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Relationship 911

She said what? And he did that?
Get all the details with Mike Powers and Woo and Relationship  9-1-1, mornings at 7:50 AM. 
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Relationship 911 with Dr. Dabney - July 16th
Mike Powers and WooWoo,
My husband and I have a super happy strong marriage. 12 years 3 kids. Things are still hot if ya know what I mean but the other night he requested that I role play with him. He wants me to dress like his favorite comic book character (he reads them to this day) and he asked if I would role play and wear a catwoman costume. Its like a $200 costume Ive already looked at it online. SHould I just buy it and do it or does this make things weird & only open the door for wilder requests?

Relationship 911 with Dr. Dabney - July 16th

Mike Powers and WooWoo, I recently started dating a guy I met on Match & the other night we had our first night of "being together". He is literally my dream come true perfect guy ... problem is, his Manhood is too small for me. Am I a B**** if I dump him because of this and what excuse can I give?

Relationship 911 with Dr. Dabney - July 8th
Mike Powers and WooWoo,
I'm a 25 year old who recently began dating a 52 year old man. Before you judge me, know that I have known this man almost my entire life. Hes not after me just for sex or cause Im young. He loves me for me and he has respect for me. I dont date guys my age because they are into partying and drinking and thats not my scene. Weve been together for almost a year now but weve kind been hiding our relationship because this guy is my dads coworker and they are friends. Not best friends, but if my dad found out we were dating I think he would lose his mind. But I dont want to tip toe around anymore. When we go to dinner or on a date we go out of where we live (in Chesapeake) because he doesnt want anyone to see us. How much longer should we sneak around town? Do you think he even wants people to know we are together? He says he loves me and we are commited but I just dont know how much longer I should wait to be official. And how do I tell my dad?

Relationship 911 with Dr. Dabney - July 8th

Mike Powers and WooWoo,
My husband recently came to me the other night and asked if I would be interested in joining a local swingers group. We've always been a couple that likes to experiment and have fun - but I don't like the idea of sharing him. However - I do like making my man happy. Is this something that can end our marriage or add some sizzle to it? We would be safe and use protection and he says if I only wanna try it once and don't like it he won't pressure me to do it again.

Relationship 911 with Dr. Dabney - July 2nd
I married my 2nd husband about 4 years ago. He has 3 kids from a previous marriage - my step kids. For the most part, these 3 kids are good kids. Well behaved, smart and fun to be around. I know I am not their mother and I am not nor have I ever tried replacing her - she is still in their lives. But when these kids are in my house, they need to follow my rules. One of the boys came home recently from his 1st year of college and he has become rude, angry, loud and threatening. We got into an argument the other night and he said he hated me/I am not his mom/he yelled at me that his dad (my husband) would divorce me etc. It was bad. My husband was traveling for work so he wasnt able to interfer. I just dont know what to do. A week has passed and I refuse to talk to him. He wont talk to me. He slams doors in my face. And last night he SPIT on me a I walked past him. Please give me advice! How does a step mom parent this child?

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