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What's up Buttercup?

MmmmHmmm...Long time, no blog. Again! I suck. But in my defense - I have tried to blog from my iPhone lately, and it hasn't been posting. Well - it will post, but the pics I attach to the blog don't. WTH?! Must get with Walter the Web Guy on that. Random thought...anyone remember an actual buttercup? The flower/weed that you would hold to your chin to see if it glowed? Or how sweet you were? Those were the days... So what's new with YOU? Or ya'll? I hope more than 1 person reads this. That 1 person being my mom. What's new with me? Not much really. Getting super excited for my BFF Lindsay's wedding in July. She is gonna be the most beautiful bride ever. We hosted her Bridal Shower 2 weekends ago - so much fun. And then later this month - all the Bridesmaids and BFF's are off to NYC for her  Party. No male strippers here...none of us are into sweaty dudes shaking their stuff. Not my thing. And buddy, I totally see that sock in your Speedo. HA! Were gonna have dinner & go see some Broadway shows. YESSSS!!!   OH! And speaking of Girls Night Out, last Thursday night I hosted an AWESOME party a top the 31st street Hilton in Virginia Beach. It was a "Girls Night Out" event. And it just so happened to be "Sex and the City" themed. Since, ya know - the movie came out that day. We sippeed cosmos a la Carrie & took in the amazing view of VB from Sky Bar. Here's a pic of me with my girlfriend Pamela.  Thanks for reading &  Have a grrrrrrrreat day. XO, WooWoo :)

06/03/2010 6:33AM
What's up Buttercup?
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