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Summer-time friends....oh the headache!

Oh Boy, it's summer...and people think crazy things.

Summer is always a busy time...and in our line or work here at The Point, that means we are EVERYWHERE....

But, it never fails, every year the confused contingent of aquaintences thinks I have decided to not talk to them and

I get the emails, texts and related media which, usually result in a misunderstanding where I get one less Christmas Card....

So once, again, on my Facebook page, I posted the following (albeit half funny/half truth) statement.



To my friends: As the summer season approaches, please understand that while I may: 1. Not be able to tell you whats going on weekend to weekend 2. Have to cancel at the last minute. 3. Seem to be impossible to get up with 4. Not be able to return texts or messages in the most timely fashion.

....Please understand that this season is the "Christmas" of my industry...we are everywhere, on call, and at the ready at a moments notice. Add to that, my kids, 'social' schedule, personal family matters, and trying to make sure the laundry and dishes are done....I'm not dodging need to send passive agressive texts...ask me if you did something wrong...or leave me voicemails that say "hey stranger"....if you are my friend...understand I have chosen an industry that is a "NOW" industry and I must rise to the challenge...and while beers would be great, we'll get to them...but I must provide for my kids...and when I am needed, even by you, if it is an emergency, I'm always there....and I will make all the time I can. It's summer-time, my busy season, and your understanding is appreciated and asked. Thanks! Your Friend, --C

Yes, it's sad I have to do this...but, it seems every summer, I unfortunately lose some friends due to their thinking I do not want to hang now I have this annual letter, which, always kills me to write.  :)

The kids are getting big and both are in baseball this year...if you'd like to see some pics, click over to my facebook page as I update them often.

See you on the streets....and let's make good on that drink!  ;)



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05/22/2012 1:17PM
Summer-time friends....oh the headache!
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