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Relationship 911

I'm a divorced, middle age female. I am just wanting an opinion. Of course i don't want my real identity posted.
I am wondering, am I the only one that is still looking for the ideal relationship? You know, the one that you don't feel like you are settling. One that is full of trust, faithfulness, honesty. Seems like no one takes relationships seriously.
Also, why is it so hard to find the “complete”package? Friend, lover, soulmate,etc. Seems you find someone that you get along personality wise or someone that it’s “just the sex”. I have been in both situations, and sometimes wonder why is it so hard to find someone that is all of the above! Is it possible?

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01/18/2013 9:58AM
RElationship 911
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01/23/2013 1:06PM
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I just wanted to tell you to keep holding on because there is someone out there that is looking for the same things you are looking for. My Mom passed away a year ago and her husband who is also middle age as well has had a hard year. He is a very kind, loving and caring man. He is the kind of person that wants everyone to be happy and and goes out of his way to make this happen. He honestly treated my Mom like a Queen and I have to say she was way too spoiled by him. He really needs someone just like you do, someone to be his friend, lover and soulmate that he can have a life with. I know this kind of seems crazy for me to be saying this about my deceased Mom's husband but I really want to see him happy again, and see him have someone to share things with. I tried to call in to say something to you that day but was not able to get through. If you are interested im meeting someone kinda in your shoes email me.
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