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Hey! It's Chuck & Woo Woo. We just stumbled across this video on the's a MUST WATCH! And if you can't watch it at work - or your speakers don't work. Here's what happened...the couple in the interview went to a fertility clinic to get pregnant. It worked! The wife is pregnant! YAY! Not so much...the clinic royally screwed up, and implanted her with the WRONG embryo. Yeh - she's carrying someone elses child. But instead of terminating the pregnancy - this amazing couple has take their tragedy and turned it into a blessing for the other couple who also had fertility problems. So - the healthy baby boy will be delivered via C-Section, and then handed over to his biological parents. OMG! My jaw is on the floor.

09/22/2009 8:00AM
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09/23/2009 10:10AM
I would do the same, and spend all the baby lawsuit money on a great vacation, and then use the rest for selective genetics and get the bestest baby ever!
10/01/2009 2:55PM
Jackie Lithgow
Boy, if ever there was an OMG, this has got to be IT! What a world we live in. God bless these people.
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