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Steven Slater is my HERO!

  OK - if you have not heard about Steven Slater...please pick the rock up off your body that you have been sleeping under this week. If you know who he is, HIGH FIVE to you and let's go grab a beer and toast our hero!! Steven Slater is/was a flight attendant for Jet Blue Airlines. I love flight attendants. I know they work hard & put up with a lot of BS. I used to babysit for an American Airlines flight attendant and she would share horror stories from passengers all the time. Awful! MY HERO- Steven Slater - was on a flight this week and as the plane was pulling into the rampy thing to let passengers off, a woman stood up to get her luggage out from the overhead bin. Steven told her to sit down. She hit him in the head with the luggage & then used some cuss words. Steven then went to the head of the plane, got on the loud speakers & threw some cuss words at the passenger. He also said something about quitting his job, screw you, grabbed a beer and slid down the emergency slide. YES! GO STEVEN GO! Look - I know it was un-professional and very dangerous. He was arrested by police, released on $2500 bail and is looking at 7 years in jail. Side Note: He has no prior criminal history, so with a good attorney - and an understanding judge...he's looking at community service. HA! But he should never deploy that emergency slide thing. That's a big NO NO. Someone on the ground could have been hurt. But they weren't. Whew! I just think we can all relate to Steven at some point in our working lives. You bust your butt at your job. You give it 110%. You put on the uniform, smile and get the taks done. But there are only so many times one can be dis-respected, humilated and under-appreciated before you SNAP. And I think that's what happened to Steven. He was sick of the BS. He grabbed a beer. And slid away...I'm sure we all wish we could slide away for a day. Right? WooWoo PS: Steven now has a Facebook Fan Page with over 100,000 fans! CLICK HERE for the official news story.

08/11/2010 7:52AM
Steven Slater is my HERO!
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