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Hey friends!!! It's WooWoo...and I am back to blogging. Heck yes! Especially on a Friday...nothing beter to do than blog. Just got back from lunch with some friends/co-workers at Chicks. Dang it - I looooooooove that place. Really - I love it. Great food, great atmosphere, and the Orange Crushes aint bad either. HA HA! So what's new with you? Sometimes I feel bad writing this blog & it's all about...ME?!? If you ever have anything you want to talk about ...please share it in the "comments" area or send me an email: WOOWOO@POINTRADIO.COM Before I head off to do the show...here's some pics from last weekend I have been meaning to share. Enjoy! This was me yesterday with new POINT artist Erik Hassle. Check him out! McCoy & I at Waffle House last Saturday night - after a late night out. ;) Our love bug Murphy chillin' on Easter Sunday. Another shot of my Murphy...the most loving dog I've ever met.

04/09/2010 11:17AM
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04/09/2010 11:56AM
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