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Lord! Wish I would have had a friend take a pic of me this morning...I went to THE GYM! OM. I haven't been in like 6 months. Don't get me wrong - I have been working out. Running outside & going to the occasional HotYoga class. But this morning I woke up - got dressed and went to Gold's in Norfolk. Which - is now - One Life Fitness. Same gym, new name. Did some running on the treadmill. Then walked at like a 10 incline (to get that booty high & tight) abs, free weights, some squats and I was DONE. It felt goooooood!! Might go back tomorrow... My goal is to have abs like this...just in the female sort of way! ryan_reynolds_97 However - if I want abs like that (Ryan Reynolds in the pic!) I probably shouldn't do what I did this weekend. Granted, everything in moderation! But over the weekend, we went to the Wine Fest at Town Point Park in Norfolk. Yes it was cold. Yes it was cloudy. Yes I got drunk. HA! But it was soo much fun. Great friends, great wine and LOTS of food. What a fun day! Here's some pics: winefest1 Me & my girlfriends...Pamela, Kristi & I. winefest2 Our gang - Tim, Kristi, Pamela, McCoy & I. winefest3 View of the Wine Fest & Nauticus! OK - Time to hop on the radio with Chuck. PS - Are you going to Stevie Wonder on Sunday? I am! Concert is at the Ted on ODU Campus in Norfolk. Get your tickets now. I've been listening to Stevie Wonder all day in my office. LOVE IT! XOXO, WooWoo

10/20/2009 11:51AM
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10/21/2009 2:32PM
Love the boots ladies! I've seen them before, but cannot remember who makes them....where can I find myself a pair??? Bree
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