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Panik Attack FTW!

Hey peoples! Sorry I have been slacking on the blogging. I get pretty distracted sometimes when we get off the air...we have meetings, I go to the bathroom, we have another meeting and then I just forget to blog. My bad! I need to set an alarm on my iPhone reminding me to blog. Anyway - I need to brag about my husband for a second here. McCoy & I just returned from a weekend in NYC. We didn't see a Broadway show. Or stand outside the TODAY Show with a cheesy poster. Nope...we went so he could play in a kickball tournament. This is more than just 3rd Grade kickball...it's hardcore, trash talking, quasi-professional, paid referee style kickball. Teams have uniforms, sponsors & cleats that Beckham would envy. McCoy's team is called PANIK ATTACK. With a K. And long story short....THEY WON!! They won The 3rd Annual New York City Grand National Tournament. And it was the 2nd Year in Row winning this tourney. Word to yo motha!! HA! It's the 7th event of the "National Tour". Besides a trophy - they walked away with $6000 CASH!! (Please don't show up at our house & rob me tonight. I'd appredciate it!) So... you're re-thinking kickball now aren't you? Yeh - get that smirk off your face. Our next stop is Las Vegas in October for the Circuit Cup Championship. In other non-kickball related news...Maggie is 5 months old!! Can you believe it? She will be 6 months on September 10th. While we were in NYC, I bought her a winter coat. Ralph Lauren of course. This kid has a better wardrobe than I do. Dang! Here's Mag's new coat:   Wish I was that tiny - I'd love a cute jacket! Too bad I bought NOTHING in NYC for my-self. Nope. All about baby these days. I did buy my-self a hangover though. Courtesy of Dos Caminos in SOHO. I highly recommend. OK - off to a meeting now. XO, WooWoo

08/16/2011 7:14AM
Panik Attack FTW!
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