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Relationship 911

A listener said: "Can you take sides with someone when they are going thru a divorce? My sister announced over the Holidays while we were home - that she and her husband were getting divorced. Bad timing, I know!! But we saw it coming. Of course since she is my sister, I am on "her side". My husband said taking sides is immature. But her soon to be ex was caught cheating & hiding money. He and my husband were friends growing up - and he said he won't turn his back or take sides. He will be neutral & still maintain his friendship. Now of course I feel kinda bad for taking a side - but its my sister!!!! Is this OK to do? I have already DE-friended him from FB. Jerk!!! Thanks for reading. Here's to a Happy 2013!!"

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01/02/2013 12:06PM
Relationship 911
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09/10/2014 3:43PM
Please help
My guy and I dated in the past then broke up. We moved on then 12 years later we met for a meal and decided to start dating. Our relationship has been long distance and still is since he's in the military. Here is the issue. His youngest sister hates me for no reason. I didn't do anything to her, but every time she sees me she acts like I'm not there. I confronted her and nothing has changed. My guy thinks she's jealous of our closeness. We went over there on the night before he left so he could say goodbye to his family and the youngest sister was not there yet so we stayed and waited for her to get home. She gets home and stands in the doorway since I was in the room. Then she says I'm going to my room. My guy didn't say a word to that. Nobody wants to say anything to her about the way she treats me. Marriage is in the future, and I'm worried about what will happen when we are married and have kids
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