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Relationship 911

Chuck and Woo Woo
"My husband & I have been married 2 years. 6 weeks ago we started couples counseling b/c we've had a really hard time getting pregnant & it was hurting our marriage, stressing us out, etc. After a couple sessions I noticed our therapist (female) was a little clingy on my husband. Doting on him. Agreeing with him. Constantly smiling at him. Very weird. Just rubbed me the wrong way. Well last night after a session his phone beeped while he was in the shower. It was a f&*$#ing text from OUR THERAPIST!!!!!! She said to call him and schedule one on one sessions & he would 'benefit greatly' from them. OH MAN!!! I was blown away. I scrolled through & found MORE messages. Mostly her flirting and my husband responding with simple 'YES NO or OK'. Obviously - the counseling is gonna end. My husband said he was just being nice. Ummm...what do I do?! I trust and LOVE LOVE LOVE my hubby. There is no evidence he did anything wrong. But this woman CLEARLY crossed a line. What do I do now? I really thought counseling was helping us but now I am paranoid. And is there someone I can report her to? Did she break any rules by texting him?! I am livid!!! Please don't use my name. Thanks!"

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03/06/2013 9:49AM
Relationship 911
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07/11/2013 10:14AM
She crossed the line...
I agree with you that yes she crossed the line and you should report her to her licensing organization. Also, just a piece of advice. I have been there with you and your husband in trying to get pregnant. After my first child it took 3 years of trying for us to get pregnant again.. I charted my morning temps and was able to figure out that my body was out of whack with itself. I also finally just let it go. It was going to happen at some point and I was driving myself crazy every month peeing on a stick and hoping and praying for two lines. You will be a MOM one day. It will happen for you, maybe tomorrow or a year but you will be a mom. There is no blame it is a miracle we get pregnant, so many things have to be just right for it happen but it will happen. Try charting, see your doctor, stop worrying because stressing about it will not help.
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