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HOLY MOLY! Things to never do while pregnant:
  1. Smoke
  2. Drink
  3. Re-place the ALL the crappy carpet in your house with wood flooring.
OMG! So this week has been pretty crazy at my house. McCoy and I have a crew of 5 at our house right now...they are ripping out old carpet, old laminate flooring and installing beautiful, shiny Brazillain TigerWood. Meeeeow! It was supposed to be a 2 day job, were on Day 4. I'm not complaining. The floors look FAB-U-LOUS and the crew is doing a maginificent job. I'm just saying when you are preggers...and your house turns into a giant dust bowl...YOU GO INSANE! Furniture is covered in saw dust, boxes of wood all over the place, furniture is moved around & breathing is impossible. So I've been heading over to my parents house with Murphy everyday after work. I usually stay until 9pm...when the crew leaves & the dust settles. They should be finished today - so after work I am headed to Home Depot to buy a giant dust mop, a Swiffer, and Chuck is letting me borrow his shop vac. We are gonna clean this house so it...SHINES LIKE THE TOP OF THE CHRYLER BUIDLING!! (Quote from the movie/play "Annie") And before I head out...here's a pic of our house/new floors. Our house...AKA The Dust Bowl. Enjoy! WooWoo

12/02/2010 7:24AM
What was I thinking?
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