she finds Daisy!! She and her family have posted signs all over Los Angeles... daisy1 On a lighter note...I am seriously looking forward to October 2nd! Why? Because I'm going to U2!!! IN CONCERT! McCoy and I are heading up there with friends on that Thursday - the concert is that night, and then coming home Friday. So I'll be back to work Friday. We are such BIG BIG BIG U2 fans. Never seen them in concert. I'll be Facebooking, Tweeting and blogging the entire time. And of course - posting video & pics when I get back! I'm sitting in my office right now listening to "With or Without You". Damn - Bono is a genius. LOVE HIM. And his sunglasses. bono  OK - off to blow my nose and chug some OJ. I have the WORST head cold. Ugggggghhhhh!!! Talk to you later. XOXO, WooWoo
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Kanye West is a JERK!

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We will never forget 9.11.01

I love this Alan Jackson song... Kind of sad that he had to write it after the events of 9.11 - but it does make us sit, think and remember...where were we on that September day? Where was I? Well - I was 19 and a student at TCC. I was also an intern at 94.9 The Point. I lived at home with my parents, and around 8am the home phone rang. It was my mom. She called from work to say she heard a rumor that a plane had flown into The World Trade Center in New York. I turned on the TV. My mom was right. And the world had changed. We were under attack. I think I sat in that chair for 6 hours. Never moved. What a day! Even worse - it was also my brothers birthdays. My TWIN brothers. How ironic? The twins celebrate their birthday on the same day the twin towers are attacked. My brothers - Michael & Matthew - turned 26 that day. We still celebrated their birthdays that night. Went to Fellini's for dinner. We were the only people there. But I think - we all realized life had to go on. Yes - it was sad. It's an awful day. We will never forget. But we also move forward and learn to celebrate every day. Even if your birthday just happens to be 9.11 You still celebrate. So happy birthday to my 2 big brothers - MICHAEL & MATTHEW! michaelmatthew That's Matthew on the left-Michael on the right. This was a pic from their trip to Las Vegas back in August...for a Bachelor Party. WOO HOO!   Both of whom serve our country. Both my brothers graduated from William & Mary. Matthew is in the NAVY - served with a Seal Team in Afghanistan. He's an amazing father to his 3 children. And married his high school sweetheart Michelle. Michael is a Detective with the Henrico Police Department. He is the proud father to 2 sons. And met his wife Heather at William & Mary. I love them both so much - and as we get older - I love and appreciate them more. Let's remember 9-11 and celebrate life. Celebrate Michael & Matthew!! XOXO, Your little sister... Baby Woo Woo
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9.9.09 & Starbucks!

Pretty cool date today, huh?!? I heard a lot of people are getting married today because they think it's a lucky day. Well - let me tell you - you will need more than luck to make the marriage work. HA HA! You might need love, friendship, an open line of communication and....STARBUCKS! Let me tell you - happy wife equals happy life. And for me - today - I am soo happy because I finally got my hands on a Pumpkin Spice Latte. YUM! Chuck & I went on our lunch break. SOO GOOD! I got a Triple Grande Non-Fat/NoWhip. Here's a pic: starbucks And - even better - my girlfriend Cathleen sent me this email about SBUX! Woo-Woo, I know how much you love a Starbucks and how you have given me such great tips through the years that I have USED! So, I am sharing with you a secret link to how to make your own Starbuck's Pumpkin Latte! Very easy ! Especially in this economy- blend one up!  CLICK HERE for the recipe. Thanks Cathleen!! Happy Wednesday/HumpDay ya'll!!! XOXO, WooWoo
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Murphy goes to Groomingdales!

Yes - that's the real name of the groomer who does my dog's hair. This video needs no explanation. Watch & enjoy!
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Re-connection with old friends.

That's what I love about getting older. Re-connecting with old friends. Now that I have a car, a job, some money & a cell phone...it's so easy to get back together with friends from my "younger days". Case in point - my girlfriend Pamela. We grew up together doing family musical theatre with The Hurrah Players. I think we were 7 when we did our first show. Pamela, her sister Nicole, my sister Melissa and I were always together. Having sleepovers, going to the beach and hanging out. Pamela is from Suffolk - and we lived in Norfolk. So as we grew up - went to high school and eventually college - - -we lost touch. But then there was FACEBOOK! Which re-connects everyone. And that's where we are today. I mean - Pamela and I's mothers always stayed in touch...and I always knew what Pamela was up to...it had just been a while since we hung out. So last weekend - we went out in VB to Watermans. Had soo much fun! And tonight - Pamela and I are meeting up once again for dinner/drinks at Luna Maya in Norfolk. I love Luna Maya & I love re-connecting with old friends. So today - I encourage you to do the same!!! Cheers. XOXO, WooWoo PS - Here's a pic of us from last weekend at Watermans. That's Pamela on the left, my BFF Lindsay in the middle & me on the end. And CLICK HERE to read about Luna Maya...seriously the BEST restaurant ever. In Norfolk. LOVE IT. pamela
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Chris Brown.

I'm not gonna say too much - because I don't want to get fired or have someone follow me home from work 1 night...and I was "never heard from again". But I am still ill over the situation. And his sentence. YES - it did happen over 6 months ago. He beat his girlfriend up. Left her bloodied & bruised. Rihanna...you remember her, don't you? Let me refresh your memory... tmzfull_27767a So Chris Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation & some community service. For felony assault. A slap on the wrist. Yet - Michael Vick fights some dogs in a ring & goes to jail. Just doesn't make sense to me. But hey - I'm no lawyer. I'm not a cop. Or a political analyst for CNN. But it just doesn't make sense to me. And then there are those of you...who think...she deserved it. She attacked him. She was verbally abusive. She had it coming. She provoked Chris Brown. She kicked him first. She did this - She did that and She deserved it. Yeh - there are some of you out there. You've emailed me and hijacked my Facebook with opinions. And we are all allowed to have them. So this is my opinion. And I've said it before. CHRIS BROWN...if you were in such an abusive - verbally & physically - relationship. If you were dealing with a jealous, psycho girlfriend. If you felt overwhelmed and couldn't get out of the relationship...I totally see that. I see how you could have struggled and wondered how to end the relationship. But what I will NEVER see. And NEVER agree with...is your violence. Physical. Violence. Period. I will not tolerate. Ever. PS - Chris's exclusive interview with Larry King will air tomorrow night on CNN. Here's a preview:
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Sleeping Beauty.

  sleepingbeautysleepy1sbux Damn - why am I still tired after sleeping 11 hours last night?!? UGH - I'm sitting here forcing my eyes to stay open. And seriously - I would drive to Starbucks for a Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte WITH an extra shot of espresso...but I'm too tired for that too. WTH! This is annoying. I thought sleep was goood for you - and gave you energy. Not so much I guess. Hope ya'll had a great weekend! McCoy & I did...went out as planned on Friday night. Went to Watermans with friends, then Catch 31 and then back to Watermans. HA! Saturday - we spent the day at Busch Gardens. So much fun. We met up with McCoy's cousins Laura & Susan. Susan & her husband Justin came with their 2 ADORABLE daughters...Emily & Jackie. Too cute! And they love roller coasters - at least, the ones they were tall enough to ride. I won't say I looove roller coasters, I enjoy them. But I have to ride them with my eyes CLOSED. And Griffon - I refuse to ride that ever again. Soo scary! You remember this video right? Me on the Griffon... YEH...never riding that again. OK - off to make some coffee and spalsh some water on my face. Talk to ya'll on the radio. XOXO, Sleeping Beauty (AKA Woo Woo)
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