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So how old is too old to wear a bikini?

A new survey (and there are so many surveys!) asked women what age you should stop wearing some of the younger, sexy fashion choices:  You should stop wearing short shorts at 35 . . . belly button piercings at 35 . . . miniskirts at 37 . . . bikinis at 40 . . . and stilettos at 41.
Do you agree or disagree with this scientific (not) study?

A new survey asked 2,000 women to pick the age when they should stop wearing some of the younger, sexier fashion choices.  Here are the average cut-off ages . . .

Crop tops that show off your midriff age 34
Really short shorts age 35
Belly-button rings and piercings age 35
Leggings age 37
Miniskirts age 37
Bikinis age 40
Stiletto heels age 41
Long hair age 42

But here’s the part I like….16% of women surveyed disagreed with ALL of this . . . and said as long as you can pull it off, there's no age limit on ANY type of clothing.


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07/08/2013 10:57AM
So how old is too old to wear a bikini?
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07/08/2013 6:42PM
So how old is too old to wear a bikini?
I agree that age should not dictate what you can or cannot wear. If you can pull it off, go for it!
07/09/2013 4:55PM
If you have the confidence to wear it... Do it. I'm wearing shorts until I die. We live in 110% humidity for goodness sake.
12/31/2014 9:42AM
forget the age thing
I think if people want to put an "age limit" on clothes then there needs to be a size limit first. Some swimwear should not be made in a size larger than medium, and in some cases not even that big. Just because you can get in it does not mean you should.
03/19/2015 8:41AM
so how old is too old to wear a bikini?
oh puh-leeze! just put me in a home now then! Cut my hair?! NEVER And stop wearing a bikini? Well I have a great body thanks to good genes and healthy eating and at 47 I can give JLO a run for her I plan to stop wearing one? HELL NO! These surveys just took us back to the 1950's....I plan to ignore the whole thing.
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