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Time for a clementine...

clementine Yep - that's what I'm doing right now. Blogging and eating a clementine. I would soo rather be snacking on B3(Goldfish) or C1(Chex Mix)  from the vending machine at the office, I'm trying to be healthy-er. Which is hard for me...I am a total junk food junkie. Grrr!!! Not that bad...it's not like I eat cheeseburgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would say I am 80% a healthy eater. But in 2010...I want to be 99% healthy. No more fried food. Greasy pizza. Or late night stops at Cold Stone. Don't get me wrong - I won't be depriving myself. I could never! I just want to make better food choices. So that's why I am eating this healthy little orange piece of fruit. PS - The clementine has only 35 calories. I had 2 just now! And that bag of Goldfish...it has 300! Holy crap. Continuing with the "healthy" theme of this blog, I was browsing/shopping on 1 of my fave workout clothing websites LuluLemon. CLICK HERE to browse too. They make the most amazing yoga pants. LOVE THEM! Can I endorse you Lu? Please?! lululemon-pants  retail_new lulu-1_thumbnail   OK - but besides the pants, they had this really cool challenge posted. It's the "Sweat Once a Day Challenge". Simple. Easy. I'm in!!! How many times do we set un-realistic fitness goals for ourselves? Saying were gonna run 1 hour on the treadmill, and we're exhausted and walking after 25 minutes. Or we promise to go to yoga at 6am? And we sleep in. I do it ALL THE TIME! But challenging my-self to just sweat - easy. So I started yesterday. Went to the gym & ran. Sweat pouring & ran. Tonight - I'm going to the 7:30pm Hot Yoga class at Hot House Yoga in Norfolk. And I know I will sweat. I'm soo excited about this LuluLemon challenge too. I like things that are simple & easy. And this fitness challenge is just that!   Feel free to join me in sweating! XO, WooWoo   PPS - Here is an old video blog I shot 2 years ago!!! WOW! It was the "Before & After" of my 1st time at a hot yoga class. It's where I learned all about down dogs, namaste and lululemon. YAY!

01/05/2010 10:28AM
Time for a clementine...
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