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Relationship 911

Chuck and Woo, Please DO NOT use my name or post my email address. I have a big issue at my office. My boss is a female pitbull. She's horribly controlling, talks down to ALL of us, she's verbally abusive and just a terrible person to work for. She has no emotion but anger. Working for her is miserable but it pays the bills. I work with about 20 other employees who ALL feel the same but nobody will say anything to her. Nobody will put their foot down to say 'HEY - You can't treat us like this'. I am willing to speak up. My husband said that it is a bad idea & will only end in me losing my job. I feel like if I talk to her and tell her that we all HATE her, she might soften up. Right? I can only hope. Maybe she doesn't know how rude & demeaning she is? I'm over it. What should I do? Will this backfire?

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02/28/2013 9:44AM
Relationship 911
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10/04/2013 7:38AM
He's Right
Your husband is right. Confront a woman like this will not end well for anyone. The way I see it, if you are unhappy you should begin a new job search. If for whatever reasona this isn't possible you will need to confront her as a group with everyone taking equal parts (or so) in the conversation. This would limit her ability to single out an individual to take her wrath out on. If it does go south on you, the entire team will absorb her fury as oposed to a single person.
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