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Christmas Proposals...

From my friends at here are a few tips if you are going to pop the question this Christmas!

1. If you're having lunch with her family, you're either pretty close or have been stuck in bad weather! I hope it's the former, and if that's the case, what better moment to share than this one? However, don't underestimate the dad's reaction…especially if there are guns in the house.
2. Do it when you are exchanging gifts. "Oh, open this one, open this one!" Remember, nice packaging will get you everywhere.
3. If you're not together, but you really want to seize the Christmas moment, you could do it over the phone or via a video call. I strongly recommend however that if you can, wait til the next time you meet her, it's nicer ; )
4. And as you know, there are plenty of people who have made a show out of getting engaged. I don't know if you have to go this far, but hey, there's nothing that will warm the cockles of a crowd's heart like a bit of romance!
For upcoming bridal shows in Hampton Roads check out and if you are looking for an MC/DJ for you wedding reception, check me out at
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Here’s 3 signs you H-A-T-E your job!

Yes, we know, nobody likes waking up Monday morning. But what if you hate your job and don't even REALIZE it.  Here are three signs . . .
1. You feel like you do a mediocre job, even though you work REALLY hard.  In other words, you struggle to be good at your job, because it's not something you're NATURALLY good at.  And if that's the case, you probably don't like your job.
2.  You take a lot of sick days, and can't wait for the weekend.  Which describes, well . . . all of us?  Obviously EVERYONE likes weekends.  But the point is you shouldn't hate your job so much that you're MISERABLE the rest of the week.
3.  You HATE it when people ask what you do.  Which happens all the time when you meet people.  And whether you're ASHAMED of your job, or you just don't like talking about it, it's a sign that you should probably look for a DIFFERENT job.

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Top 10 Wedding Reception Dance Songs 2014 (so far)

As a wedding DJ/MC, I’m always interested in knowing what the hottest trax are for wedding receptions! Here’s my list of the top 10 most requested wedding reception dance songs so far in 2014. This list is unique to Hampton Roads. Here it is…drum roll please…..
  1. The Wobble/V.I.C.
  2. Happy/Pharrell Williams
  3. Jump Around/House Of Pain
  4. Blurred Lines/Robin Thicke
  5. Don’t Stop Believing/Journey
  6. Cha Cha Slide/Mr. C
  7. Apache/Sugarhill Gang
  8. Can’t Hold Us/Macklemore
  9. Cupid Shuffle/Cupid
  10. Wagon Wheel/Old Crow Medicine Show
If you were getting married, what song would add to my list?
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Adventures On The Gorge

Clcik here to find out more about Adventures On The Gorge!

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Reitzel Roofing

There is no comparison! My curb appeal more than tripled thanks to Mark at Reitzel Roofing. Mark and his company were professional and super friendly. And they work quick. We love our new archetecual shingles that just made our home pop! Get some great info at
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Four Weird Things That Turn Women On

Good news for guys:  Here are four weird things that might actually HELP you attract women:  Body odor . . . scars and blemishes . . . feminine traits like being sensitive . . . and awkwardness. Not everyone is attracted to the same stuff.  In other words. . . . guys . . . something you don't like about yourself could actually be SEXY to someone else.  Check out four weird things that are supposedly huge turn-ons for women.

1.  Body Odor.  Not all women want you to smell like cologne . . . or Axe Body Spray . . . or whatever ELSE you use to smell good.  There's a lot to be said for just smelling like a MAN. Just make sure you're clean and that you showered recently.  You don't want your natural scent to be TOO overpowering.

2.  Scars and Blemishes.  Women are attracted to scars and blemishes because they tell a story.  Any interesting blemish will do the trick . . . a birthmark, a distinctive mole, or a scar on your cheek from when you cut yourself as a kid.

 3.  Stereotypically Feminine Traits.  Yes, some women DO like tough, manly men.  But there are just as many who prefer gentle, sensitive guys who are in touch with their feelings.

 4.  Awkwardness.  Awkward guys get a bad rap.  But not ALL women feel the same way.  Nerdiness has become a more acceptable "thing" lately, and you'd be surprised at how many ladies will like your gawky side.

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Do you find yourself angry at work?

So how many times a day do you find yourself angry at work? On average, a person in the workplace gets angry on the job twice a day.But what really drives you to the boiling point? I am for the most part,an easy going type guy.It really takes a lot to rattle my chain.And maybe most of you are the same way.But there is always that one pet peeve,well actually at least two a day that turn any Dr Jekyll into a raging Mr Hyde!
According to a recent survey,these are the Top 10 things that really get you fired up at the office.Please feel free to add your own comment if whatever gets your goat is not included in the results.

1.  Other coworkers taking credit for your work.

2.  Computer problems . . . from crashes to the Internet going out.

3.  Rude clients.

4.  Arguments over making the coffee.

5.  Not having time for a lunch break.

6.  The mere fact that it's Monday and the weekend is over.

7.  People talking to you when you're trying to concentrate.

8.  Coworkers gossiping.

9.  The printer not working right.

10.  Coworkers messing up your desk.
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The definition for magnetic is as follows, "possessing an extraordinary power or

And an ability to attract is exactly what this latest outing “Magnetic”, from the Goo Goo Dolls accomplishes .From the first track "Rebel Beat" to the closing track,"Keep The Car Running" this release defines the band that is justifiably  the best export from Buffalo, New York since the hot wing.I will go on record,(pun not intended),and declare that this is the best Goo Goo Doll album to date. With one hit "Rebel Beat" already huge at radio,the band has announced that "Come To Me" will be the next single from the album.And I am sure you will be hearing it here on the Point soon.There are so many potential hits on this record.My favorite track is "When The World Breaks Your Heart" and I suspect that it will eventually find it's way to radio.The Goo Goo Dolls will be here in Virginia Beach with Matchbox Twenty at Farm Bureau Live on August 8th.And be sure to stay tuned to The Point to win your way into a private acoustic performance with The Goo Goo Dolls.
So what is your favorite Goo Goo Doll song?Thought I would share my Top 5.
1. Broadway
2. Rebel Beat
4. Iris
5. Slide

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So how old is too old to wear a bikini?

A new survey (and there are so many surveys!) asked women what age you should stop wearing some of the younger, sexy fashion choices:  You should stop wearing short shorts at 35 . . . belly button piercings at 35 . . . miniskirts at 37 . . . bikinis at 40 . . . and stilettos at 41.
Do you agree or disagree with this scientific (not) study?

A new survey asked 2,000 women to pick the age when they should stop wearing some of the younger, sexier fashion choices.  Here are the average cut-off ages . . .

Crop tops that show off your midriff age 34
Really short shorts age 35
Belly-button rings and piercings age 35
Leggings age 37
Miniskirts age 37
Bikinis age 40
Stiletto heels age 41
Long hair age 42

But here’s the part I like….16% of women surveyed disagreed with ALL of this . . . and said as long as you can pull it off, there's no age limit on ANY type of clothing.

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Whats the one thing that annoys people the MOST?

A slow computer! And one in three people have YELLED at their computer. The rest of the top five annoying things are:  People who leave clothes on the floor . . . a sink full of dirty dishes . . . a leaky faucet . . . and leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position.
Here’s the rest of the survey!
 1.  A slow computer.  One in three people have YELLED at their computer . . . and 6% of people say that they feel better after HITTING their computer.  
 2.  People who leave their clothes on the floor.
 3.  A sink full of dirty dishes.
 4.  Leaky faucets.
 5.  Leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position.
 6.  Your significant other.
 7.  Annoying neighbors.
 8.  Children.
 9.  Pets.
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