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Relationship 911

?Chuck and WooWoo, Can jealousy be fixed? Im gonna get right to it with yall cause I dont know what to do. Ive been dating my BF for 9 months. We dont live together but when we get off work & on the weekends...we stay at each others apartments. He is become very controlling and paranoid lately. And needs to know where I am when I am not with him. For example - if I say I am going to the gym for an hour...and I am not back in 1 hour...he will FREAK out. Calling Texting and just really jealous. Wants to know who I saw at the gym Who did I talk to etc. He was not like this in the beginning of our relationship. Its strange. And I really like him when we are together - but when I am out of his sight with girlfriends he turns into somebody totally different. I think he is very insecure and do I deal with it? Talk to him? Or just jump ship now before we hit the 1 year mark. THANKS!?

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01/31/2013 11:31AM
Relationship 911
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