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The RELATIONSHIP 911...Can Chuck and Woo Woo Help You?

Relationship 911 happens every morning at 7:50am. No issue is too small, no issue is too big. Send us your problems and we'll put it out to the masses!  Problem at work? Problem at home?  Don't know how to work it all out? 

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Dear Chuck & Woo Woo,

Please share this email on your show. I am in dire need of advice! My fiance & I are getting married next Fall. He is Jewish. I am Methodist. Religion is not that big of a deal to us - it was never a topic of conversation. He grew up going to a temple, but does not actively attend. I want to get married in the church I was raised in. Its also where my parents and older brother got married. So there is sentimental value. His mother REFUUUUUUUUSES to attend the ceremony if we get married in the church. He has tried to talk with her - but she just falls silent. I am heartbroken. This is MY day! My parents are furious & it is causing tension between both sides. So how can I handle this? Do I just settle & go to a temple? Or find another non-denominational venue? I am ready to go to Vegas at this point. Thank You for considering reading my letter.


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08/09/2012 8:15AM
The Morning Point - As Heard On Air...
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08/10/2012 11:17AM
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