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Thanksgiving Week...WOW

Is it me or is this year flying by so quickly that it's hard to know which side is up?  Well, here we are, Thanksgiving week and I find myself saying "Thanksgiving already?  Really?" and this year I am once again doing something for me as the kids are heading up to New Jersey for the holiday with their Mom and's a tradition I support as they love the special time.  It's actually a running joke that when it's the holidays, John Bon Jovi and my kids are in New Jersey.

So what will I be doing on Turkey day?   Well, here is a hint:

I will once again be spending Thanksgiving in the Blue Ridge Mountains.   It's what I do when
the kids are out of town and I essentially have 'nothing to do and all day to do it' I usually head it up there to someplace like Sweets Pass or Gideons Gap, hustle it up the bumpy and rocky road passing the hunters and trappers with a wave...and eat a Wawa Gobbler atop the mountains.  It's my special time...and I am very much looking forward to it again this Thanksgiving.

How about you?  What are your plans? 


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11/21/2011 9:29AM
Thanksgiving Week...WOW
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11/23/2011 10:46AM
hopeyou eat alot of food.
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