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Things I'm loving...

1.) Plain Lays Potato Chips. I used to be a "Baked Lays" girl, and I still am...but now I find my-self addicted to just the regular old plain Lays Potato Chips. They make lower calorie bags - with Olean, I think? - but I am loving plain salty chips. Love them! And I blame Sheryl Crow...I read an article in People Magazine where she said she loved them too. So I bought a bag. So if you know Mr. Lays...can you ask him to send me a bag? Or 600?! 2.) My new bras from Victoria's Secret. LOVE THEM! When McCoy & I went to NYC this past weekend, our hotel just so happened to be next to a Victoria's Secret store. I had to go inside - the store was huge! I came out with 2 new bras that I wish I had known about sooner. They are called "T-Shirt Bras". But they don't have that MEGA PUSH UP padding, just lightly lined and extremely comfortable. Best of all...they are 2 for $40. Can't beat that. I'm wearing 1 right now and it feels like I am wearing...a t-shirt! So soft. So comfy. A must buy! CLICK HERE to buy! 3.) Taking video with my iPhone. If there was ever a reason to buy an iPhone...besides that there really is an App for everything, it's the coolest phone in the universe and I am obsessed with it...I've now learned how to take video with the iPhone and up-load it to everything! I can take video & upload it to Twitter, Facebook and my e-mail account. Check out this video I took of Murphy! Who I also love a whole bunch. Murphy is the best dog in the woooooooooooorld! Thanks again for all the Birthday wishes yesterday! 27 is great. Looking forward to 28...but now, it's time to figure out what's for lunch! XO, WooWoo

08/19/2010 6:22AM
Things I'm loving...
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