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I NEED to be a guest on this show!

If I ever had the opportunity to have a talk show THIS would be exactly what I would want to do haha.

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9 People Stuck in an Elevator!

These drunk college kids got stuck in an elevator for a little over an hour and decided to pass the time by singing Aerosmith! Oh... the college days.... haha

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Vance Joy "Riptide"

Here's the music video to Vance Joy "Riptide" !!

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CMA's !

Interesting combo!

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This is SOOO Barry McKay!

In case you've ever wondered what Barry McKay was like in real life...

Everytime I meet with Barry, or just chat with him for a moment, this is how it goes. I mostly just spend my time listening and laughing haha. Sean Hayes is the closest thing to Barry McKay I have ever witnessed. This is a super recent interview, just a couple days ago. (This is the only part of the interview that was on Youtube, unfortunately, because the full interview was SPOT ON BARRY!)

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Ed Sheeran Cover of Hozier

It's a hard song to cover!
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The Carlton!


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Bachelorette Party!

Such a success! We started off at Pungo Ridge Winery in Pungo, Va Beach! It's a cute little winery, not expensive, and super convenient because it isn't too far away. Then we went back to my house, chatted, and got ready for dinner. We TRIED to go to Tautog's, but I knew that wasn't going to happen because they do not take reservations unless you are a huge party and there were only 5 of us. After being told we were going to have to wait AN HOUR AND FORTY FIVE MINUTES, ha we got the heck out of there and took a cab to watermans! Always a reliable place. We had some crushes and ate some good food! Then at about 10:30p we were off to Lunasea! We only stayed there for a drink... the crowd was not very exciting haha and a bachelorette party needs excitement! We went next door to Peabodys' and pretty much had the time of our lives! Not every detail is remembered.... but photo evidence shows it was an amazing time! My coworker hooked us up with VIP so that helps haha. Needless to say, I paid for it the next morning! But we pulled ourselves together and went to Croc's Drag Me to Brunch! It was fantastic! I would recommend the show to anyone. Great bloody marys and decent food! Perfect hangover brunch! So overall, I can honestly say the bachelorette party was the perfect send off into marriage!!! Well done, my wonderful bridesmaids for planning everything!
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BTS of Shake It Off!!!

Behind the scenes!!

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DWTS Premiere's TONIGHT! Who's Ready?!

Get ready for tonight with a little throw back! Group dances are my favorite!


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