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Please Please solve this argument!!!! My husband wants to hold our 12 (almost 13!) year-old sons birthday party at Hooters next month!!! I am totally against this. He says I'm being too conservative and strict - and its not about the girls, its about the food. Yes its true - my son LOOOOVES to eat at Hooters. Usually - we get it to go after baseball practice, etc. But that is not the issue. If we eat dinner there it is one thing, but to have his friends come meet us for a birthday party?! And send invites?! I think it is wrong. Should a 13 year-old have a birthday party at Hooters?
Let me know! We will be listening. You can use our names... Debbie & Scott
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03/07/2013 9:42AM
Relationship 911
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10/04/2013 7:58AM
I agree with you
There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with you taking your child to Hooters, but having a teenage birthday party there is different. Now you would be subjecting other peoples children to Hooters who may, or may not, be okay with it. At a minimum i thinkthe turnout for the party would be less than normal simply because of the location.
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