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Relationship 911

"My best friend and her husband have been married 3 years and are talking about having a baby soon. I have 2 very active boys - 5 and 8. My boys are awesome! Love them. My BF told me the other day that she and her husband want to get a puppy to "train them" on how to be a parent. Because the puppy will make them "less selfish" with their time. I lost it. I was fuming! A puppy is NOT the same thing as a baby. AT ALL! I mean - What an obnoxious remark, right?! We got in a big fight. She said I was rude & I owe her an apology and blah blah blah. I just think it's ignorant to think you can raise a puppy and have allll the knowledge on how to be parent. Nothing can prepare you. And if she gets a dog and then has a baby - the dog will be 2nd. That's just not fair. I refuse to apologize. Am I right ??! Thanks for reading."

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02/21/2013 11:39AM
Relationship 911
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10/04/2013 7:54AM
Listen Better
Reading your post I believe your friend is correct. Even in your post you said your friend wanted the dog to help them learn to be less selfish, not to teach them how to raise a child. The dog will help with that, and yes i am a parent. A single (although living with somone) father of two teenage daughters. Who are you to judge your friend anyway? Just because her plan doesn't align with your perspective doesn't mean she is wrong. It just means she is different. Better her try with a dog first than a child.
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