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Spring has sprung, Now fall has fell....

Autumn in the great Hampton Roads, and my favorite time of year has come 'round again for us all.   It's the annual chance to take a couple of week 'breather' before we ready for the coming Holiday Season.  It's a chance we get to really take a look around and see how much has changed over the past year.  The influx of visitors are back in their homes, and we 'got the place to ourselves'; like a kid after the relatives leave...the place is quiet. The kids are getting bigger.  Charlie looks more like a teenager at 7 than a little boy anymore.  Theresa is now five and full of that flowering fire of a young lady who's figuring out boys and girls are different; and she's ready to show the world just 'how'. I can feel that soon, the days of going to Chuck E Cheese will fade and we will have to find "bigger adventures", and I like this... However, I'm not ready to move on from the annual trip to the 'Punkin Patch'....and neither were they, thankfully.   So, yesterday I grabbed the camera and we headed towards London Bridge road to get a Pumpkin and let Dad do the 'picture thing'. We got a small pumpkin to get things going and I promised we would come back and get larger ones in the next week or so.   Last year, we carved Pumpkins the first week of October which looked like "spooky slime" by the time Halloween was still weeks away.  LOL! So I wish you a Happy Harvest Time in the 7 Cities....get out there and enjoy the changes before the holidays hit...there will be plenty to do once November arrives with all it's wonders.  See you out there! Hugs, --C PS...if you have any good Pumpkin Pie Recipes using real pumpkin, can you hook me up?  Charlie noted he wants to make REAL pumpkin pie.  I have done it before but the kind I make is not that sweet.   I see lots of online recipes, but, I would like one "tested and true" recipe from a local I can talk to...and that qualifies YOU.   Thanks!  ;)    send me a message on Facebook

10/06/2011 6:22AM
Spring has sprung, Now fall has fell....
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10/18/2011 4:40AM
Your kids may never out grow the pumpkin 18yr old (who is attending VCU) told me I better not go to the pumpkin patch without her. =)
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