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Dear Morning Point,
Please don't use my name, but I have something for the Relationship 911. I have been living at my apartment complex for a few years. I live on the 2nd floor. There have been a few couples that have come and gone below me, but the couple there now has been there about 2 years. I met them when they first moved in and learned that they were married and that he was in the military. He recently went out of the country for about 8 months and is now home. Well, in those 8 months he was gone, I watched her bring home about 3 different guys. Now, before you ask, they were definitely all more than friends. Let's just say the walls are VERY thin in our apartments. So I am pretty sure I knew what was going on. Now, he seems like a really nice guy...but then again, I don't know their relationship. What I do know though, is that they are married and obviously living together. I feel like I should say something to this guy about his wife but I don't know if it's my place to get involved. I mean, there is that small chance of me being wrong and causing unnecessary drama, but at the same time, If I were him, I would want to know if my spouse was foolin around. I don't feel like I know them well enough to speak up and get in their business, but it's wrong what's going on when he's out fighting for our country. Should I say something or just leave it alone and let them work out their problems when and if they ever arise? Is this even my business? The last thing I need is drama between me and my neighbors....

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08/13/2012 8:40AM
The Morning Point - As Heard On Air...
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