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Dear Chuck & Woo Woo - I think the girl I am dating is crazy/psycho and losing it on me. Fast! The first couple months of dating were great. Shes smart & good looking - but its like she flipped a switch. She hates my friends, will only eat at 1 restaurant when we go out, yeh - just 1! She is criticizing my clothes and the other night she was just sitting in the parking lot at my apartment complex. Just sitting in her car. Like she was waiting for me. But she never called to say she was coming over. All signs point to crazy - right? DO I dump her over this behavior? Or confront her 1st?

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08/06/2012 7:53AM
The Morning Point - As Heard On Air...
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08/06/2012 10:10AM
Crazy woman
It sounds like this lady is my soon to be ex. She is 5'2" 105 lbs and is 46 years old. She says she is 100% itaIian with long brown hair and brown eyes ,was married to her for 18 years. She sits in her car and writes constantly at all hours of the night. She uses her looks to get what she wants. Just found out she is a sociopath, got seperated from her in May. If this is her, "RUN" Drove silver pacifica but got repoed couple of weeks ago don't know if she go it back. Good luck.
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