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She's not free yet...

So I just watched the Judge in the Casey Anthony trial sentence her to 4 years in jail & fine her $1000 for each guilty charge of "Lying to a Law Enforcement Officer". So while she can't head to a local Orlando bar for a celebratory Corona, she will most likely be released by late July/early August. UGH! Why so soon? Even though he sentenced her to 4 years...she will be released early for time already spent in jail & good behavior. She's already spent 3 years in jail, so do the math. So frustrating! But - I am reminded (when I watch the Court TV reporters argue over the case) that the judge was not lenient in the sentence. He could have let her FREE today, but he decided to give her the MAXIMUM sentence. Yeh Judge Belvin Perry!! If you have been watching the case...you know he is a funny, funny man. Seems like a guy I'd want to have over for some BBQ! He even has a Twitter account...OK, well it's not his REAL Twitter account...it is still funny to read: CLICK HERE TO READ HIS (NON) TWEETS!

07/07/2011 7:34AM
She's not free yet...
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