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Relationship 911

I recently had to move back in with my parents - it is a long story - but basically, I am 32. Was engaged to a man for 10 years. We lived in a condo together. When we split - he got the condo. It's been about 4 months of me living at home and I've started to date. Of course I won't be living at home for long, but while I am - I want to be able to bring my date over. I live in my parents room above the garage. I have my own entrance. They never see me. Unless they want to. I love my parents - but they are VERY religious and extremely strict about dating. Me living with my fiance was a big issue. So now I have this guy that I want to bring home to stay with me from time to time. But I feel like I am in high school sneaking around. It's ridiculous and I am actually scared I will get caught. Do I need to just be open & honest with Mom and Dad...or just keep it all a secret & sneak him in late at night. I don't want to hurt their feelings - which is why I want to be honest and tell them. But then I kinda know they will be pissed and kick me out. I am torn! Thanks for reading. PS: I am apartment hunting as we speak!

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03/12/2013 11:34AM
Relationship 911
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10/04/2013 8:02AM
Bad Idea
Unfortuantely when you moved back in to your parents house you agreed to their rules. If you didn't have a talk about this before you moved in, than it is understood you would follow the rules of the house. If they don't like it, you don't do it. If you are looking for an apartment, quite sneaking around and just wait until you find one. THe bottom line is that if you are worried about getting caught and feel like you are sneaking around, you already know you are wrong.
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