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We will never forget 9.11.01

I love this Alan Jackson song... Kind of sad that he had to write it after the events of 9.11 - but it does make us sit, think and remember...where were we on that September day? Where was I? Well - I was 19 and a student at TCC. I was also an intern at 94.9 The Point. I lived at home with my parents, and around 8am the home phone rang. It was my mom. She called from work to say she heard a rumor that a plane had flown into The World Trade Center in New York. I turned on the TV. My mom was right. And the world had changed. We were under attack. I think I sat in that chair for 6 hours. Never moved. What a day! Even worse - it was also my brothers birthdays. My TWIN brothers. How ironic? The twins celebrate their birthday on the same day the twin towers are attacked. My brothers - Michael & Matthew - turned 26 that day. We still celebrated their birthdays that night. Went to Fellini's for dinner. We were the only people there. But I think - we all realized life had to go on. Yes - it was sad. It's an awful day. We will never forget. But we also move forward and learn to celebrate every day. Even if your birthday just happens to be 9.11 You still celebrate. So happy birthday to my 2 big brothers - MICHAEL & MATTHEW! michaelmatthew That's Matthew on the left-Michael on the right. This was a pic from their trip to Las Vegas back in August...for a Bachelor Party. WOO HOO!   Both of whom serve our country. Both my brothers graduated from William & Mary. Matthew is in the NAVY - served with a Seal Team in Afghanistan. He's an amazing father to his 3 children. And married his high school sweetheart Michelle. Michael is a Detective with the Henrico Police Department. He is the proud father to 2 sons. And met his wife Heather at William & Mary. I love them both so much - and as we get older - I love and appreciate them more. Let's remember 9-11 and celebrate life. Celebrate Michael & Matthew!! XOXO, Your little sister... Baby Woo Woo

09/11/2009 7:42AM
We will never forget 9.11.01
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09/11/2009 10:51AM
happy b-day to the twin bros! they are handsome....thanks for remembering 9/11, I lost a coworker who happened to be at the pentagon that fateful day... "lets roll!" JK
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