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I'd like you to look at this number from a calculation I did today....

This number, experts say is possibly the most inefficient misuse of personal energy our generation has ever known...
So much so, that many individuals and even corporations are saying THIS number is way too high and must be stopped.

If you are still reading this and are wondering "what the heck is Chuck drinking?", well, if you must know...I am drinking water, no ice...straight up. 

This number came from a business consultant's equation, in which, I tallied my email over the past year. 
It is also a number that those same consultants are saying is the reason "business" is losing efficiency....

So, what is 7.1787234?    That is the average number of emails I got per day over the last advertised calendar year when I  began this research...FROM ONE PERSON.   YES!   ONE PERSON.

Now, while this number or 'public outing' is by no means meant to impugn or defame this person, here is why email is slowing the world down....

EACH RESPONSE TAKES AN AVERAGE OF 3.2 minutes to respond to, and, experts say it takes an employee almost 70 seconds to be  able to refocus on the present task at hand after the email.

So for each email, the cost to the company was nearly 20 minutes of time that could have been communicated in less than 5 minutes of 'face to face' time.  IT’S EVEN HARD TO EXPLAIN, PEOPLE...LOOK AT THE FACTS!

Yes, it's true, and experts in the fields of communication like (and you may have heard of these guys) FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and many others call email "the great productivity burglar" of today's business world.
So, what's the solution?   That's part 2.....meantime, if you care to do your own research, here is how I came to that number.  

Sort and count by "sender" (using OUTLOOK or another email client) the number of emails one particular person sent you in the last WORKING (example: Monday through Friday) calendar year, and minus your vacation and company holidays from that number. 
The numbers I got were:

PERSON X:  1687 emails


Divide emails by working days and that is how many emails any given person sends you a day.  ...and this is ONLY Monday through Friday without counting vacation or company holidays...WOW!  To send 1687 emails averaged 7.17 emails a day!  When did they eat?!?!

In part two, which is coming up, you’ll be amazed at what many companies the world over are doing to stop this inefficient use of communication, get people talking, and more importantly, working towards DOMINATING in each of their respective fields. me if you need anything. 



10/25/2012 1:54PM
So what's this number about?!?!?!
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