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Re-connection with old friends.

That's what I love about getting older. Re-connecting with old friends. Now that I have a car, a job, some money & a cell phone...it's so easy to get back together with friends from my "younger days". Case in point - my girlfriend Pamela. We grew up together doing family musical theatre with The Hurrah Players. I think we were 7 when we did our first show. Pamela, her sister Nicole, my sister Melissa and I were always together. Having sleepovers, going to the beach and hanging out. Pamela is from Suffolk - and we lived in Norfolk. So as we grew up - went to high school and eventually college - - -we lost touch. But then there was FACEBOOK! Which re-connects everyone. And that's where we are today. I mean - Pamela and I's mothers always stayed in touch...and I always knew what Pamela was up to...it had just been a while since we hung out. So last weekend - we went out in VB to Watermans. Had soo much fun! And tonight - Pamela and I are meeting up once again for dinner/drinks at Luna Maya in Norfolk. I love Luna Maya & I love re-connecting with old friends. So today - I encourage you to do the same!!! Cheers. XOXO, WooWoo PS - Here's a pic of us from last weekend at Watermans. That's Pamela on the left, my BFF Lindsay in the middle & me on the end. And CLICK HERE to read about Luna Maya...seriously the BEST restaurant ever. In Norfolk. LOVE IT. pamela

09/02/2009 8:08AM
Re-connection with old friends.
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