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The RELATIONSHIP 911...Can Chuck and Woo Woo Help You?

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My exhusband left me and my kids for another woman. A lady he met at work. We arent officially divorced, but he has been living with the new girl for 7 months. The other night I was at _______ bar at Town Center for a quick drink with my sister. And guess who we saw drunk as a skunk at the bar kissing all over ANOTHER woman. Not the woman he left me for!!! Obviously my exhusband is a serial cheater. And ya know what I did - grabbed my iphone and took video!! He never saw us. TG! I wanted to post the video to FB, but my sister told me to take the high road & delete it. I didnt delete it - and I still want the video to be seen by his new girlfriend. My sister says its immature. I say its revenge. To post or not to post?!

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09/20/2012 10:40AM
The Morning Point - As Heard On Air
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09/21/2012 12:59PM
realationship 911 - please dont judge !!
Dear Chuck & Woo-Woo, I know there will be a ton of opinions on this relationship 911. Here it goes I was married very young and after being married 12-13 years I wasn’t happy and expressed this to my husband. Nothing changed, so yes I did cheat and worst of all I got pregnant around the time of me wondering. As time goes by and the child gets older , I don’t want to believe but I have to face the facts I don’t think it’s my husbands. At the time I found out I was pregnant my world changed. I’m not proud or making any excuses for what I had done, I am so ashamed. My husband and I now, are stronger than ever. He knows at that time I was talking with someone. Its killing me inside to think the child may not be his, he loves the child beyond any words. I believe in what goes around comes around and truthfully I have had bad things happen, but I know there has to be more coming. My question is should I tell him the child may not be his, or let it be? I don’t think it would change anything in his option but I feel awful – as I should. I don’t want to hurt him anymore than I already have. Please help but try not to judge.
09/21/2012 1:00PM
Thank you !!
Thanks for all you do !
09/21/2012 2:46PM
" please dont judge" its me again
I also wanted to say we have 2 other children that are in the teen years and the child in question turned 5 this year. thanks chuck & woo-woo
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