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The DuMan Can!

And that means the beginning of another week at work & the beginning of another week of driving a new car from MIKE DUMAN AUTO. YAHOOOOO!!! 2 weeks ago I drove around town on that awesome Infiniti. Loved it! Mike Duman literally has a car for everyone. Mike Duman is a local guy & he's been in business since 1980. He's been around before I was born - 1983 by the way! If you are in the market for a new car.driving all over town searching for the perfect vehicle---head straight to Mike Duman. They have over 600 cars available. Well 599 as of 10am this morning...that's when MY Mike Duman car arrives. YAY! Check out the blog tomorrow for an update. I am thinking I will drive my Mike Duman car to the following places this week:

-Dinner with a friend at The Bistro in Downtown Norfolk.
-Simply Selma's in VB to pick up a bridal shower gift.
-Grocery store run with Maggie.
-COSTCO...I hope this car has a big trunk. I need diapers!
-To The Norva to pick up concert tickets.

Before I go...don't forget to "LIKE" Mike Duman Auto Sales on Facebook for the chance to win a $500 VISA Gift Card. Tell your friends, family & co-workers to do it too! And split the winnings!


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04/23/2012 9:51AM
The DuMan Can!
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