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RIP White Lightning...

  So if you haven't heard - I was hit by a car on Friday night. And my car was totaled! Not like wrapped around a telephone pole, glass breaking totaled. It was totaled when the car that hit me (T-Boned) me, snapped the frame rail of the car in half. It is no longer driveable. Dang! The crash split the thing right down the middle. I am OK - just a little back pain that I will get checked out by my doctor tomorrow. But the accident happened in front of our house as I was leaving to meet a friend for dinner. Literally - I could see my front door. I was that close to home. The guy who hit me was at fault - TEXTING WHILE DRIVING!!! Sooo not cool, does he not watch OPRAH?! But he was nice & took 110% responsibility. He frankly told the police officer " I did not see her". OMG! How can you NOT see me? And my big bad 1991 Ford Explorer. I think the real reason I am upset is because now I have to buy a new car. I was not financially prepared to do that. BUMMER! And I am also a tad bit sad because that "hoopty" Ford Explorer has been in our family since 1997. It was my sister's 1st car in high school, and then passed down to me. We dubbe it "White Lightning" because my sister drove so fast & got a dozen speeding tickets. So RIP White Lightning. We will miss you! Here's a couple of pics I snapped of my car after the crash: I had a cassersole dish in the backseat...it broke when I got hit. The fraim rail on my SUV snapped in half & broke on impact too! The majority of the damage was done to the front end on the driver side. OUCH! RIP White Lightning. That's it for me today. Ya'll be safe. Don't drive distracted. PLEASE!!! XO, WooWoo

06/14/2010 7:24AM
RIP White Lightning...
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06/16/2010 1:02PM
Krist Zimmerman
Wow!! Lucky you were driving such a big car and not a little Corolla or something similar. Interesting how your frame cracked. Sheez!!! Wonder if Norfolk will forgive the parking ticket in your first pic!! :)) Glad you're doing OK and able to stay on theradio. Cheers!!
06/22/2010 7:15AM
So glad you were not hurt Woo :) I missed this story because I am not up as early as you guys, just read this on your blog. Texting while driving is so dangerous.
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