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Relationship 911

"My co-workers and I recently attended a charity bachelor auction that one of our MAJOR clients produced. I bid on some of the guys just for fun and won a date with a potential client. Awkward - yes, but it was kinda part of the job. And my boss is ecstatic and he's pushing for me to close the deal on this "date". However - my boyfriend is outraged and says the bid and date are cheating and if the tables were turned I would be furious!! I'm trying to convince him that it's just for work. This guy means nothing and I am obligated to go out with this man. What do you guys think? ~Sarah"

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02/25/2013 9:56AM
RElationship 911
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10/04/2013 7:48AM
Odd situation
It was not "kinda part of the job." Whether you admit it or not you had an interest in the bidding that was outside of your work relationship. That is not to say you were looking for a date but you definately liked the control the bidding process gave you. An employer can't get you to spend your own money for such an event. Regardless, the situation you are in still exists. The bid itself is not cheating, it is charity. However the date is borderline at best. If your husband were to go on a date with his new young beautiful secretary you would be similarly outraged. This is a similar situation in that you may end up forming a working relationship on the date. If the bid obliges you to go on the date and you intend for it to be a business date you should offer for your boss to come along, although that might seem pushy to the prospective client. Unfortunatley the error in this situation was your bidding at the auction, at this point there is no real clean way out.
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