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Up in the gym & back from LA!

Were back from our trip out West! Woo Hoo! What a great weekend that was. Don't get me wrong-we were there for work and The Oscars. Trust me-we worked our butts off! Chuck was a master at taking the video, editing it and uploading it. If you haven't watched all the videos...you must! Now. They are amazing! And totally deserving of an Oscar. So now that were back, it's back to the gym for me. Working towards a HOT bikini body...and it's hard. Thanks to my trainer Dan for keeping me focused! We've met everyday this week. I love it! And I can see the small changes in my body so far. Today we worked out my back and biceps. And them played with this weighted rope thing. OK. Am I totally boring you with all this fitness talk? I hope not. Here's some pics from this morning... This is me using the rope thingy...works the arms! No flab ladies! OK - I swear that's me. Dan took the pic. Sorry for the blur! And if you want to get fit for Summer - check out Dan's gym in Norfolk. It's called Dumbbells. The gym is a part of our Hampton Roads Perks too - so CLICK HERE to get a personal trainer for 1/2 off. Totally worth it! That's all for today. See ya'll at the TRAIN concert tonight at the Norva. I'm headed to Beach Dental now in VB to get my teeth cleaned & possible get the last phase of this snaggle tooth fixed. Wish me luck! XO, WooWoo

03/11/2010 9:15AM
Up in the gym & back from LA!
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03/16/2010 4:04PM
Lillian Lucash
Woo Woo; my husband and I own a shop in Chesapeake. We listen to you everyday and we would like you to come by and we'll look at your Explorer for free. Your problem with the radio may only be a fuse. We really want to help you out so if you want you cancall us @757-289-6963. Kevco Repairs in Virginia Beach & Chesapeake.
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